Our thoughts on the Debate and few posts from the interweb too

Troll hunting on Brie's totally chilled Youtube channel. Lebron and the Bee make us laugh. And a few other things too.

RBG, 4Chan and Dr Seus

Breaking news on BBC, following a fire in the courtyard of the Chinese Consulate stating intellectual property theft among other escalating tensions.

This is a midweek casual chat over some interesting post we have collected. Slow paced..

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Following on from our Wayfair discussion. A few more bizarre things from the week too.

This week we start off the show by chatting about Disney's failed Star Wars, we try to include an Asian perspective. We laugh at the comments on Brie Larson's new totally organic Youtube channel. Finally we discuss what we found investigating the alleged Wayfair missing children auction.

Casual Chat over memes dated 12th June

Not sure about this format. We discussing ways to make it better for the viewer.

Our first effort at creating a show. We discuss Archbishop Vigano's Letter to Donald Trump.

The first 20 mins is a general chat about Brandon's quarantine in the Philippines.

A lot of improves to come in the future.

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