Note to BitChute viewers: You may have noticed that I skipped ahead to MBL 49 while releasing the MBL 10s. That is because I decided to release MBL 49 here before releasing it on YouTube. Some unavoidable circumstances convinced me to do so. However, this version of MBL 49 has mostly different songs compared to what you'll hear in the YouTube upload. The video will go public on YouTube tomorrow. Don't worry, the MBL YouTube to BitChute migration will continue when I have the urge to do so.

This project first began in September of 2018. Around that time, Leaderboards Packs 50-59 were already announced. By the end of that year, I already had three levels that weren't candidates for the level pack recorded. I wanted to wait until the pack came out to continue to project, but since it was taking longer than I thought, I took it upon myself to download all of the levels from the pack and record them starting in June 2019, when I continued the project. The reason why this project took so long to finish was partially because I was waiting for the pack to release, but mostly because I was busy with college to even record any runs until the summer.

Not all of the levels from the finalized 50-59 pack are shown. However, there are some levels that were planned to be in the pack but were cut. I didn't want to push myself too hard with some of these runs, which is why not all of them are world records.

As for what comes next, not much on the side is planned before my next and final major project on this channel: Marble Blast Levels: 50. I've been all over the place in terms of how I wanted to do it, but I already have a few runs recorded. Depending on how long the final project is, it will either be a two parter, or one long form video. The project, despite being the final video in the series, won't be anything too special. I just want to make something to end the series on. As for the release window, I'll just say 2020 for now, since I don't want to be too definite.

In the meantime, enjoy the penultimate installment of the Marble Blast Levels series!

LEVEL5-judgelight- | fripSide
Die by the Sword | Dragonforce
Feel Invincible | Skillet
Big Top Bop (From "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze") | GaMetal
Sleepwalkers Dream | Delain
Going Under | Evanescence
Lightning Battle (From "Kid Icarus: Uprising") | GaMetal

A few of the following runs will have edge hits that save time, but some others have TM catches.


The Broken Construction: Really easy if you time the super jumps.

Castle Chaos: If you like wall hits...

Curvaceous: A small timesaver where I don't have to do the cylinder wall hit.

Double Bump: You need to have enough speed and activate the powerups at the right time.

Four Paths: I had a 21.xx before I watched Andrew's video. So I decided to try his path.

Friction Momentum: None

Gravity-Fun 2: None

Hall Of Fame: I love the ending edge hit...

Happy Hannukah!: A bit of luck here...

Marblesmith's Workshop[BM 3]: This traplaunch is totally cracking me up.

Matrix Sensation: The .rec failed so I had to record directly for this run. I think the ending SS activation was a nice touch.

Obstacle Training[BM 1]: The traplaunch was kinda tricky.

Platinum Puzzle 1: None

Quick Climb: A faster tweak that L1CHable might use...

Ring Riot: Pretty cool if you ask me.

Stairs of Glory: None

Techport International Airport: None

Trapgems: The result showed a 30.10 when replaying the .rec and I don't know why.

Upper Swivel: None

Velocity Race: Apparently I can't finish without time restarting.

Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Megadeth - 44 Minutes
Waterflame - Slapstick

Done it a few hours ago, just got the time to upload it.

I haven't been using the MB Graphics Extender because OpenGL makes MBG lag, so I decided to make this.


Addicting Machine: I might do the sign hit but I won't align correctly.

Beginner Course: This run has a few places where one can easily mess up.

Descent: Getting the first TM was rediculously hard to do because you would not balance correctly.

Frictional Slopes: If only if I had less height...

Gravity-Modifying: You need to jump close to the wall, in order to get enough height from the wall hit to reach the finish.

Influx: I saw buzzmusic100's video. There was a faster tweak at the end that he might use, in order to save about 4 seconds.

Jumping Strategy: There are a few points where you can easily slip off.

LFAS: IS: Getting the first and second gems are hard to get because you would miss the second gem after the first gem or you would rebound off the half-pipe.

Pokko's Level 16: Getting the third edge hit is hard to do because you would often miss the edge.

Pokko's Level 17: None.

RM38's Simple Course: Probably optimal if you ask me.

Sandstone Climb: After watching ranslider's video, I finally got the TM tweak down.

Tarmac Twist: My .rec failed for this level, so I directly recorded this run. The same thing happened to The Way to the Sea(see below). The slanted bouncy floor tweak is hard to do because you have to bounce at the right angle. I think the scenery wall-hit was a nice touch.

Tube Town: Best TM catch is 3.32 or something. I think my path is faster than Imperial's path, the tweak where you activate the helicopter before the rebound.

Uvodd's Super Short Quarked Course: None.

Way to the Sea: When the chips are down, lag occurs and you get a worst TM catch. I found a tweak where you go under the OOB trigger and not around it.

Delain - Invidia
Taking Back Sundays - What's It Feel Like to be a Ghost
Waterflame - Night Sand

You can see that I'm recording in 1280x1024 now(Just like in my Tornado Alley video). I might also make a video of the disabling diagonal movement code. 25% chance of that, so don't get excited.

(I'm taking a break from monetization)

In this compilation, you get to see some of the classic custom levels as well as the newer ones that were made less than a year ago. More of them will be featured in MBL10.

Balance on the Bounce: I don't know if that lag spike would be neccessary if you get more height.

The Bounce The Eazy Way: I did an accidental bounce that gave me more height.

Bridge Warning: One tiny mistake at the end....

Complexity Ascent: I did an edge-hit so I won't have to use the cyclone.

Diagonal Bridge: None

Grand Finale Reloaded: None

Hidden Temple[Gravity Swap]: I decided to do this level with GS. I might do a compilation with different cusrom levels done with GS.

Ice Block Party: I got a 10.97 on this level(no kidding)but I didn't put it on a .rec.

Mind Tricks: An OOB trigger was put in the center of the orange pillars. So I had to use this path.

Pathfinding Simplicity: There was a video which was requested by me. It had a sub-20 path that I couldn't do correctly.

Purple Triangle 1x5 Fortress: My best time and catch was 1.18. Does anyone want to share their catches.

Random Platforms: This is an interesting level by Matt(cooldudepoke). Now that I got a Simple Gems run, I decided to put that in as well. The jump pattern is fairly easy.

Skytree Construction: None

Winding Platforms: I found a tweak in which you don't have to use the second super jump.

H.I.M. - Passion's Killing Floor
Kenny Loggins - I'm Alright

I'm planning to upload three videos(this is the first one). The reason is that I didn't bother to upload them before. That said, here is the thirteenth compilation of the MBL series.


1...2...3: There are many other paths. But this one is the fastest.

BlastedMarble's Skill Course: None

Construction Ascent: When you mave to far from the orange platform after you activate the SJ, you will go OOB. Be Careful!

Final Speedrun: I'm using Nihahhat's path shown here. Best time is 3.52.

Frictious: None

Le parkour 2: Apparently its faster not to get the TMs in the icy slope.

Paradise Gauntlet: The .rec failed so I had to record directly for this level. The ending was less satisfactory. Oh well, maybe next time.

Planks: There are some places where you could slip off.

Rainbow Dash: None

The Random Dance of Annoying Trim: None

Twist, Turn, and Flip: I had a 24.81 before I rewatched Nihahhat's video of the level. So I tried to beat his time and I'm glad I did.

Upon the Hilltop: iMac's edge hit tweak is hard to do so I used a different one.

Yellow Road: The key is to time your jumps.

Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero
Avizura - Chase Your Dreams

I have been playing levels that I decided to record for the past few days. I felt that if my skills improve, I could find new paths.


Learn the Edge Hit: Tried recording this level for the MBP WR Rampage #2, but I can't seem to beat the WR.

Blocking the Street: By Theo Pringle. You need good timing on the Jump Boosts.

Champs Challenger: A nice path that gets you to the finish without time restarting.

Cube Climb: Rolling up the water was kinda tricky...

Diamond Split: None

Friction Castle: None

Gem Collection: There are a few places where its easy to mess up.

Gravity Beach: If you grab the first TM you will sometimes roll to the wall and fall off(thats why I showed the blooper clip).

Jump and Agility: Apparently, its faster not to go up the ramp.

Marble In Wonderland I Part 1: None

Missing: If you go fast after the trim hit, you would pass the platform.

Physical skills!: None

Pro Course: The edge hit is not hard if you jump at the right place.

Rollers: You need good timing when it comes to pipe hitting.

Sinuous: My .rec failed so I recorded directly for this level. This path requires two nuke hits(the first one is harder). The first nuke hit you must not press the jump button but the other you need to. After getting the third TM, I rebounded off the green floor and onto the ice(random force). I wonder if there is a faster path for this level.

Starters Speedrun: Definently an iClock level.

Three Floors: None

Threefolder99's RGM: None

To the sky: I can't Xuan's pipe hit tweak, but I can do a mine hit that gives you more height.

Up and Around: None

X Marks the Spot: The tweak for the first gem is my favorite part of this run.

My Chamical Romance - Na Na Na
Waterflame - Rusty Courier
B.o.b - The Kids

In this video you get to see my runs on lots of classic levels. Took me about 1 hour to record them.


Ramps: I tried doing this level for the MBP WR Rampage 2, but I couldn't make it.

Blue Engine 1: The .rec failed so I had to record this level directly with fraps. The edge hit was kinda tricky.

Castle Mania: Totally surprising if you ask me.

Emergency Exit: None

Frictional Conflict: None

Gemplicity: A nice level by Rctfan. After watching videos of it, I decided to try this level myself.

Gravity Flier: None

Hazard Way: Like Blue Engine 1, I had to record directly with fraps because the .rec failed.

Infantry: None

Lullaby: None

The Maze: The ending should get the platinum award for the upside down finish.

Motion Timing: You really do need good timing for this one.

Mountain Top: None

Rotational Hallways: The ending part was a little bit tricky...

Scorpion: None

Super Castle: None

The Super Drop: By Theo Pringle. You mustn't skick the wall otherwise you would miss the finish.

Upward Spiral on Drugs: Good thing the water didn't had an OOB trigger on it.

Wave Jumping: A satisfactory result...

Three Days Grace - Lost in You
Three Days Grace - World So Cold
Waterflame - Orange

The 19th compilation of the MBL series, and it will be my last MBL compilation until this summer.


Clara's Garden Maze: My .rec failed for this level so I had to record directly for this run. This run starts with some timing with the jumps on the zig zag bridge, then you would stop yourself at the pillar. At the maze, I found a wall hit tweak to skip it. I grabbed the two TMs in the circle area to save time(skipping them will waste time). And in the end, you need some timing with the Jump Boost to get to the finish.

Cubulate: I thought I'd miss the last gem, but just did a collision boundary abuse.

Domes: None

The Frozen Road: The making of this run is really annoying because of the ice. There are some places where one can easily slip up.

Hop: I found an edge hit that saves time.

Jump!: Grabbing the first gem and the TM requires timing with the jump boost.

Jumping Platforms: The second launch requires some patience, in order to get the gem above.

Marble Marathon: Grabbing more than one speed booster in the end will mess up everything.

MMG: Treacherous Course: None

Mount Ben: I found a tweak where you can use the Marble Recoil to bounce up to the lodge and grab the gem for a sub-20.

Platform Rise: None

Platformation: Getting to the finish is kinda tricky because you would hit the wall.

Rock Land: None

Simplicity 3: None

Simplicity 5: Grabbing the last gem requies no jumping, at the finish, I went 11 miliseconds farther from the finish sign(explaining the 12.01).

Tricky Techniques 2: You need to activate the anti-recoil right after you grab it in order to use the super speed to wall hit to the gyrocopter.

Wall Banger: Made a typo of this level's time, should be 7.58... The edge hit is hard to do because you would either miss it, or you would get too much height.

The Windmill: This is my third try on this level. You need the anti recoil to grab the gems in the blades, and use the gyrocopter for the center gem. And the landing on the 8th gem is quite a surprising landing.

Kid Cudi - Up Up & Away(skipped the last part because of boredom(removed because audio has been muted because of copyright))
Metallica - Holier Than Thou
Dimrain47 - Duality

EDIT: New Song is Moving Mountains - 8015

This compilation ended up 1 minute longer than I planned it to be, and much better too.


Blue Neon: At first I was horrible at this level, then after watching Ralph's video, I found out it was easy. I took more TMs than Ralph did.

CheckpointChallenger: A significant improvement from my old runs.

Frictional Gravity: None

fun jumping: Grabbing some gems after the TM can save some time.

PoleyCast: I made a successful traplaunch at the end. However, the rebound after the traplaunch wasn't necessary.

The Ultimate Greeting: A faster tweak from my old run.

Urban Jungle: A very annoying run but its cool when watching it. I found an edge hit that saves one second for the TMs.

Velocity: I can't do Sonic's path, but I can do Moshe's old path. I had too much height.

Watery Mines: The mine hit was kinda tricky as well as the nuke hit.

What way?: I wonder if this level can be done without time restarting if I can do collision boudary abuses.

Windy City: There are a few mistakes in this run but still a good time.

My Chemical Romance - Sing
Dimrain47 - The Falling Mysts

P.S. I'm back from Las Vegas.

In this video you get to see more classic and newer levels.


Learning the Anti-Recoil: None

Mini Marble Golf - DC: I would've gone faster if I hadn't jumped at the start.

Castle Madness: Tried this run without the helicopter.

Caw's Skill Course 1.01: None

Complex Speedrun: I found a sub-4 path for this level. You need to be fast enough to perfectly acheive it.

Fake Pads: A bumper tweak that I found a long time ago...

Going Higher: None

H2O Land: I recorded this level directly because whenever I screw up, I'd always rage. There are some mistakes so it could be done with less lag.

Hidden Valley: None

Mine Hazard: I like getting that TM thats on the caution sign. It saves some time.

Multiple Boosts: You need enough height from that double super jump to get the gem. Also the UT is 14.00 and I didn't make it.

My Weird Course: A level that had no other video. The part where you grab the 10 second TMs is my favorite part of this run.

Platform Ride to Hell: I don't think there is any spot for a traplaunch...

Ramps, Curves, & Gems: None

Recoil Ruckus: I found a path in which you use the jump boost to reach the finish before the marble recoil deactivates.

Timely Ascent Revisited: I would get a faster TM catch if I had a little less height.

Wavering: None

West Pine Forest: I found a trick with the speed booster and the slanted bounciness. After you get bounced, use the speed booster to push yourself forward. Also, I cut off the most boring part so you can all enjoy this video.

Yellow Trick: I used the ctrl+P screenshot glitch to avoid the second platform from descending.

Dragonforce - Feilds of Despair
Delain - Virtue and Vice
cornandbeans - Blaze

Some of the following runs took me a few minutes to record because of the difficulty.


Art of the No Jumping level: I found a shortcut that leads you to the green area. I didn't jump at the caution stripe edge that are facing the green area because an OOB trigger is above me.

Cube Root: None

Galaxy Invader's Quick Course: L1CHable did a TM tweak in this level. Then I saw Andrew's upside down finish tweak. So I combined the tweaks in a very fast run.

Polycubes: By Theo Pringle. In some places where I change gravity, I always slip up.

The Road Less Traveled: None

Sloping: I managed to do the trick with the green slope, but I didn't beat Matan's time due to the Time Modifier.

Tall Tower 1: Another Theo Pringle level...

Training Grounds: This level took me a fair bit to get the path perfected.

Way to the top: The slanted bumper hit was my favorite part of this run.

When things are odd: I found a sloped edge hit that saves some time. Then after the 14th gem, I used the super jump to get the gem from the Learn the Super Jump interior, resulting me to collect the gems backwards and using the next super jump. In the end, I went too slow just for the sake of being careful. I might revisit this level for a faster run with better tweaks.

Portal 2 - Want You Gone
My Chemical Romance - This is How I Disappear

Original Upload Date: 1/26/13

This was supposed to be the video after my Dizzying Heights video. But I guess I wanted to spread an appetizer.

Marbletris: None

Wil o' Wisp: I can finally get a sub-20 in this level.

King of the Mountain: None

Let's Roll!: I got a 2.26 a few months ago but I couldn't record that.

Training Towers: I got a 5.95 before. And then I was surprised about the time I got now.

Spin Practice: Mosquashi's path from his MBL 2 video.

Divergence: None

Green Fold, Cyclone Toss: An old level by Beack. The run is pretty easy to do.

The High and Low Road 2: A cool level by FruBlox.

Pathfinding Helix: When I watched L1CHable's and Buzzmusic100's videos of this level, I decided to play it and got this time.

Song: Michael Jackson - Beat It

Original Upload Date: 11/25/12

Project Revolution's "Blast" was released a few months ago. So I decided to make a compilation of levels done with the blast. Some levels are done in different ways.

Pitfalls: None

Gauntlet[alternate path]: imac didn't include this level in his UB Compilation. So I did an alternate path that was faster than the one in my MBU Compilation.

Skyscraper: If only I did the traplaunch......

Ski Slopes[No Time Modifiers]: None

Learn the Wall-Hit: This is Dushine's path but without hitting the second wall.

Learn the Time Modifier[No Edge Hits]: None

Mountaintop Retreat: *Sigh*

Wall Master: I say it would be SonicW's path but with blast.

Momentum: My Best time in this level.

Linkin Park - What I've Done
Symphony X - Seven

Original Upload Date: 1/3/13

The 7th compilation of the series. There are a few levels due to how long they are.

Ramp Matrix: I finally got a sub-20 in this level.

Shock Drop: None

Slip n' Slide: None

Block Party: I can't get the right spin control for a sub-24. Also this path was in the MBG WR Rampage 3.

Whirl: Its very hard to get a sub-6 in this level.

Battlecube: I got a 14.77 with GG marble.

Dragged Up: This is exactly why I called one of my favorite levels in my post of favorite levels(which was called a spam post because my details weren't good)in the favorite levels thread.

Nuke Field: I made a blooper(which was the advantage)in this level.

Combo Course: Obviously, the path from the MBP WR Rampage. Same with the Time Modifier Race, which is probably the best run in this compilation.

Andreas Jahn - The Fourth Wall(Thanks Buzzmusic for the song)
Symphont X - Eve of Seduction

Original Upload Date: 11/25/12

iMacmatician's latest no jumping video is awesome and its the longest in the series. After I watched it, I decided to make one of my own. This is my first video in the series.

Winding Road: I had to hit the slope to use the super jump. Otherwise I won't have enough height.

Go for the Green: None

Hop Skip and a Jump: None

Around the World in 30 seconds: Must improve this time.

Free Fall: If I got stuck in the wall....

Recoil Training: This is the alternate path in imac's 2nd fun stuff video.

Triple Decker: In the 3rd story, I had to use the super jump in the 2nd story to get the gems.

Downhill Racing: None

Pink-Fold Maze: Must've got paths in my head.

Linkin Park - Easier to Run
Symphony X - The Serpent's Kiss

Original Upload Date: 12/20/12

This is going to be my last video compilation before my 2nd Custom Compilation although I'll have some standalone videos from here on out. Also I created a new marble skin :D

Upward Spiral: I found an alternate way to finish the level.

Stepping Stones: Somewhat natural after my No Jumping 2 video.

Points of the Compass: None

Plumber's Portal: A bit of luck here...

Acrobat: None

Icarus: None

Ground Zero: Ctrl + P = Win! I got a 1.49 before.

Take a Stroll: None

Astroflight: Apparently I can't get a 1.70 TM catch.

Treachery: I can't find a sub-8 path.

Simple Plan - Jet Lag
Delain - Go Away

Original Upload Date: 11/23/12

Here is a compilation of MBG and MBP custom levels. And its my biggest compilation which is not a Paths for Beginners video. Although there are no bloopers in this video, I did some more complex levels. I had fun making this video and enjoy watching it.

Now, let's go down to business.

Space Adventure: This path is from the MBG movie.

Checkpoint Challenger: Its by far Impossible to finish without time restarting.

Winding Platforms: A slope down to the finish is a nice touch

Part I: UP: I managed to get the path right and its my best time in this level.

Frozen Funnel: I don't know how to get the UT in this level.

One Way Road: I did Aaron's path but the time is slower.

Reversed Finale: For some reason, this recording should be in short levels 1.

Slope Momentum: My old MBG Constructor Level. Download it here:

Light Speed: Imperial's video has the level. But why is there an invisible Time Modifier?

A Race Against Time 2: Its easy to finish without time restarting.

Conquer the Heavens: Half-Pipe launch for the win.

Trial Circuit: The .rec file for this level messed up so much that I had to record it without it.

Year of the Goat - Of Darkness
The Offspring - (Can't Get My) Head Around You
Symphony X - Domination

Original Upload Date: 12/11/12

A short video with awesome times.

Ordeal: I can finally do that edge hit to the finish.

Mini Mountain: None

Avoiding Hazards: None

Downhill Racing: Finally finished under 2.00.

Nukesweeper: None

Marble City: I found an epic shortcut that makes you go straight to the finish.

Song: Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock

Original Upload Date: 11/22/12

I need my Forums account to wait to be approved from a staff member. I decided to do some short levels while waiting.

Going Higher: I did imac's path too slow.

Recoil Ruckus: How should I get the UT on this level.

Ordeal 2: Threefolder's good old level!

The Dive (No. 2): I improved my time in short levels 1.

Strategy Helix & One More Ascent: Two old MBG Levels i created.
Download them here:

Song: Gamma Ray - Into the Storm

Original Upload Date: 11/30/12

Here is my fourth compilation of the series. Some levels have improvements.

Learning to Roll: I can pull off that edge hit but not straight to the finish.

Ramp Matrix: My best time on this level!

Take the High Road: New path from Marble Blast Levels 2.

Around the World in 30 seconds: None

Mudslide: I missed the first gem but I got it soon after.

Learn the Bouncy Floor: None

Learn the Random Force: None

Medieval Maze: In the end, I had to wall-hit after the super jump to the finish. Otherwise, I won't get enough height.

Timely Ascent: New and Improved path from Marble Blast Levels 1 & 2.

Crash Course: Hitting the wooden slope will just make the marble slip off the level.

Song: Backstreet Boys - Everything But Mine

Original Upload Date: 11/10/12

Well, I decided to play some levels with paths for beginner players. The levels are done in Alternate Paths, Unmodded Paths, Full Paths, and other points of interest. By far my longest video. And the best video for beginner players to see. However, this is not showing you that I'm dumb at Marble Blast. Its just showing new players how to beat the gold time or platinum time with what type of style they play. Some of the paths are from the videos from the past.


Note: Thrill Ride shows two alternate paths that beginner players can do.

Note 2: Loop Exits will have a blooper during the run.

Note 3: I had to use diagonal movement in Gap Aimer because it can't be done unmodded.

Symphony X - When All Is Lost
Mr. Scruff - Kalimba

Original Upload Date: 11/24/12

So here is my third compilation of levels. This time there are levels from Marble Blast Emerald.

How to: Roll: None

How to: Jump: I can beat this level without time restarting.

How to: Mega Jump: I have to activate the Mega Jumps faster.

How to: Bounce Absorber: I finished this level in a fast time.

How to: Gravity: None

The Last Tutorial: I'll have to do this level again....

Marbla Hop: Did I beat anybody.

Slippery Way: Pwned you Nihahhat

Grand Pyramid: None

Danger Dash: I can beat this level with speed.

Rising Fall: The back teleporter transports you to the first emerald.

Motocross Mission: I have to hit the ground in the end. Otherwise, my bounce control will get me OOB.

Mudslide: More Speed!

Emerald Castle: My best time is 36.xx I think.

Skilled & Heart Attack: I can't do a good demo recording for these levels. I had to record it only with fraps.

Psy - Gangnam Style
Symphony X - Set the World on Fire

Original Upload Date: 11/9/12

Here is a compilation of some short custom levels. The last one is mine. I put a song in Windows Live Movie Maker (A Program where I compile my MB videos). I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Great Divide Pass It Yourself: The key to this path is to grab the TMs after getting the hidden helicopter then use it again to skip the whole level.

Learning the Anti-Recoil: If only if I control my spin right.....

Reversed Finale: A level I never played in a long time.

The Dive (No. 2): This can go much faster with a Super Speed

Tricky Techniques: One of my best paths in this video. And I pwned you Nihahhat.

Racetrack of Time: I could go faster if only I had collected more Time Modifiers. But I found a shortcut to the finish.

Hidden Valley: A path with the right timing and path.

Marble Agility Course 2: I have to do the jumping right. I think I need more practice.

Castle Madness: A sub 1.50 is okay. Its just slower than the run in Marble Blast Levels 20.

Marblesmith's Workshop (Big Marble 3): So if a normal marble gets three hits then a big marble would get two hits and a traplaunch on the right hammer.

Balancing the Easy Way: I can do this level faster if I recorded.

Skill Dash: I made my first level in constructor in the summer holiday.

Song: Muse - Uprising

By the way, I set up my video to 70.50fps.

Original Upload Date: 11/12/12

The Second Compilation of Marble Blast Levels.

Air Movement: I'll do this level again next time.

Shock Absorber: Same here. This time can go lower.

Winding Road: Unlike my MBG video, this run shows a faster time.

Monster Speedway Qualifying: If only I had more speed I would get a faster time.

Take the High Road: There is another way to beat this level that you can find out yourself.

A-Maze-ing: This is eNetro50's path AFAIK.

Free Fall: This level can be done with no camera movement.

Shimmy: Finally I can do this shortcut.

Learn the Wall-Hit: An old .rec file of this level. I can do it faster.

Learn the Random Force: Nothing Much to say about this level.

Loop Exits: If I got out of the loop right.....

Downhill Racing: I collected a few time modifiers and got to the finish.

Timely Ascent: This shows a time that can go faster.

Newton Knew Best: I just avoided the gravity defiers AFAIK.

Marblesmith's Workshop: I used a normal marble for this level.

Red Maze: This is one of Pokko's levels. I can really pull it off.

Water Park: You can consider this path as the best tweak ever used in this video.

Andreas Johnson - Glorious
Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

Original Upload Date: 11/4/12

Well, I decided to record a number of gravity swap videos. Just so you know that I press the G key to use the power-up. I don't know how to change the level's gravity swap code. This is so far my biggest Marble Blast Video and I hope you enjoy. EDIT: I figured it out :D

Levels Include:

1.Learning to Roll
2.Learn the Super Jump
3.Gravity Helix
4.Platform Party
5.Great Divide
6.Upward Spiral
11.Natural Selection
12.King of the Mountain
13.Jump Tutorial
14.Teleport Training
15.Magnet Training
16.Keep on Rollin'
17.Mountaintop Retreat
19.Timely Ascent
20.Platform Race
21.Micheal's Adventure: MBP
23.Dizzying Heights

Music: FamilyJules - Silent Hill Guitar Medley


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Creator of one of the longest running Marble Blast Levels series. Marble Blast Levels videos every Friday, other MB videos every Tuesday.

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