Dan Dicks and I collaborated on this video of us asking people on the streets their thoughts on government measures and where they would draw the line in the sand when it comes to restrictions. So much fun to get out and do this with one of the best in the business and one-of-a-kind Dan Dicks (at Press for Truth) himself.
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Okay, so here is a little bit about GOTDialogue (with my original GOTDialogue 'intro' song in the background:)
How do we live a life of integrity with a desire to change those we love towards something better in a time of tyrannical edicts? I go over some of the strategies I use when speaking to strangers on the street and in particular how the intuitive can become the concrete and how the concrete becomes reality not only for us but for everyone around us as well, often without us even trying to convince them.
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Interesting and bizarre conversation after I approach a woman who is yelling something aggressively at the freedom rally participants

Met one of these guys a few weeks back for my post-election video. Later in some of the footage taken on other platforms I saw them taking photos of the rally when people were marching, so I guess they wanted to document it even if they thought it was all a bit "silly".
So many things I used to think were silly turned out to be spot on the money. If only I had known sooner, but I guess we just aren't ready for certain truths sometimes. Truth only hurts in proportion to the amount of toxic ideas we have absorbed in our lives. It will continue to hurt until you get these toxic infections of lies out of your being, your mind, your behaviour, your worldview. The more of you that is corrupted that you get out of yourself the less truth hurts. In fact, the better truth feels when you find it.

Yes, this is a 'FREEDOM" rally, NOT an anti-mask rally. It is for people who value truth, freedom, debate and discourse, fundamental expressions of humanity, including hugs, faces, community, togetherness, festivities, etc.
This was the largest rally yet, probably 2000 people in downtown Vancouver at its peak. SO MUCH FUN! Wish more people joined. So many standing on the sidelines looking longingly at all of the happy faces passing them in the rally. Funny thing about this is that no one in these rallies that I've spoken to has met anyone who has been sick or died of SARS-CoV-2 outside of a nursing home. In fact, they all seem much healthier than the people who wear masks.

We to a little Rallying - we get some eggs thrown at us - we have a strange and mysterious altercation with some young bystander girls - and then we go to the mall to get some food. But "just getting food in a mall" now becomes an act of rebellion if you presume to undertake such an endeavour as a regular human being!
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