CELTICS Trailer #1 Blue Green 35sec. This is in 720p, 5Mbs
Trailer has dialogue clips and Celtic bagpipes and drums.

Celtics - Trailer #2 Classical with monologues. More will soon be here: https://www.celtic-films.com/

Celtics - Nation against Empire. Changing the way we think about the past and present.
Check in on the lengthy independent tv series in progress https://www.celtic-films.com/

DONATE to Support my work. "Celtics". When the people rise up against a globalist multiculturalist Roman Empire. #Hillfort #Druid #Celtic #Freedom #Empire

Indie tv series in the making : https://www.celtic-films.com/

Cerridwen is the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, a fantastic cook as a mortal, she became a God when her nutrient-rich food gave people the ability to both remember the past and see visions of the future. She warns to be very careful when deciding to eat from her cauldron of food, for what you learn you may not be able to forget, that wisdom is both a gift and a curse.
Independent tv series: https://www.celtic-films.com/

We listen to the God of Battle, Fionn, talk about how he plans to unify and train a Celtic army that can defeat the Roman Empire

Welsh Celtic Druid Goddess of Fate and Battle - Aeronwen, talks to us, to her people, about how she went from being a mortal to a God. How her mortal empathy became God-like emapthy, and her subsequent deification.

Celtics vs Empire.

Danu, the Goddess of Ireland, rocks.

Celtic Druid Goddess Danu talks about the Roman Empire coming.
Mother Goddess of Ireland and all Celtic lands.

"Censorship of the totalitarian Roman Empire is already upon us."

"My father was the High King of Ireland..." - Druidess Queen Maeve

In Druid Celtic myth and history, Macha was one of the most powerful Gods. A veteran of many swordfights, battles and wars.

Celtic Druid Goddess Brigid was the Goddess of Poetry, Inspiration, and Smithcraft. She is one of the main powerful Goddesses in the Series. She speaks out in defense of the Celtic Druid Bards, and Poetry, as well as against censorship in the Arts and Poetry.

Celtics vs Empire - Celtic Druid Goddess Queen Maeve is one of the most powerful Gods in Celtic history. She was given the 2nd largest tomb in Irish Celtic history, dated to 3,000 BC, on a mountain top in County Sligo, cold and windy, northwest Ireland. She was given away as a girl, a young child, in an arranged marriage to the King of Ulster who evidently raped her, child raped her, relentlessly. She ran away. When her sister was sent as a replacement, she too was raped by the King of Ulster. Her sister begged to be killed. Maeve then killed her sister and cut out the unborn bastard Ulster baby and killed it. Maeve, with her tomb dated to 3,000 BC very likely influenced the formation of Celtic Brehon Law and it's near equal rights for women.

Human Rights vs Censorship. Celtic Druids versus the Roman Empire censorship. Video.

"I, Belenus" is a script about the Celtic Druid God of the thermonuclear Sun, Belenus.

Music Credit: Elena Anisimova

Short clip GULAG - We Are Survivors.
We are tough. We are strong. We survive the severe flu and during the GULAG we also survived deadly severe flu. We are heroic.

MARXIST GENOCIDE short trailer

"I am Anastasia Martsinkyevich, the grand daughter of the aristocracy, last line of the legitimate people of Belarus, and they call me Politically Incorrect." The Belarusian literary tradition began to re-form, based on the folk language, initiated by the works of Vintsent Dunin-Martsinkyevich.

Here is the White Wellbeing, White Positive Sphere, new video version with the in-picture word "Racists" in quotes.
"Racists" (the plural collective, prejudicial declension) was first used by mass killer Leon Trotsky to dehumanize groups of people so as to genocide them.

The Marxist USSR exterminated 10 million White people in the Holodomor genocide. Documents stating that the target of the Holodomor was Ukrainian Nationalism. Supported by statistics, archival photos and documents from Solzhenitysn, Kurganov, Rummel, Dr. Raphael Lemkin, and the Ukraine Holodomor Museum. This video is educational material for students of all ages.

Marxist USSR Genocide, 1923-1928, 2.2 million with a high of 4.8 million killed.This video covers the USSR 1923-28 NEP period. NEP was Lenin's New Economic Policy. Statistician RJ Rummel is cited thoroughly, along with overall estimates from 1930's to 1950's as up to 70 million killed, and various sources, including Soviet scientists.

This video covers the statistical analysis of the Soviet genocide of the 1917-1922 period.
Referencing statistician RJ Rummel's charts and figures.

Word Crime - Silent Gulag. An artistic version, silent dialogue set to subdued semi-industrial music. Experimental.

A video comparing and contrasting Wikipedia vs Solzhenitsyn who cites Soviet statistician I.A. Kurganov of Leningrad University.

A video covering how many were killed in the Communist USSR GULAG concentration camp system. 62 MILLION KILLED in Marxist USSR GULAG camp system - R.J. Rummel and supporting his figures with Solzhenitsyn and Leningrad professor of statistics I.A. Kurganov who both estimated 66 million.


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Celtic-Films makes films about Celtic Druid as well as Humanitarian and Human Rights subject matter, such as the Marxist USSR genocide of over 65 million Europeans from 1917-1991.

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