Damnatae Judaeorum Fabulae

Part one: Neo Gnostic thinkers and recycled "Christ is myth" subscholarly apologists have infected the minds of the subjected Europeans and beyond.
The schisms of Europe have weakened the Catholic continent of Europe, apex of civilization. The occult cherry pickers have come out from under their rocks to recycle old Jewish myths and Canaanite apologetics. Perhaps you might know that Adam Green spouts Marcionite theology that the God of the Torah is evil. This is not the Orthodox Christian view.
These people seek to show everyone that not only are the Jews in control, but that all of history is a Jewish psy op.
This video discusses two claims. Yet the Jews do not worship the God of the Torah, they use the Torah as a Toyrah for their Talmud and Zohar.

This video discusses:
A) The lie that Christ is not a historical person
B) The lie that gnosticism was the "purest form of Christianity."

Thanks to Jewish fable externalizer Adam Green for the footage.
Father Vivaldi "Gloria."
Catholic Answers
Against Heresies by Saint Bishop Irenaeus.
An image from YouTube and Gab Catholic video creator "Defeat Modernism."
Timothy Fitzpatrick for his historical church information.

This video is dedicated to those who have died (so that the world would not be overrun by Kabbalists, Gnostics and Satanists and Communists) for Orthodoxy and who would not worship other gods.

As Bishop Sanborn says, we are most certainly in the great apostasy. The gospels have spread throughout the world and most of Christendom is under the gnostic enlightenment spell.

Christus Rex.

Just like all antiCatholics, this Rabbi goes on an ahistorical adventure inspiring the likes of Christopher Jon Bjerknes and Adam Green with this frankly laughable description of the first Pope as a magician who wanted to clear the Roman's out of Jerusalem. Of course only a complete fool would believe that the Jews turfed their own beloved temple and diaspora'd themselves by creating a false flag Christian religion to cull "Amalek." More proof the average know more news listener is either a shill or just a moron.

A simple and brief proof that Kabbalah is an evil false religion.

What if I told you that our entire reality has been sculpted around the Zohar and quickened with technology. Much of this is the Canaanite pagan religion that some of the Torah Hebrews fell away from build idols for sacrifice to Moloch and the Golden Bull.

We intrinsically know that the swab test is invasive and disturbing. The test doesn't just produce false positives. Nano devices have been affixed to the swab and are deposited in the porous bone-brain barrier(cribriform plate).
The demons have quickened.
This is a medical journal regarding the theragripper.

This can all be avoided if the whole Catholic church (Bishops and Pope) consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the west returns to the traditional Catholic faith, as it was for 1500 years in it's entirety. With varying levels of discord and suffering, her Heart will be "triumphant in the end" and her son will be re-established in his rightful place.

BTW why is Dr. Day smiling so much?

Please visit the Fitzpatrick Informer website for more information on Dugin aligned, Vatican 2 apologist E Michael Jones.

In this video we see outright lies about the history of Christianity, false statements about the New Testament and blasphemy against the virgin birth. With what we already know about Adam Green's shady ties to Alex Jones and Viasat, his ambiguous faith and his connections to a variety of charlatans. It should be clear to anyone that these externalizations are not providing clear information about the truth of the Gospels and the divinity of Jesus Christ.

In this clip we see the full force of the Perestroika deception. E. Michael Jones first corrects the blessed mother, who purposefully used the term Russia instead of Soviet Union, because Russia is still covertly the Soviet Union, and it is controlled by B'nai B'rith and Chabad who spread the forces of Communism world wide (via Russia, China and Israel). It should be noted that what makes Jones dangerous is he correctly speaks about, south western European Jews and the Cheka Jewish secret police used to slaughter Slavs.
For further reading on the Perestroika deception please see the links below.


The great Apostasy, hatred and Romans 11: Extract from a sermon by Bishop Sanborn

The Rebbe Schneerson instructing Bibi.

Not just gentile Freemasonry but B'nai B'rith and Christian Zionist schismatic Protestants have been plotting against the Catholic church.
The Khazars have lied about the significance of Christendom to the lost 10 tribes..Which is why they want to destroy it.
NeoOdin pagan daycare need not apply.

Chabad/B'nai B'rith, Talmudic antiChrist Rabbinical confession to Synagogue regarding Judeo Masonic wars of the 20th century as well as extreme usury and pollution of Christian societies with sodomite sexual deviancy.


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This station believes:
1) The Catholic church founded by St. Peter is the body of Christ and the gates of Hell have not prevailed.
2) Not just gentile Freemasonry but B'nai B'rith and Christian Zionist schismatic Protestants have been plotting against the Catholic church.
3) The rise and fall of the west has corresponded to the integrity of the Papacy and Christendom.
4) Odin-ite European neo-pagans are living in a special needs alternate reality where crusaders didn't fight Islam and Europe didn't become great with the blessing of Christ and now it falls under their proto-imbecile Jew friendly neo-paganism and Kabbalism.
5) Russia is working in concert with Israel and China to create a new One Belt Road (Dugin) Eurasian empire under the watchful eye of Chabad and B'nai B'rith. The Russian Orthodox Church is a front for Communism and this forms the Perestroika Deception.
6)The schisms of the Orthodox, Anglicans, and Protestants were just as destructive to European peoples as the rise of Masonry and Jewish secret societies.
7) The Catholic church has been under attack from it's inception by Gnostics, Talmudists and Judaizers. Against all odds it has prevailed and remained the largest church in the world.
8)In the end Our Lady, Queen of heaven and earth's (mediatrix of the Trinity) Immaculate heart will prevail.