Hey! Check out this amazing book art I got from Shamus Collins! It is a portrait of C.S. Lewis inside a Mere Christianity book. Amazingly cool!

She was SAVED out of the New Age! Danielle Herring was deeply involved in the New Age movement as a Shaman, Reiki Practitioner and Paranormal Researcher. Over time she realized that something was not right and that is when she cried out to God for help. Now she is living a new life of joy and peace as a follower of Jesus Christ!

Get right with God through a relationship with Jesus Christ:

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Check out my interview with a former ghost hunter turned Biblical theologian where we chat about the paranormal and what the Bible has to say about ghosts!

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God Makes New Ministries and Podcast exists to advance the kingdom of God through education and promotion of Christian content and ministries. A major feature of our message revolves around the idea that God is making all things new (Revelation 21:5-8) and that for those who love Him, He works all things together for their good (Romans 8:28).