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Alan Dershowitz can't see how an administration can prosecute the leading candidate of the opposition party, but it's par for the course for today's DEMS. Dan Bongino says we don't have to wait for the police state to arrive, because it's already here; He suggests the indictments are (1) to distract from new documentary proof that Biden took $5,000,000 in bribes and Hunter and equal amount; and (2) to attempt to deprive him of the right to run in 2024. I suggest a third reason (3) embroil Trump in legal issues to preoccupy him from providing the leadership the nation needs RIGHT NOW IN THIS TIME OF NEED. With the border lost and millions invading the nation, never has his leadership been more urgently needed. Does anyone still believe in mainstream or US government propaganda? Staggering. It has become so obvious and unapologetic, clearly those in power don't give a damn whether the people know what they are doing or not. Stunning! Russian FM Lavrov warns that F-16s can carry a nuclear payload. NATO members may send troops to Ukraine, but Russia will dispatch them in short order. Ireland plans to slaughter 200,000 farting cows to meet their "global warming" goals. Conservatives have fired a shot across the bow of Kevin McCarthy for making accommodations with Biden to raise the debt limit without doing enough to control spending. DeSantis has taken the gloves off and begun to attack Trump, which will come to no avail.

The new Trump indictment took up the early portions of the show, where I had invited Joachim to address the latest in Ukraine, but it was preempted by this latest legal absurdity. No doubt the politics are apparent: With new revelations of $5 million bribes to then-VP Biden and another #5 million to Hunter (for changes to policy, which could only be done by Barack Obama, who had to be getting his cut), the need for a massive distraction was powerful--and was attained by means of a legal action all but unprecedented in US history, where the admin brings about charges against its leading political opponent. No one is being played--apart from DEM true believers who have a visceral dislike of Donald Trump. Alan Dershowitz, for example, suggested the evidence had better be extremely strong to justify such a thing (and we all know that it will fall far short). Dan Bongino brought up more important points, where there seem to be three motives: (1) distract from the proof of corruption of Biden and his son; (2) once more, try to find a way to block Trump from running in 2024 (where all the signs point to a massive victory); and (3) to embroil him in distractions, when the invasion taking place on our border with Mexico demand leadership NOW, lest the country become embroiled in civil war with an army of migrants who are being supplied with weapons by the Biden admin itself. The FBI has been forced to acknowledge the existence of a witness report to Biden's corruption, which should have been the lead story (but was suppressed by the Trump indictment). So how many indictments of Hunter Biden: 0 indictments; "The Big Guy": 0 indictments; The Clintons: 0 indictments; Epstein's clients: 0 indictments; Anthony Fauci: 0 indictments; DC Insider Traders: 0 indictments; Iraq War Criminals: 0 indictments; COVID Criminals: 0 indictments; Mishandling documents: MASSIVE TRUMP INDICTMENT. Stunning. I am no longer proud of the nation I have served, which has become an international embarrassment. Joachim and I agree that Putin is fighting the good fight and that he has to take all of Ukraine, even though that does not appear to have been his original plan.

FABULOUS short summary by Naomi Wolf of what her team has found in the huge (and ongoing) Pfizer document releases. AUDIO ONLY. A year ago, Wolf began to lead a crowdsourced project in which 3,500 medical and scientific experts read through the 55,000 pages per month of documents that a judge required Pfizer to release subsequent to a successful lawsuit. In the 69 reports compiled by these experts, the greatest crime against humanity in recorded history has been documented. It includes a 360-degree attack on human reproduction. Wolf published the reports in book format — The WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports — and it has sold out three printings and been used by courts, members of the European Parliament, state and federal U.S. senators and teams of attorneys in taking action to redress these harms and inform the public.

Naomi Wolf segment from 33:17 to 55:54 of this mp3:

The much-touted Ukrainian counteroffensive appears to have been a dud, which may have been why they blew the dam (as a form of distraction and a war crime to be blamed on Russia). Awareness appears to be growing that the US is under an actual invasion by millions of military-age illegal migrants, where (as I have previously reported) non-law-enforcement and non-defense-related agencies of the US government have purchased some $4 billion in military arms, which I believe are for their use). In Chicago, the Black community is up in arms for delegating $51 million for migrants, when Blacks in the city go wanting. It's clear that the Biden admin and Democrats nationally are putting the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of those of tax-paying American citizens. Stunning! And now Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, is floating the idea of private residents taking migrants into their own homes with payments from the city. But who in the world wants to do that? The dilemma created by the Biden admin is coming home to roost. The head of the Border Patrol, unsurprisingly, has decided to retire rather than have all of his efforts undermined by Biden et al. Mastercard has a new version that monitors your carbon imprint and controls your spending, which is the model for the digital dollar to come (thereby making us slaves of the state through finances). It turns out that lab-grown meat has a vastly greater negative environmental impact than beef from cattle, producing up to 25 times more CO2 than traditional animal husbandry, which completely nullifies the (fake) justification for fake meat nonsense. And Bud Light continues to fall in the wake of the transgender promotion, while Jonathan Isaac introduces a new line of sports apparel from a company with traditional Christian values. The USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli jets and torpedo boats on this day in 1957. Remember the Liberty!

James Fetzer, professor emeritus, Clint Griess, and Deana Sacks discuss the facts and confusion surrounding the spiked cocktail Sacks consumed at The Sunset Restaurant Memorial Day weekend. Rohypnol poisoning is on the rise, with thousands of men and women suffering this form of physical assault all around the world. But many other substances are being used as well, they cause fast cognitive confusion and memory loss, and some cannot be detected in urine or blood, no matter how fast the tests are run. A lab in Houston lost or corrupted Sacks' critical blood sample. Is this all random and coincidence? Or was this planned and very sinister? The investigation has just begun.

The massive Kakhovka Dam was blown up Tuesday, where a Ukrainian general last year had spoken about taking it out as a "last resort", Their counteroffensive was a bust and this may have been as a distraction, but the consequences are going to be severe. They even did a test strike on the dam and blamed it on Russia, just as they are blaming it on Russia again. Tucker on Twitter as his first episode addressed the destruction of the dam and explained why it made no sense for Russia to have done it. He drew an astonishing 60 million viewers to his (relatively brief) report, which is 20 times the 3 million he was averaging on FOX. More to come. YouTube is finally allowing criticism of the 2020 election to be posted after having taken down 10,000+ videos with evidence of the theft for Biden and the Dems. It appears to be that they anticipate a Trump victory in 2024 and want to be positioned to attack the outcome as from a "stolen election". Most US adults are rejecting "boosters", which is good to learn. A Washington Post article attacks those who are boycotting Bud Light and Target as "right-wing extremists'', who are practicing "anti-democracy", which is absurd on all counts. Nothing "undemocratic" about expressing displeasure at politics-in-retail by no longer shopping there. And these "extremists" are mostly parents who are upset at the transgender phenomenon, which has gone far beyond the boundaries of the acceptable in relation to our children. "What is a Woman?" is setting all kinds of records for viewers, over 200,000,000 and counting. Matt Walsh was perfect in the role with his low-key and inquiring style. Everyone should watch it twice! And Megyn Kelly explains how she originally supported the trans movement but has come to understand the threat that it poses to girls and women in a thoughtful monologue, which may well be the highlight of her career.

Began with the destruction of a massive dam in Ukraine, which a commander of the Ukrainian Army said last year would be a "last resort" if they were losing. They are losing and they have taken out the dam, which has destroyed a large number of villages and created chaos, threatening the largest nuclear power plant in Europe with a melt down and cutting off water to Crimea. Zelensky claims--lying as he always does--that Russia destroyed its own dam, just as he has claimed Russia destroyed its own pipeline! Stunning in the enormity of the lies that are being issued, in this case confirmed by US Senators and the Head of the European Union (with no evidence to support them and much evidence contradicting). Tucker is back on Twitter and his first episode was on the destruction of the dam. He was averaging around 3 million viewers on FOX. On Twitter, so far, he has around 60 million! Stunning. YouTube has announced that it's open now for criticism of elections, after banning those of 2020 while having supported those attacking 2016. It appears they anticipate that Trump may win in 2024 and want to leave open the opportunity to attack him on that basis. YouTube now admits having taken down over 10,000 videos with proof that the 2020 election was stolen. My special guest, Clint Griess, is an expert on fluoride and provided an extremely clear and comprehensive account of its history and effects, where the latest and largest study concluded that there is NO SAFE LEVEL OF FLUORIDE IN OUR WATER. Extremely well done by Clint. You don't want to miss this.

Tucker Carlson made his debut on Twitter — almost 60 MILLION views! He’s ripping the MSM for their saying that Putin blew up the dam — dripping with sarcasm — he’s back with a vengeance! He destroys Lindsay Graham and Nikki Haley. He calls Zelensky “sweaty and rat-like” and says he’s a persecutor of Christians and a friend of Blackrock! He even asks, “What exactly happened on 9/11?” (!!!)

“So if you’re wondering why our country is so dysfunctional, this is a big part of the reason. Nobody knows what’s happening. A small group of (((people))) control access to all relevant information and the rest of us don’t know — we’re allowed to yap all we want about racism, but go ahead and talk about something that really matters and see what happens. If you keep it up, they’ll make you be quiet. That’s how they maintain control.

“50 years [after the collapse of the Soviet Union], it’s bewildering to consider the ironies here. We’re the ones who live in ignorance now. The US government has managed to classify over a BILLION public documents. So at this point we can’t possibly know what our leaders are doing — we’re not allowed to know. By definition, that is not a democracy, yet it’s fine with the media — secrecy is a powerful tool of control.

“That’s how most of us now live here in the United States — manipulated by lies, silenced by taboos. It’s unhealthy and de-humanizing and we’re tired of it.”
— from Tucker’s debut

Russia is under attack by Storm Shadow missiles provided to Ukraine by the UK. Substantial response, which will continue. Democrats changed some silent videos of J6 by adding sound effects for dramatic purposes, which is a form of the fabrication of evidence. Not good, but given the source, also not surprising. Patick McShay offers 50+ ways we can know we are living in a police state--all of which appear to apply to the USA today! Stunning. The movie they don't want you to watch: "What is a Woman?" It is simply excellent. Misleading claims about US life expectancy dropping that omits the vax! Nice example of propaganda. The Senate turns down Biden's student loan giveaway, but he can be counted about to veto their opposition. A journalist is assailed for wanting to cover "both sides" of a gun control issue. No surprise there, either. Elon Musk reports that Target will eventually have to answer to its stockholders for "destruction of shareholder value". And I'll bet he's got that right!

The Covid-19 pandemic was the greatest psychological operation in the history of the world. AND, the false beliefs and assumptions that made it possible are still held by the majority of humanity. There is going to be a FREE (from June 20 thru July 11) online course covering all the deceptions and false beliefs that made it possible for the global criminals to impose the Covid-19 tyranny. The presenter lineup is INCREDIBLE — ALL the people who we’ve come to trust as the best truth-tellers about this subject! Check it out here: https://theendofcovid.com/

Russia has taken Bakhmut and Ukraine has made a feeble attempt to retake parts of the Donbass, but with no success. The head of the mercenary army known as "the Wagner Group" complains that Russia even laid landmines for his troops to affect their withdrawal from Bakhmut, which suggests some differences of opinion at a high level among the military involved in the special operation in Ukraine. Joachim Hagopian lays out the scenario where WWIII appears virtually inevitable, with a massive NATO air exercise scheduled from 12-23 June and Victoria Nuland predicting that WWIII will start on 11 July 2023. Don't count her out. She engineered the coup in 2014 and was involved in destroying the Nord Stream pipelines. She's in the position to know. Trump has a 34 point lead over DeSantis (56% to 22%), where its very early but also looks very good for Trump and not so for his rivals. Naomi Wolf reviews the data indicating that Pfizer was targeting women with its vax and the objective was to reduce birth rates and promote depopulation. Costco has bad news, Target is regrouping, and "The Little Mermaid" is making its way (with a little help from its friends).

An article in the Wisconsin State Journal claims that racial bias has affected lung tests for Blacks, which I find just a bit difficult to swallow. Brief explanation about different kinds of knowledge (synthetic: laws of nature vs. empirical facts and analytic: truths by definition and mathematical truths). Claims of bias appear to be playing the victim card to move a political agenda. The Washington Post published an attack on "bigoted right-wingers" for their "anti-democratic" boycott of Bud Light, Target, Kohl's and more, which is neither bigoted nor anti-democratic; on the contrary, it's exercising preferences when companies mix politics with retail. The documentary, "What is a Woman?", may have the largest viewing audience in history. Lots on there, including a Babylon Bee spoof that Matt Walsh knew what a woman is all the time! Its views are now cracking 165 million. I regard this film as important to contemporary American culture as Dr. Strangelove is to world history. Meanwhile, I thought that the shop owner who put up a sign, "If you have a dick, you are not a chick!" won the prize for most succinct and that the distinction between sex and attitude (feminine men and masculine women) hit the mark. The psychiatrist nailed it. This is MUST WATCHING!

34 American sailors killed, 174 wounded. The survivors’ suffering was greatly increased by the brutal orders issued by Lyndon B. Johnson for them to keep their lips sealed forever, with the threat of prison “or worse” if they talked to anyone about it: Not their parents, wives — and, implicitly — not even a psychologist could ever hear of this abominable “war crime.” Shows you how the Jewish Mafia has controlled the Executive Branch since the assassination of JFK.

Book written by Phil Nelson
Poem by DC Dave
Song by David Neal
Video by Gary King

Sen. Comer has confirmed the FBI's admission to possession of a document that alleges a $5,000,000 bribe to Joe Biden for policy influence while Vice President to Barack Obama, who, no doubt, received his own cut. That the Director refuses to supply the document appears to be leaning toward Contempt of Congress charges, which are in the works. New polling shows Trump with a 34% lead over DeSantis, suggesting the primary season is over just as it has begun. Given the evidence against Biden, we may anticipate an indictment--of Trump! That's how the game is played in Washington, D.C., by the Democrats today. Naomi Wolf reports that Pfizer's own document substantiates that the vax was designed to destroy women's reproductive ability and contribute to depopulating Planet Earth. The evidence may be found in the company's own documents and records. Patrick J. McShay enumerates 50 reasons for believing you might live in a police state if . . . , all of which are satisfied by the United States today. Target has been taken to the woodshed over its "Pride" promotions, where the battle continues to rage between parents and the LGBTQ+ community, while the profits of Bud Light, Target, and other retailers bottom out. And since movie goers are not overly enthusiastic about "The Little Mermaid'', the industry has given it a boost. It looks as though it was getting about 3/10 stars, so IMDb simply reversed it to 7/10. The star said she had anticipated "backlash" because she is black, just like the backlash for Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith! Not to mention for pro sports, which are dominated by black players. The victim card has been vastly overplayed.

Joachim Hagopian explains that all roads now lead to nuclear war, where a massive NATO 25-nation air defense drill will take place beginning on 12 June and extending through the 23rd, which looks like cover for an air attack upon Russia--as I am certain the Russians will perceive it as well. Victoria Nuland says that WWIII will commence on 11 July, where she had a role in the coup of 2014 and the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, which gives her predictive ability a lot of credibility. Stand by for what may be the greatest catastrophe in world history! Reviewing recent past history, an Islamic scholar has declared that Jews are behind the war with Russia to turn Ukraine into a new Jewish State (the "New Israel"), which appears to be the reason why so many resources of so many nations are being used to support Ukraine. It's on behalf of Israel! Similar remarks are coming from Zelensky himself, where the latest censorship proposal from the WH has to do with treating any discussion of Israel as a form of "anti-Semitism", which is ironic since DNA studies show that the citizens of Israel are not even Semites but Khazarians--which is the region of modern day Ukraine. So discussion of the Kalergi Plan or (even) Cloward-Piven would be verboten under this new set of policies. Surprise! Surprise! And the rash of horse deaths and the request by USDA to register vegetable gardens all appear to be part-and-parcel of taking down America--in my opinion, for not displaying sufficient zeal in support of Ukraine to make it the "New Israel".

"Inconvenient Truths" is a weekly reaction video series where Gary King presents various videos, articles and stories for Jim Fetzer's and our audience's spontaneous, unrehearsed reaction through our comment section. Recorded LIVE. Tonight's show includes: Were these 16 events induced by the CIA? Jim covers them all. German Patriot Christine Anderson spells out vivid and crypto, Ron Paul as himself, Cleveland is ready to roll out 15 Min cities, 1915 weather modification, Target is targeting your kids plus much much more!

The Ukrainian "counteroffensive" has been rescheduled for the summer, but such forces (material and personnel) as were in the process of being gathered have largely already been destroyed by the Russians. Attempts to extend the battlefield within Russia are going to be futile, as the war has essentially already been resolved. The question is whether the West will accept it or turn it nuclear, where the entire world will be the loser. The FBI has now acknowledged the existence of a document related to a $5,000,000 bribe to "The Big Guy", where its failure to supply the doc under subpoena may lead to Contempt of Congress charges against Directory Ray (which are clearly deserved). The fake "Biden" takes a fall at the Air Force Academy. The Department of Agriculture wants to locate vegetable gardens to be sure to destroy them when food becomes scarce. FOX ratings have dropped in the wake of Tucker's dismissal. On a show about Hillary, however, the audience cried out, "Lock her up! Lock her up!" as during Trump rallies of the past. Tulsi sticks up for the Marine hero of the subway, who is being prosecuted for an act to protect society, which the Democrats do not want to encourage. And Bud continues to drop. WOW!

Russia is winning the war, which may not be the outcome that the globalist elites had in mind. Joachim Hagopian lays out an agenda for using a massive air exercise coming on 12-24 June--involving 25 nations' air forces, 10,000 personnel and 220 aircraft--with Germany operating as the hub, which could go LIVE as the occasion for a massive assault on Russia, Victoria Nuland has declared that World War III will start on 11 June, where she has been at the wheel with regards to the Ukrainian coup of 2014 and the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines. I think it's fair to say that, if Victoria Nuland says WWIII will begin on 11 June 2023, then WWIII will begin on 11 June--and you can bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. It will be over the same day it begins, where an estimated 100,000,000 will die in the first hour. I have no doubt that the US, the UK, and NATO will not be spared. Russia has the most formidable nuclear force the world has ever seen and has made it crystal clear that, once a nuclear attack occurs on Russia, it will go into full launch mode. Stand by! The rest of the show with Shannon Rowan was spent discussing her three books--WELCOME TO THE MASQUERADE: PRELUDE TO THE COMING REST; WIFI REFUGEE: PLIGHT OF THE MODERN-DAY CANARY; and SHOTS FIRED: VACCINE WEAPONS, MEDICAL TYRANNY, AND THE WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. She was an excellent guest and I very much enjoyed our conversation.

Shannon Rowan website:

My dear friend and colleague, Scott Bennett, a former Army intel & psyops officer, warns about "false flags" & orders from an illegitimate government. Many in the DOD, DOJ, and DHS have never signed oaths of loyalty to the United States. They are betraying us.

An important interview by Jeff Rense with Mitchell Henderson outlines what's been going on in Ukraine and the enormous risks to humanity entailed by the Western nations having committed war crimes and wanting to cover them up, which a (fake) nuclear attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant would accomplish. Unfortunately, although Moscow has declared that it will respond to the use of nukes with an all-out retaliation against the US and the West, our disabled leaders don't take Russia seriously, even though there can be no good reason to have any doubt. A new intrusion into Russia may be intended to lay the predicate to claim that Russia nuked the powerplant it controls (which is just as absurd as to claim that Russia destroyed its own Nord Stream pipelines)! The West has gone stark, raving mad. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was floored by questions about the Biden crime family, where he declared Biden was innocent and promptly left the podium. LGBTQ+ activists are going after Target for moving Pride Products to the back of some stores in response to consumer boycotts. It's not going to go any better for Target than it has for Bud Light. Biden wants to move forward with the UN's "Small Arms Treaty'', but it would cause a revolt in this country if it were to be ratified. Chick-fil-A may be following Target and Bud Light into oblivion, sad to say. Heather Mac Donald has a sensational new book, WHEN RACE TRUMPS MERIT, outlining the destruction of American culture that is taking place in the name of equity (which is very different from equality, where equity implies getting what you deserve rather than merely being treated as an equal). HORRENDOUS! And David Michael Smith has documented ENDLESS HOLOCAUSTS caused by Americans and their quest for domination and empire. Stunning stuff.

Brilliant, thoughtful new documentary by the team who created "Died Suddenly." Covers the agenda of transhumanism both physically and spiritually. Our entire being must be of resistance.

Source: https://rumble.com/v2r004k-final-days-worldwide-premiere.html

Ukraine has hit Moscow with a swarm of drones, where the UK has encouraged that to happen but the US has been more cautious. They caused no serious damage and injured only two people, who did not require hospitalization. Moscow is threatening to cut diplomatic ties with the UK over its aggressive anti-Russia stance, which has become unseemly. John Kerry burnishes his standing as a monster liar and traitor to the US with false claims about climate change and global warming, where he is now advocating destroying the American farmer. Kerry's a bit obvious in the agenda to wipe out smaller farms in favor of larger, just as the COVID pandemic was used to wipe out smaller businesses in favor of larger. Sen. Feinstein has lost it and does not even know what Kamala Harris is doing in the Senate when she's casting tie-breaking votes. At least five Democrats have called for her resignation. NATO had its roots in the German Army, where Nazi generals took charge after the war was lost (meaning they may have won, after all)! In Texas, a battle between RINOs and MAGA Republicans has come to a boil over an attempt to oust AG Paxton, no doubt because he wants to hold Pfizer and Moderna and J&J responsible for the damage done by their "vaccines". And the US government has gone so far as to claim ownership of everyone's thoughts, calling them "cognitive infrastructure"! What rubbish!

Apologies for non-airing Monday's show, which is here on my BitChute channel to watch at your leisure. I presented reviews of two books today, one on the most pressing cultural issue of our time, race vs. merit; the other on the bloody history of the United States. Heather Mac Donald’s latest book, Race Trumps Merit, is subtitled: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives. "It is such a tale of horrors that a number of alternate subtitles come to mind. Animal Farm Redux, How I Came to Love Big Brother, A Litany of Lunacy, 40 Years Before the Mast, Gone with the Wind (were it not taken and proscribed), A Confederacy of Dunces (also taken), How the West was Undone, All Daffy on the Western Front, The Descent of Man (it’s in the public domain), Vanity Fair (also beyond copyright), The Knocking at the Gate – you get the idea." The second is by David Michael Smith, Endless Holocausts, which makes the argument (with loads of supporting evidence) that the United States has been responsible for more deaths than any other nation Earth has known, where the U.S. Empire is named as "The Most Murderous Killing Machine In History". The 2nd hour of the show was devoted to a sensational interview between Mitchell Henderson and Jeff Rense about the war in Ukraine, where Henderson makes point after point after point.

Footage showing no plane hitting the South Tower has emerged, which is consistent with the facts. All four of the 9/11 crash sites were fabricated or faked, albeit in different ways. So the government is claiming that the video was edited to remove the plane! Flight 175 was traveling at an impossible speed for the altitude and made an impossible entry into the building (with no collision effects). Nice occasion to remind everyone of how much 9/11 was an orchestrated scam. Russia has been sending US equipment secured on the battlefield in Ukraine to Iran for reverse engineering, which they have done with several important anti-tank and anti-plane systems in the past. The White House Press Secretary has been attacking DeSantis for offending LGBT youth, immigrants, and educators--apparently because they believe the FL governor represents a real political threat. Donald Jeffries has a new book that exposes the COVID conspiracy, which is a welcome addition to the literature. Target has been outed for contributing $2.1 million to the trans movement, but the backlash for its latest efforts to promote "WOKE" clothing and fashions for kids has provoked a massive response, where its stock has been dropping and conservative mothers are turning out to be its biggest enemies. A "Boycott Target" song has been climbing the list! Don't miss the latest "Raw Deal" (May 29), where Brian and I confront David Scorpio over the truly repulsive attack he and his buddies Mike Sledge and Clint Eastwoodendoors launched on me, Brian, and Danny. Watch it here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/UBmqEclXD1RD/

Russia has predominated in Ukraine to the extent that junior officers are shooting senior officers when they order their troops into a meat grinder that will guarantee their being killed. Do not be surprised if Kiev fakes a nuclear attack to blame on Russia in the hope that NATO will come to its defense. Trump has been vindicated by studies showing massive voter registration corruption in New York from. top to bottom. Mike Adams reports that some of our highest officials--the Attorney General and Secretary. of Defense, among them--have never signed loyalty oaths to the United States and are impostors--who are doing their best to destroy America as rapidly and efficiently as possible. 66% of voters say a 2nd Biden admin would be a catastrophe for the country! An insurance analyst has drawn on UK data to conclude that the vax is bringing about 600,000 excess deaths per year right here in the USA. And David Martin at the EU COVID Summit explained that the pandemic was an act of biological warfare on the human race as a medical fraud and financial heist, where medicine and science were hijacked. Illegals are flocking to America for free stuff, where a comparison between Newsom in CA and DeSantis in FL sheds light on the situation we are up against. They are faking Fetterman to make him look good and women's sports are being decimated by "trans genders." How Ironic that, on Memorial Day, the most thoughtful and compelling observations and reflections upon life in America come from the President of Russia!


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