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This is a WONDERFUL short demonstration to illustrate the extremely small effect (using their own rigged statistics) that CV19 has had on the world's population. It is the opening segment from Jeff Berwick's (the Dollar Vigilante) video titled "Murder By Injection and “Transitory Hyperinflation” is our New Normal," linked below.

https://dollarvigilante.tv/videos/watch/7da927d5-a7f5-4993-9206-f6c18fc49451 (59:14)


REQUIRED VIEWING! First 3 minutes is an awesome demonstration of the number of people dying from CV19 (using their own massively-rigged stats) against world population. Berwick covers many interesting topics thereafter.

https://dollarvigilante.tv/videos/watch/7da927d5-a7f5-4993-9206-f6c18fc49451 (59:14)


Americans are leaving urban areas for more rural and escaping from crime-ridden and violence plagued environments for more tranquil and peaceful arenas. Tucker calls out the CIA for a "woke" video extolling the virtues of the agency as an absurdity, where John Brennan has become a fixture on MSNBC after doing massive damage to the USA. India experiences a seeming surge in COVID hospitalizations that may be related to increased vaccinations, where the vaccines ARE the pandemic! Mongolia had zero (0) deaths but, initiating a vaccine agenda, has now seen them spike. Efforts to turn the DOD into a center espousing Critical Race Theory are revealed, where most Americans appear oblivious to the threat posed by the Biden/Harris administration.

AMAZING coverage of the technological tyranny being imposed all over the world under the pretext of the "CV19 pandemic." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

https://dollarvigilante.tv/videos/watch/013041ed-48f4-4cc4-867d-05b1f7351417 (1:07:06)

The new Judge in the Maricopa County, AZ, audit releases the Cyber Ninja's security plan, which cannot have been inadvertent. Biden's plan to inject 70% of the US by 4 July 2021, when the "vaccine" qualifies as a "perfectly designed killing machine" (by Sherri Tenpenny, M.D.,) suggests his planes for America are malevolent and that, if the public does not awaken to the threat--including wanting to vaccinate the U.S. military--we are going to be destroyed as a nation. Even his plan to increase taxes on corporations will motivate them to depart for China and India, where labor costs are a fraction what they are in the United States. All in all, the current American government appears to have embarked upon a plan to murder America.

New Zealand MD, Dr. Samantha Bailey, gives an excellent lesson in the various ways that we're being lied to by our governments and "public health officials" about certain aspects of the Covid-19 narrative. Most of the tyrannical measures being imposed upon the world's populations have been justified by the scientifically-bogus "asymptomatic transmission" principle and the bogus PCR tests being equated with "cases." Dr. Bailey is also a co-author of the 3rd edition of the great book "Virus Mania."


EXCELLENT, well-produced deep dive into what can be done with nano-technology being inserted into the body in the guise of "vaccines." Data gathering. Connecting to AI database. ID 2020. Luciferase. Hydrogel technology. Digital tattoos. Behavior control. "It's not just a vaccine they're giving us - they're manipulating our DNA, our genome."

12 (Democrat) State Attorneys General are asking Social Media to suppress and violate the freedom of speech of American citizens who are reporting adverse effects of vaccines they have experienced or other negative information about the vax. It turns out that the vaccine "fact-checkers" the Social Media have been using are (Suprise! Surprise!) funded by the vaccine companies to promote their products. And Biden has been a long-time supporter of flooding the US with immigrants to turn America "brown". They had to steal the election and have a phony inauguration to open our borders and vaccinate our citizens to rid the world of a strong and vibrant nation as the leader of the free world--and they are proceeding at a record pace!

Surprising report from Russia of autopsy on COVID-19 patient, who turned out to have died from blood clots, where the Russian Ministry of Health has revised its COVID treatment protocols to include taking aspirin! Hard to believe, but multiple other sources are emphasizing that these "vaccines" cause blood clots, which can be relatively effortlessly treated and where Russia sent 14,000 patients home after curing them using aspirin! AZ audit moves forward, but expect attempts to sabotage it; where moving on to MI may break open the theft of the election as it occurred there as well. Gov. Whitmer plays the role of a petty tyrant, imposing restrictions on personal liberties that will only be lifted in stages with the vaccination of 56%, 60%, 65% and 70% of the MI population.

Sherri Tenpenny describes the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as "perfectly designed killing machines", which are going to have devastating consequences for the US population, where deagle.com has now adjusted (downward) its projections for the United States in 2025 from 330,000,000 in 2020 to 67,000,000 five years later. A stunning development appears to be taking place in India, where, about 4 months after mass inoculations began, the number of deaths is soaring. Susan Bradford ties loose ends together with a review of the Rothschild's plan for world-wide depopulation, which advances the eugenics plan of the past to create a world for the elite few at the expense of the lives of the many.

Gail of Gaia and I address the dire state of the nation today with the fake pandemic, the fraudulent administration and the threats posed by the vaccines -- where the "cure" will do overwhelmingly more damage to you than the "disease"-- and the globalist depopulation agenda moves forward. My advice: Do whatever you can to avoid the shot, which Sherri Tenpenny describes as "a perfectly designed killing machine", and take time to spend with your family and loved ones. The world has never before confronted such a serious (man-made) challenge to the existence of humanity on Earth.

Alex Jones interviews Dr. Carrie Madej and she is on FIRE! She is one of the top truth-tellers with great medical credentials. She was also exposed to certain information in previous years that allowed her to understand what the real agenda is with the fake pandemic and the injections being forced upon as much of humanity as possible. She lays out the nightmarish future if we allow “vaccine passports” to be implemented.

The raid on Rudy's apartment--leaving behind his copy of Hunter Biden's hard drive--does not leave room for doubt that this was not a legitimate effort but instead aimed at violating the client/attorney privilege between him and Donald Trump. The MSM continues to misrepresent shootings as a means of promoting its agenda of subverting law enforcement across the United States. Everyone should ask themselves, "Why?" And the push for vaccinations threatens all of humanity with the prospect of massive depopulation (from over 8 billion to around 500,000,000), where those who remain alive will be reduced to the role of serfs and of slaves. That may be our future.

Scott spoke at the Tulsi rally with L. Lin Wood, Gen. Michael Flynn, Mike Adams and other stalwarts of the movement to restore integrity to the U.S. government, including by exposing the sham election of 2020. We covered a wide range of issues, including the malevolent influence of Israel upon the American government. Several callers including Bruce from Texas, Mona from RR, Barb from Florida and (even) Mr. Rho from RR. Scaredy Cat added her thoughts as well as Sal, also from Texas.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former Chief Science Officer for the Pfizer company, tears the veil off the giant Covid-19 pandemic deception. Yeadon destroys the notion of "asymptomatic transmission" and PCR testing, on which the entire lockdown and masking measures are based. Interview by John Kirby, April 9, 2021.

If you have debated getting the shot (when you still have to wear a mask), it may have caused you to wonder: Does it work or not? Because if it works (by protecting you from the virus), why should you have to continue wearing a mask? and if you have to wear a mask anyway, why bother with the shot? Sherri Tenpenny, M.D., resolves the debate with her report that the COVID-19 "vaccinations" are "perfectly designed killing machines". So, unless you want to do yourself in, do yourself a favor and skip the shot. It just may save your life. This is as serious as it gets.

Miles Mathis has publish a stunning piece on the (apparent) faking of the trial of Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd, enumerating 51 points that cast its authenticity in doubt. Danny and I review them to ascertain whether or not (in our judgment) he has made his case. Without doubt, even if one were to discard a dozen points related to his background and relatives, Miles makes a brilliant case--based upon facts that are not in dispute (about the videos of the arrest and the treatment and actions of the EMTs) that demonstrate the public has been played. It's a stunning example of the power of the media to deceive the American people through television.

The audit continues in Maricopa County, AZ, where a new judge may or may not stop the process taking place, which is revealing massive vote fraud and proof of election theft. The CO2 scam takes a new turn with the effort to cut the consumption of beef and part of taking control of Planet Earth via carbon credits. Massive protests in the UK to lockdowns and the fake "pandemic" are inspirational but not being covered in the US. Russia sought to improve relations with the US with Biden's inauguration, but the White House turned them down, one more reflection that our foreign policy is not under the control of Americans but appears to be being dictated by Bibi Netanyahu.

AMAZING discussion between an all-star cast of truth-telling doctors concentrating on the question of whether the UN-vaxxed have reason to believe that the Vaxxed could be harmful to interact with. MAMM joins Maureen McDonnell, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Lee Merritt, & Dr. Carrie Madej in a deep conversation, giving you plenty of topics to dive into yourselves and learn more about.

A real audit is taking place in Maricopa County, AZ, which is blowing open the massive theft of the 2020 election, where 150,000 votes were cast after the deadline and (so far) 252,722 illegal votes have been discovered. BLM activists in Minnesota are saying things like, "I don't want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but ....", which reflects the kind of "unity" Biden and Harris are promoting. Jim Jordan and Ron Johnson are showing great integrity in speaking out against he massive extinction program against Americans being promoted by Anthony "Tony the Rat" Fauci and his associates, who are bringing about the greatest mass murder in US history. Deagle.com now projects the population of the US to have fallen to 65 million by 2025 – a reduction of 270 million souls.

A forensic audit of the ballots in Maricopa County, AZ, may reveal 250,000 or more illegal votes, which has the Democrats in a state of panic. (They have hired more than 70 attorneys to contest the recount, which would be absurd unless they had something massive to hide.) The new shooting in Ohio has undermined their "Defund the Police!" and gun-confiscation agenda, where a white officer save the life of a black girl by shooting another black girl, who was attempting to stab her with a very large knife. From George Floyd Square, we now know what they have in mind for the rest of the country: lawlessness, rioting, looting and murder. Every American has gotten the message. If you can't defend yourself, you can't count on the police coming to your aid. The Democrats don't want them and are moving to abolish them.

George Floyd Square businesses are going bankrupt because of crimes and failure of law enforcement to protect them--which is what the rest of the nation can expect of the Democrats are able to implement their "Defund the Police!" and gun-confiscation agenda. The shooting of a (large) aggressive black girl to save the life of a (petite) black girl has thrown a monkey-wrench into their agenda, since everyone can see that, absent the (white) police, the second girl would (almost certainly) have been killed. Everyone knows that, if they cannot defend themselves, they cannot count on the police to defend them--if the left can exert control over (what's left of) the nation.

Discussion and analysis of the recent shooting incidents involving Dante Wright in Brooklyn Center and (more recently) the incident in Columbus, OH, where a white cop shot a (large and aggressive) black girl about to plunge a (large) knife into a (much smaller) black girl, where the Democrats seem to be destroying their "Defund the Police" and gun-grabbing agenda via Valerie Jarret and LeBron James issuing ridiculous tweets (about bringing a gun to a knife fight and fingering the officer to be taken out), where Danny astonished me by demonstrating that the Columbus shooting was just as phony and staged as the Brooklyn Center event.

My latest essay, published on UNZ REVIEW, "What's Wrong with Conspiracy Theories?", which explains that, as theories, they should be evaluated by the same standards (technically, "criteria of adequacy") as apply to scientific theories and that the claim that conspiracy theories are un-testable or un-falsifiable are easily exposed to be false. Using research on JFK and on 9/11 as illustrations, it turns out that "conspiracy theorists" are investigating crimes and that the perps want to shut them down because they may expose governmental complicity! We discuss various ramifications and related issues (such as the fraudulent Biden/Harris administration and the fake CV "pandemic") as well as some "theories" that are just a bit more "far out".

Even though the guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial appear to have been unwarranted by law or evidence, they seem to have taken the wind out of the sail of the Democrat's attacks upon the system of justice and their attempts to abolish law enforcement, which is about as stupid an agenda every adopted by any political party in history. The latest shooting in Columbus, OH, moreover, in which a white cop saved the life of a black girl by shooting another (much larger) black girl, who was about to stab her with a very large knife, resonates with the moral that we need the police for our and our family's protection. I infer that the Biden/Harris gun control agenda is all but dead. May it RIP.


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