Rupert Sheldrake PhD, discusses the Scole Experiment, from skeptic to believer :-

The Scole Experiment :-

I urge you to watch both the Scole Experiment, and this very logical analysis of it.

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When Mark McDonough was a teen, a catastrophic fire claimed the lives of his mother and younger brother. It also left Mark with burns on over 65 percent of his body. During a long and painful recovery, his faltering faith in God was strengthened by a remarkable near-death experience. Inspired to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon to help those who suffer as he has, McDonough has overcome numerous other adversities on his journey, including addiction and a stroke. Now he shares his incredible true story of survival and perseverance to bring hope and healing to those dealing with great physical and emotional pain.

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People are reporting hearing loss after receiving the COVID 19 vaccine.

Where there is money, there is evil. Free energy magnet motors, robotic assistance, artificial intelligence.

Then the Illuminati will be hogtied for the slaughter.

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You know nothing about the Jews.

Reupload 'world defeated the wrong enemy', slightly different name, different audience.

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Not just near death, but doctors said he was dead.

Listen to his story and what he experienced.

The hidden health hazards of GMOs. Dr. Blaylock will show you how to protect your family from GMOs and their dangers — aisle by aisle at the grocery store.

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Warning. GRAPHIC CONTENT. Really shocking.

Human Resources – Social Engineering in the 20th Century explores the rise of mechanistic philosphy and the exploitation of human beings under modern hierarhical systems. Topics covered include behaviorism, scientific management, work-place democracy, schooling, frustration-aggression hypothesis and human experimentation.

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New technology is always more expensive initially.

Thanks to increased production savvy and volume, the cost of solar energy has now dipped by more than 80%, and wind energy has decreased by 50%.

This documentary presents an optomistic look at the future of energy production, whether or not you believe climate change has anything to do with people, which I don't.

People with electric cars can not charge them up overnight without having to pay some utility company. Communities would have to invest in super batteries that charge up during the day, to be used by the community during the night.

Alternatively you could convert sunlight into hydrogen to be used in hydrogen catalytic-converter vehicles, instead of the Tesla vision of the future.

Nobody mentions magnet motors because the Illuminati realise you can't control people who use this technology. It would mean the end of money.

The plans for magnet motors needs to be spread freely, and the motors produced in homes with 3D printers.

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How do we remain in charge of our own data? Are there ways to escape the digital dystopia, where your data tells everything about you? We live in the world after Edward Snowden.

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Shadows of Liberty is a 2012 British documentary film directed by Canadian filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay. The documentary examines the impact of corporate media and concentration of media ownership on journalism and the news. It is based on the book The Media Monopoly by Ben Bagdikian. The film's title is borrowed from a Thomas Paine quote: "When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon." The film portrays the U.S. media, including the major TV networks, as controlled by fewer and larger conglomerates that exercise extraordinary political social and economic power. It is structured around 14 vignettes that allege censorship at the U.S. networks, including the 1996 TWA 800 air disaster controversy and Nike sweatshops in Asia. It also alleges how the investigation of these stories have cost the jobs, and in some cases the lives, of investigating journalists as suggested by the case of Gary Webb who committed suicide in 2004. It features interviews with journalists, activists and academics including Amy Goodman, Danny Glover, Julian Assange, Dan Rather, David Simon, Norman Solomon, Robert Baer, Roberta Baskin, Robert W. McChesney, Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges and Kristina Borjesson.

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The Creepy Line (2018) 80 min | Documentary The Creepy Line reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and how they do it.

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The number of artifacts that have been discovered in the last couple of decades, contradicting history are countless. Each discovery proves how ingenious ancient civilizations were thousands of years ago, and that history as we have been taught in history books is full of missing parts.

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The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE - why the government considers you no different than cattle in their own law.

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John Pilger’s film ‘The Coming War on China’ should be viewed by anyone concerned about the world's greatest threat to peace: the US government.

China, we are told by US government officials and the parroting establishment media, has been aggressively attempting to expand its territory by taking over islands in the South China Sea. China, we are told, is a threat to peace.

Watch the actions of the U.S. military, as they use the indigenous population of the Bikini atolls as lab-rats, to test the effects of radiation poisoning, from H-bomb testing.

To this day, the natives are experiencing horrendous cancers and birth defects.

No-one is being held accountable.

The mainstream Jewish media are as useless as ever.

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Turns a picture of a burger into the real thing.

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Mother Nature can no longer claim total dominion over the future of evolution. Some of the planet's most commonly consumed animals are undergoing extensive genetic manipulation in laboratory settings across the globe. Scientists can create new breeds of cows, chickens and fish that grow faster, leaner and more muscular than ever before. Even fruits and vegetables - the foods we most associate with being wholesome and all-natural - are not what they appear to be. Is this cause for celebration or alarm? The documentary Animal Pharm: Food for Thought explores this and other practical and ethical questions related to the genetic engineering of our food supply.

Biologist Olivia Judson is a vocal proponent of the practice. Throughout the film, she presents her case for continued exploration of this controversial field of science. She argues that our foods have been altered for thousands of years, and cites a series of examples including the changing color of carrots, the creation of the pink grapefruit and the taming of the once poisonous potato.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is journalist and organic food enthusiast Giles Coren. Nature provides all the food the human population needs, he argues. Genetic manipulation of our food is akin to playing with fire. We may have it in our power to control this aspect of the natural world, but what are the moral, ethical and long-term health-related ramifications of doing so?

The dialogue shared by these two studious figures is fascinating, multi-faceted and enlightening. Both points of view are impassioned and, on their own individual merits, persuasive. Along the way, they tour various operations where the boldest examples of genetic research are taking place. We witness chickens that are bred without feathers, rabbits that glow in the dark, championship racehorses that are produced from genetically altered sperm, and experiments with rice that could eradicate the scourge of vitamin A deficiency around the world. We come to recognize how these practices can prove problematic, or ultimately serve as an engine for positive change.

Whether you're enthused or repulsed by this weird science, Animal Pharm: Food for Thought provides a valuable and informed overview of its subject.

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Project MKULTRA is a CIA operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans through the CIA's Scientific Intelligence Division. The program operated under the code name Project MKULTRA from 1953-1973.

Claimed to be a fraud too. Same as previous video.

The Illuminati gather at Bohemian Grove for 2 weeks every July. Participants include billionaires, presidents, prime-ministers, leaders of big business, deans of universities.

The general public is excluded.

They party and perform satanic rites under a 40 foot stone owl representation of Molech, and burn an effigy of a child.

Why are we ruled by people like this??

The point is, money controls us, and we will never be allowed free energy, even though we invent it, and not them.

What can you do when the media are totally corrupt, short-sighted and dim.

The Illuminati talk about being illuminated, while keeping us in the dark, through the use of their propaganda service called the free-press mainstream-media.

The movie 'The Truman Show' about sums it up.

What CAN you do??

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Claimed to be a fraud. Maybe, maybe not!

Lots of oil companies would lose billions, if not trillions.

Just think. If you could shield the sides of magnets on a wheel of magnets, so that there is nothing blocking the approach of the magnet towards fixed magnets, you could have a generator.

As soon as the magnets came out of the blocking shield, they would repel each other, a bit like aiming a hose at a bike tyre, and watching it spin.

The irony of this is that most inventors of free energy devices want to make money, but these devices would mean the end of money, and control.

There have been numerous accounts of inventors of free energy devices that have been hindered, thrown in jail, or outright murdered.

These 2 got off lightly.

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Let this be a warning!

Whenever they say, 'it is secure', it isn't.

Any algorithm can be hacked, and in the end, most big companies are part of the Illuminati system.

The only good password is in your head, contains letters, digits and special characters, and is more than 40 characters long.

The phone is listening to you, filming you and tracking you via location sensors. It knows where you are by the strength of signal of the nearest 3 cell towers.

The phone keyboard is a transmitter of information back through your provider to whoever the manufacturer is.
Whatever you type is in memory on your phone, on the clipboard, in RAM.

Most chat programs, streaming video and sound programs, can be hacked into, to gain access to your phone (computer). You have to have open ports for them to work. For example, telnet is port 23. SSH is port 22.

Your phone's mac address, uniquely identifies you, along with parameters of your phone. This is called fingerprinting. It is a good idea to, at least, try to change your mac address.

If a hacker knows your mac address, they can get into your wifi, impersonate you, and have total access to any private info you haven't encrypted.

Sharing programs, remote control and impersonation protocols in Windows, Linux and Apple, should be banned.

Rooting a linux phone is good if you want to change a few things, but make sure you change it back to unrooted asap. Superuser privileges given to a hacker could mean you lose millions (if you have millions), and you will not even know they are in your phone, looking at you, and listening to you, reading your mail, searching your passwords.

If you want to know more, type metasploit into Youtube. The information to hack anything is there, and nobody does anything to address the flaws. Google wants to know everything about you. Facebook has your profile, with a nice picture of you. The government knows where you are by location sensors.

Emergency services can listen in to your phone even if it does not have a sim in it. That is why you can call 911 without any credit. Try it (no sim).

Everybody should have a firewall allowing source/destination inbound on port 53 for dns, port 67:68 in source/destination inbound for dhcp, inbound port 80 destination for http (browser), inbound port 443 destination for https (the secure lock symbol) for when you do your banking.

Most routers these days, have a firewall you can program.

Outbound ports you should block include netbios 137:139, smb port 445, to name a few. Google 'wikipedia internet ports', and the methods for programming your own router.

Just remember, these f.....s are not on your side. The politicians are selected (not elected); do whatever the Illuminati want, and the police do what the politicians say because it's easier to co-operate with big evil and pay their monthly mortgage.

Most morality is hypocrisy in the name of control of the sheeple.

If you act like sheep, the Illuminati will treat you like sheep.

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Love this video.

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History and meanings of the occult symbolism that we find in our movies , video games , music , etc.

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Charles Hall tall whites aliens were first discovered in 1965. On August 2010, information technology expert Charles Hall (who was a first-class soldier in the US Air Force) published a book in which he disclosed to the public that he had contact with the same kind of human and alien creatures.

Interesting story, but consider that he is selling a book, albeit based on reality (he claims).

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Newspapers talked about it, people wanted to know, but nobody could penetrate the mystery. What was going on? Strange flying machines were playing the skies of Italy. It was the fifties. Some people took incredible photos, others were frightened and shouted "They're here, they're among us," while still others believed that aliens came to help. But who were they; where were they from, and above all what did they want?

Until recently, the phenomenon of contactism, or the deliberate encounter, repeated over time, between man and evolved extraterrestrial entities, was believed to involve only a few chosen individuals, or contactees.

Many of them went down in history. George Adamski, Howard Menger, Eugenio Siragusa, just to name a few, all of them faithfully abided by this cliché. But in 2007, something happened that would change the cards on the table. Stefano Breccia, and engineer from Marche, living in Abruzzo, published some startling papers that seemed to reveal the story of repeated direct encounters between more than 100 people, and extraterrestrial beings living in numerous secret bases on our planet.

The main figure of the event told by Breccia is the writer Bruno Sammaciccia. The case is said to have taken place mainly in and around Pescara. It would all begin in 1956, and would last for many years. The film clips and photographs that have emerged so far are of considerable interest. But even more extraordinary are the testimonies of the individuals involved. Everyone called their story "friendship." And that is the name that has come down to us today. Thanks to Stefano Breccia's courage, one of the most awe-inspiring sagas in ufology has come to light. It wasn't an easy decision to decide to make it known.

It all started from an idea from Bruno Sammaciccia. He'd been thinking about writing down his experiences, and then asked Breccia to be the one to do it. And so he was at his house for a month to record his stories. Then he put everything together. Besides granting his dear friend's wishes, Breccia had set himself another objective. One reason is, he hoped that it might work as bait to encourage other people in the group to come forward.

Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella are among those still alive today who were involved in the "friendship" event, and who accepted Breccia's invitation to come forward. They now live on the shores of Lake Como. Gaspare admired Stefano's courage to expose himself so directly, despite being a well-known figure in science and academia. Gaspare De Lama became a fan of ufology in the late 40s and, together with his wife, sought a path to greater awareness. Even Gaspare's mother took part in the events.

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