Celtic Goddess Danu - Dana Henrickson, Full Take 2, Scottish Mist, 4K
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Danu & Lugh, Celtics series. Dana Henrickson, Robbie Allen. Handheld version, 2K HD. Warm tone vers. More: https://www.celtic-films.com/

LUGH and DANU meet in the Druid Grove, CELTICS series, UHD 4K, vers.3, 43Mbs data rate. Color version Blue,
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Celtic Goddess DANU by Dana Henrickson - Celtics series - Take 3, Warm Classical, 2K HD
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Celtic God Lugh, Take 3 version. LUGH by Robbie Allen. Celtics series. 4K UHD. More here: https://www.celtic-films.com/

PWYLL by Jeff Skomsky, the Celtic God of Paradise. Full take. Celtics series. 4K.
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RHIANNON by Mary Leveridge, Full Take 3.
One of the amazing performances in the Celtics series. See more on the official site: http://celtic-films.com/

This is the version 12 Trailer for Celtics, season 1. Find out more https://www.celtic-films.com/

Celtics, Season 1, TRAILER, Version 11, 4K H265. See and hear the beautiful and strong Celtic Gods speak, enter into our Celtics series world.
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This is the Final Version after QC24, uploaded on Jan.23, 2023. 2K HD 1080p. Intertitle Story texts are longer to help people understand the story. Tone and exposure adjustments between actors in scenes. Glitches fixed. Only the End Credit Roll has to go slower, so a later update on that.
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Celtics, Season 1, 2022 Trailer, v.2, Scottish Voice Over, 2K_H265,5Mbs
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Celtics, Season 1, 2022 Trailer, v.3, Fast, 2K_H265, 16Mbs
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BRIGID long take, only Brigid, performed by Beatrice Brown

CELTICS, Season 1, Ep.1, "Druids, Darkest Winter" Sc.1-2 with Irish voice over
Some Irish voice over narrations at the start of each scene. Indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/celtics-sc-3
Four Celtic Gods meet, two at a time, in a Druid Grove to discuss what they have seen as the Roman Empire subjugates their people. They are reduced to near mortals with their empathy for the suffering of their Celtic people. https://www.celtic-films.com/

CELTICS, Season 1, Ep.1, "Druids, Darkest Winter" Sc.1-2 with Irish voice over. https://www.celtic-films.com This is the full Episode 1 with Scene 1 and Scene 2 in proper order, as well as Irish voice over narrations at the start of each scene. Indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/celtics-sc-3

Celtic Goddess of Poetry - Free Speech https://www.celtic-films.com/
The fight for freedom of speech is perhaps the greatest of our time. Thus Brigid, the God of Poets is perhaps the most valuable of all Celtic Gods. #FreeSpeech #IrelandCeltics

Bronze Age Celtic drums and horns https://www.celtic-films.com/
#Celtica #Celts #Druids #Resistance #DarkEmpire

When a People fight back against the Dark Empire. #Perseverance #Life #Underdog #Celts #IrishCeltics #BritishCeltics #FrenchCeltics #GermanCeltics #HumanRights #Heritage #History #Legendary
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Aeronwen, Goddess of Fate, listens to the whispering of the Celtic Druid Gods all around her in this sacred Druid grove in the forest.
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Site https://www.celtic-films.com/

#CelticMystery #CelticLegends #DruidMyth #Aeronwen #goddess #Alba #Hibernia #Gaelic #Ireland #Wales #Scotland #Druids #Fate #Battle #tvseries #movies

Aeronwen - Celtic Druid Goddess of Fate on the Battlefield, feels the forces of the Druid spirits. Don't fear the Reaper. Buy a coffee: https://igg.me/at/celtics
Site: https://www.celtic-films.com/
Music credit: Keep Shelly in Athens, Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear the Reaper".
#CelticMystery #CelticLegends #DruidMyth #Aeronwen #goddess #Alba #Hibernia #Gaelic #Ireland #Wales #Scotland #Druids #Fate #Battle #tvseries #movies

Celtics- Ep.1, Sc.1,Sc.2 https://www.celtic-films.com/

Lugh and Danu - Celtics series https://www.celtic-films.com/

CELTICS independent series trailer 5-11-22 https://www.celtic-films.com/
This particular trailer has harder music than you are used with a typical "Celtic" movie.

Power of the Celtics against the Roman Empire. https://www.celtic-films.com/
A little different than what you expect from a Celtic movie. This scene has a hard edge to it.

Aeronwen and Belenus discuss the Roman Empire invasion of their Celtic lands.
Celtics, Episode 1, Scene 1. Celtics vs Roman Empire. This original tv series is about a people who fight the Dark Empire, for freedom and justice for their people. https://www.celtic-films.com/


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Celtic-Films makes films about Humanitarian and Human Rights subject matter, such as Celtics fighting the Roman Empire and the Marxist USSR genocide of over 65 million Europeans from 1917-1991.

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