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Need To Know (27 November 2020) with Carl Herman and Chris Weinert An assassination in Iran of the man reputed to lead its nuclear energy program, no doubt carried out by Israel; while Trump removes some very bad members of the Defense Policy Committee, including Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright, who have been responsible for some of America's worst decisions, which have led to the deaths of millions. SCOTUS nullifies NY Gov. Cuomo's overreach with regard to religious freedom, while Sidney Powell files monster lawsuits in GA and MI to invalidate the use of illegal ballots and other forms of misconduct to steal those state for Biden and Harris.

The Fetz Presents (26 November 2020) Thanksgiving Special: Carl Herman and the search for electoral integrity. Carl did a nice job reviewing Sidney Powell's lawsuits in Georgia and in Michigan, which are largely predicated upon equal-protection under the law (14th Amendment), because Biden votes were treated so differently than Trump votes, which were switched to Biden or vanished entirely. Nice turnout for Thanksgiving, where this one is for all the marbles.

NeedToKnow Thanksgiving Day Special (26 November 2020) with Carl Herman Trump pardons General Flynn, PA Judge stops certification and calls for hearings as public hearings reveal massive interferences with election and multiple forms of voter fraud, Sidney Powell drops legal bomb on GA, Eric Coomer appears to be the key player in rigging the Dominion voting machines against Trump, and the "pandemic" is taking its toll on students, with a dramatic surge in Ds and Fs in Virginia's largest public school system as distance learning fails for the vast majority of students. Prepare for what is to come if Trump does not prevail.

Need to Know Episode 73 (25 November 2020) with David Scorpio and Michael Ivey. Trump: “will never concede.” Overstock former CEO claims forensic evidence will proven rigged election. PA, AZ & MI will hold public hearings about election results. GSA transition does NOT mean Trump Concedes. Militia groups warn of imminent civil war. Trump mad dogs Mad Dog. Biden’s administration: tired zionist retreads and Obama color revolution traitors. AstraZeneca COVID-19 deadly quackcine. New World Order quackcine passport will be required for travel. ABC News licks Biden’s behind (a taste of the next 4 years). One in six Biden voters would have changed votes had they known about Biden traitorous scandals.

A very serious statement by James Corbett: If you are advocating for lockdowns, you are complicit in tearing families apart. You are complicit in inflicting untold suffering on millions of people around the world. You are complicit in casting the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies into even further grinding poverty. You are complicit in murder.


TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/lockdowns/

The American Dream (21 November 2020): Michael Decon interviews Jim Fetzer Very concise and compact discussion of a wide range of issues, from the physical assassination of JFK to the electronic assassination of Donald Trump, where the evidence of the theft of the election using Dominion Voting Systems is simply overwhelming and where, if Joe Biden should be inaugurated on 20 January 2021, that event will trigger a new American Civil War for the future of the nation and for freedom and liberty for every U.S. citizen. Would it were not so.

The Raw Deal (25 November 2020): Special Guest Former MN Governor Jesse Ventura We go back many years, where he featured me on his show when he was Governor, flew me back to Harvard when he was Visiting Adjunct Professor, featured me on Jesse Ventura's America and (later) on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. We spent the first hour mostly on JFK, which was very amiable and enjoyable. The second hour we took callers, where the second--Paul from California--spoke of the mask fraud, to which Jesse took exception. Because he believes that the CV "pandemic", which neither Paul, the other callers (or I, for that matter), take to be a medical emergency--and he departed at the bottom of the hour. I admire him greatly as one of the most interesting personalities of our time and as a great American.

Need to Know Episode 72 (24 November 2020) with David Scorpio and Michael Ivey. Trump Administration officially begins transition. Bogus George Soros Arrested story. Third Circuit Court of Appeals grants expedited review for Trump Campaign appeal. Sidney Powell takes center stage. Biden shill seeks Trump attorneys disbarment. American Economy on verge of collapse. WHO cross dresser Tedros Gaybrofistus suggests COVID slave restrictions remain after vaccine. Quantus CEO says no quacksine, no fly in plane. Tommy Woods savages the COVID cult. Bobby Deniro hates Trump--3-year chimp out continues.

This is an excellent presentation on epidemiology by Thomas Woods, Jr., from a symposium with Ron Paul, on November, 7 2020. Probably the best short take on the role of masks and lockdowns in dealing with a "pandemic" no more serious than the seasonal flu, but which has been propagandized as fear porn to manipulate the public into giving up the most important elements of life, those that give our lives meaning. Nobody should miss this one. He's a genius in his presentation.

Need to Know Episode 71 (23 November 2020) with David Scorpio and Chris Weinert. FEC Chairman sees legitimate concerns of election fraud. One-third of Democrats believe the election was stolen. Sidney Powell NOT on Trump legal team. Dr Eowyn reveals massive election fraud. Attorney Lin Wood says truth coming about former White House Occupants. Red control of new Congressional redistricting. Trump team presents more evidence of voter fraud. National Dem Party Officials suggests re-education for Trump supporters. New Supreme Court Circuit breakdowns. US CEOs poised to act against Trump. BBC cuts off Doctor telling COVID-19 truths. Did Trump trap Democrats with pre-election Executive Orders. Obama suggests sending in Navy SEALS to remove Trump.

This is an extremely strong statement from October, 2020, by Claire Edwards, a former employee of the United Nations. The "fact-checking" sites decry it as "conspiracy theory," so that's a pretty good indication that THEY don't want people hearing this information!

Need to Know Episode 70 (20 November 2020) with David Scorpio and Michael Ivey. 9 key challenges to election results from Trump Campaign. Wisconsin Recount begins. Dominion Software backs out of testifying to PA State House committee. Drop and roll strategy to steal 2020 election. Vegas Oddsmaker says fix was in, Trump was robbed. Top Canadian Pathologist claims COVID-19 is the greatest hoax ever dropped on gullible public. Insane PA mask mandate (courtesy of deviant Tranny that heads PA Dept of Health). Biden gun control plan: $34 billion in taxes for gun owners. Facebook censoring broke law, conservatives claim. Zuckerberg freaks when shown internal censoring scheme at Senate hearing. Twitter censoring Trump mercilessly.

The Fetz Presents (19 November 2020): Ralph Cinque, perhaps the most controversial student of JFK: Why? An extraordinary exposition by a chiropractor, who, because of his background working with men and women who want their clothing to fit better, discerned that proof of Oswald in the doorway came from his height, weight, build, shirt and t-shirt; and that, on the basis of subtle differences, it was not Jack Ruby who shot Lee in the basement but an FBI agent body-double. Which means that Ralph has played a pivotal role in establishing the innocence of the two men believed to have committed murders in relation to JFK.

Need to Know Episode 69 (19 November 2020) with David Scorpio & Carl Herman. Sidney Powell confirms the Dominion Servers were confiscated in Germany. Atty Lin Wood says Deep State going down. Jew York Times libels Trump as a criminal. Trump states he won election, will belly up $3 million for partial Wisconsin recount. Zuckerberg- funded “safe elections” project funnels money into Georgia runoff. Over half of Republicans believe election rigged and Trump won. The Great Reset entering the Overton Window. Jew York Times claims Great Reset is a conspiracy. Republicans 27-0 in 2020 tossup races. COVID-19 the ploy to user in Commie Takeover of the USA? Newsome parties mask-free like a Boss. Pelosi again?!? AOC in the crosshairs.

Need to Know Episode 68 (18 November 2020) with Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio. Sidney Powell keeps hammering election fraud on Globalist fake news media. Trump fires DHS director who claims election was clean and legit. Tsunami of vote fraud continues to flow. Dominion Software’s Eric Coomer described by associate as mentally ill sociopath. Portuguese Court rules PCR tests unreliable and unlawful. German class action lawsuit against lockdowns. Mouthwash kills COVID-19 in 30 seconds. Hunger game has begun. Biden will open borders. Trump announces Afghanistan troop withdrawals. Biden: This Thanksgiving mask the turkey. White House press secretary calls Dem governors' lockdowns "Orwellian."

The Fetz Presents (17 November 2020): Gary King and the Search for 100% Truthers Gary King initiated and has hosted nearly six years of "The New JFK Show" with Larry Rivera and me, presenting the latest JFK research, often by Larry himself, who has proven to be a brilliant student of the assassination. We reflect on diverse aspects of research and having to deal with the infusion of agents of disinformation, who want to conceal truths rather than reveal them. We also address various aspects of current politics and the threat posed by Globalism and "The Great Reset", which is calculated to seize our property and our assets and make us wards of the state.

The Raw Deal (17 November 2020) with Cynthia McKinney Splendid conversation with a national hero, who exposed "The Pledge" taken by new members to Congress who sign a pledge to place the interests of Israel above those of the United States and who seems to have kept her mental edge and political acumen. Excellent calls from Giuseppe, Paul in CT, Dean in UK, Chicago Brew and Paul in CA. Cynthia was on top of the massive vote fraud and theft of the 2020 election and thoughtful about the situation we confront, which I regard as dire for the future of our country. Should the fake Biden be inaugurated on 20 January 2021, we must be "locked and loaded" to take our nation back or live out our lives a serf and slaves. There are no other options.

Need to Know Episode 67 (17 November 2020) with Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio. Congress states there is no president elect. Massive Dominion Software fraud switches victory to Biden. Lou Dobbs debriefs Attorney Sidney Powell on latest efforts to expose election fraud. Dominion and Scytl key to election theft. Groundwork for mandatory vaccines being laid with digital health passport. US annual death number reveal there is NO pandemic. Globalist stooge Klaus Schwab claims world will never return to normal. Blue governors continue as petty tyrants. Rod Blagojevich rejects progressive left. Oath Keepers will refuse to recognize Groper Joe as President. America’s social credit system worse than China? Pelosi lobbies for Pelosi. Elizabeth Warren suggest bypassing the Constitution.

The Raw Deal (16 November 2020): Election theft on verge of exposure Biden's new Chief of Staff agreed in 2014 that US elections are rigged. And the head of security for Dominion assured those on an Antifa discussion thread that no one should worry about Trump willing the election, because he had made sure it would not happen. Sidney Powell has declared that she has the proof, including on Dominion, and that she was about to drop the bombs. Much to look forward to in taking out the Deep State and its allies in short order in the near future.

Need to Know Episode 66 (16 November 2020) with Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio. No Declared Presidential 2020 winner yet! Biden’s new Chief of Staff Klain admitted Dominion software hackable. Dominion Exec participated in Antifa calls. Power Shyster Sidney Powell is Trump’s Hail Mary. Masses of evidence of voter fraud. Robert David Steele says Dominion Servers seized by US Military in Germany. Bill Barr plays the game. Gambling sites have not called Biden--no bets paid yet. Groper Joe seeks to unleash the Globalist Reset beast. SC Justice Alito points out the religious persecution woven into COVID-19. Trump wins North Carolina. More voter fraud! Antifa thugs rough up Trump Supporters after DC rally. Globalist media gaslighting omnipresent.

The Conspiracy Guy (8 November 2020) with Danny Cirrus: How the Democrats Plan to Steal America Almost Worked The CV "pandemic" provided a pseudo-justification for main-in voting, which has a history of sustaining vote fraud and election theft, which was the agenda all along. They knew they could not beat Trump, who has won the hearts and minds of the American people. They did not succeed, but it was not for lack of trying. More to come in this developing story, on which depends the fate of the nation.

The Conspiracy Guy (15 November 2020: What happened to JFK? Did The Warren Report (1964) get it right? An examination of the medical, witness, photo and film evidence as the basis for an evaluation, where the extraordinary research of David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., Bob Livingston, M.D., and Larry Rivera, among others, has provided new data and alternative hypotheses, which may require us to reject some hypotheses we previously accepted and to accept some hypotheses we previously rejected.

Susan Lindauer, The Covert Report (15 November 2020) A rapid-paced and wide ranging discussion of the theft of the 2020 election by means of Dominion Voting Systems' machines, where the immensity of the theft (by deleting Trump votes, on the one hand, and switching them to Biden, on the other) turned a rout (where Trump appears to have won by a massive margin (around 73 million votes for Trump vs. around 23 million for Biden). Evidence abounds of what happened in this election, where Trump appears to have laid a trap for those who would violate the Constitution and undermine democracy here.

Need to Know Episode 65 (13 November 2020) with David Scorpio and Michael Ivey. President Elect Biden begins lying already. Killary says she feels better Trump lost. The Big Steal: Vote Fraud 2020. PA Secretary of State overstepped Ballot Authority, Judge rules. Georgia hand tallies Presidential votes. Dominion voting systems designed for fraud. Mike Flynn rooting for The Donald. FEC Chairman says 2020 US Election is illegitimate due to widespread fraud. Trump 2024? 2020 rigged poll results. Mercola: Covid-19 testing a tragic waste. Mask wearing fanaticism the new normie religion. Ivy League cancels Winter sports. Pelosi self destructs? Wisconsin Dem Governor Evers furious after Supreme Court shuts down his stay-at-home order. Florida Anti-mob bill gives civilians immunity if the shoot looters or run over protestors (about time!)

The Fetz Presents (12 November 2020): William DeBerg, Author / Analyst / Commentator A wide-ranging discussion that began with my guest's review of his four published works of fiction, which deal with real events like 9/11 and the Cornoavirus from a narrative perspective that is rooted in historical facts, but makes points that are not made in conventional discussions of these issues. Extensive discussion of how the public is played by the media and how science is abused by frauds such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has done more damage to the United States than all of our foreign enemies--such as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Emperor Hirohito--combined. Very relaxed and enjoyable.


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