Ashkenazi Atheist

The first 18 minutes are just wasted by an online troll. Skip forward to 18:06.

0:0 - 18:05 Racist Troll trying to get my live stream banned.
18:06 onwards A Christian proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the fakery of Christian ideology.

Sidney Winston bangs heads with white supremacist morons.

Sidney Winston bangs heads with white supremacist morons. In this final joust the right wing nutjob Christians rage quit the room. #WINNING

Sidney Winston bangs heads with white supremacist morons.

Sidney Winston bangs heads with white supremacist morons.

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With hosts BeAsia and Karen we will discuss what it is like being a secular parent in a non-secular world. Our first episode is called "Secular Parenting: Why Not Just "Parenting"?.

The Secular Parents is a show for the blossoming numbers of secular and atheist parents who are looking for intelligent talk, like-minded topics, and a community of other first-generation atheists. We know how lonely it can be for some and we welcome you!

We invite you to join Be-Asia McKerracher, author of “The Secular Parent” blog and author of “Secular Parenting in a Religious World” and Karen Loethen, author or “My Own Mind” blog and contributor to Atheist Republic.

You can find podcasts on
Just search for "The Secular Parents"

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His delusion is in that he feels that his express permission must be proffered for his voice to be heard anywhere on the internet.

Warrior Perry has a very low IQ.

An alcoholic as an adult, with no aim in life, with no life skills either, Irish Catholic Turned Fake Orthodox Jew rants against atheism and atheists.

Cover your children's ears.

Warrior Perry, a Black Hebrew Israelite Christian, claims that paranormal activity is something that actually exists.

When pressed for an example though, Perry demurs, and, frankly, embarrasses himself in the process.

Warrior Perry, a Black Hebrew Israelite Christian, believes in paranormal activity.

When Perry is asked for an example, well, he just can't come up with one. However, he is not short of excuses,

John Gischala Gutter Cockroach. However, and I must emphasize, my apologies, with all due respect to cockroaches.

Listen to how John Gischala scams and begs people for money. Further, see to what lengths he goes to lie and deceive.


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Christianity is stupid and I have proof.

All gods are imaginary. Even yours. Yes, even yours.

Existence is infinite; there is no beginning and no end.