After spending some evenings searching for this gem online, I finally found a link to a dvd iso on the slap forum, download it and rip it. Here is the dvd rip I made. Brewce Martin would probably kicks my ass for putting it on Bitchute but who cares! This is what anarchy is all about! Fuck the olympics, fuck the skate industry! Support the skater's owned brands!
PS: Sorry for the windowed format of the video, but I had to reduce the size to keep a good image quality! Maybe I will upload a better version in the future.

The Bozwreck 3000 is a snowboard movie released in 2009, Featuring Matty Ryan, Keegan Vailaka, Cale Zima, Nate Bozung, Bob Plumb, Mark Edlund, Chris Bradshaw and more. Almost impossible to view the full video on youtube because of region's limitation, I decided to upload it on Bitchute. Hope you enjoy it!


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