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Wait a second..

These aren't Muslims....

The BioLabs were located where?

Show this to your favorite Pro-Israeli Conservative and watch how fast they block you.

mirrored (with permission) from USA Army 4th PSYOP Group

0:17 Simon Says
3:14 God Kill the King
7:20 Right or Wrong B Side
11:25 Tell em we Coming
15:23 Diplomatic Relations
20:00 Knights Tale
22:59 Midnight Riders

Ibor 24
Ideas never Die

mirrored from Telegram channel: STAY awake LIECHTENSTEIN and the world

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Two Lanterns signal call
That is all

some people like to say, "when you know, you know"
(shared with permission)

It’s only a matter of TIME

mirrored The Baron of Arizona

Mission Forward

Be careful
The truth is out there

mirrored: The Baron of Arizona

Ep. 81 They’re still claiming the Covid vax is safe and effective. Yet somehow Dr. Pierre Kory treats hundreds of patients who’ve been badly injured by it. Why is no one in the public health establishment paying attention?


from X Sassy red socks @Twitawoo8
Source: "Ukraine’s Role in Agenda 2030 Revealed. This infomercial for Ukraine as a post-war, futuristic, fully digitized New World Order Model Surveillance City."

All that money is starting to make sense now...

The only future we get is the one we create! B proud and break the H3X
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Motionless In White
Scoring The End Of The World

▶ B !!qMFQqVT8Uw 03/06/24 (Wed) 12:57:37 a8666a (4) No.20536
File (hide): 722be207071ddd7⋯.png (276.68 KB,716x361,716:361,UnknownKnowns.png) (h) (u)
Babyfist expect comms soon.

Elizabeth P Dove doesn’t trust the kuns bc of data scraping so I offered to ask this question for her.
X doesn't scrap data, Right?
Substack wouldn't scrap data, would they?

Please elucidate if you can. I understand if not.
Q1. Who told you to make these posts
The question is vague. But will answer the best We can considering there are over 3k posts. But she has no idea of that, I assume.

Babyfist made most the posts talking to anons on QR documented in the archive. I have made several posts in the /abcu/ wire. The "B post" on /dcomms/ was made as a correction point and wake up call for the Q movement. Timing is important.

Please ask her who told her to make the posts about Us?
Because sometimes you just do things because you think it is Right! Right?

Q2. What are there specific names
Why would she think she is privileged enough to know our names. From what We have seen, she has it all figured out… …
We gave anons Sauce. As they always request. That is where the questions should be directed.

Q3. Why did b fake q posts.
We have never faked a Q post. The post on /dcomms/ was signed B was it not? We are not pretending to be anyone but ourselves. We have always been open and honest with anons. You should ask why did it stay up for so long? Why did Q never deny us even when asked to by anons?

Q4. Who is giving you marching orders?
Freedom, The Bill or Rights.
There are no marching orders given.
Only a goal of restoring America. Returning morals and integrity to our governing bodies. Creating a future that is better for our children.
We do not ask for followers, only that you seek the truth.
Write, Show, Tell!



Why would Tore claim the B post?
I have no idea. She knows nothing of Us or what We do.
More than likely reaching for more clout. But who knows she is a 'time traveler' Right? haha

Godspeed anon!

Thank you all. We will try to update you all as possible. NEVER GIVE UP!


B !!qMFQqVT8Uw 02/29/24 (Thu) 11:33:32 a8666a (1) No.20473 20474

If you have questions.
We have answers.
Leave them and We will answer what We can.
Will check back in the next few days.

IDEN conf as requested.
We are always listening.
WRWY! Then, Now, Forever!

Sgt B

mirrored from Baron of Arizona:

The choice belongs to (you)

But the sun is shining
Join my telegram (Baron of Arizona)

Fact Vs. Fiction
We will not tell you which is which; the choice is yours.

Who gave you the Playbooks?
Who helps you answer Questions?

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I Call Everybody Bubba
Jelly Roll
Crosses and Crossroads

from Baron of Arizona: 14 visualizaciones 14 feb 2024
Cha cha cha
Burnback 24.0


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