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subscribers - Showcasing our current selection of pinball machines using our Mavic Mini 2 drone camera. We also have regular pinball tournaments held at both locations, follow our social media channels if you are interested in competing! Note - Both songs in this video were composed by Azrial who is seen at 2:14 playing Star Wars then Total Nuclear Annihilation. - If you live near our Valley Fair Mall location, then it's time to compete as Bandai Namco Amusements will begin holding a nationwide arcade tournament on their arcade exclusive game Maximum Tune 5! This starts on January 12th and goes until February 14th. Win awesome additions to your car - or maybe dominate the leaderboards and become the virtual King of the Road!
Worried about cleanliness? We constantly wipe the game down and have both gloves and hand sanitizer available. - When it comes to games, we've got you covered as we've added another brand new arcade game to our repertoire in Ogden, Vritra Hexa on the exA-Arcadia platform. This one is a shoot 'em up in the vein of Dragon Spirit and Darius, featuring awesome 4K 60fps graphics and two stellar soundtracks. Only 2 tokens to play! - Want an easy way to track your scores, make friends and challenge others? Then check out the Arcade Sidekick app! THIS IS NOT OUR APP, but we HIGHLY recommend it. If you grab it, join the Arcade Galactic Club and let's get some high score challenges going! - Video captured on October 23rd, right before we opened on Oct. 26th. I'll film another one of these when we bring a few more games into the space. If you are in Ogden, check us out at the Newgate Mall! - Just another update, now showing our quad Nirin setup! Sorry about the shaky cam, I'll try and do a tripod next. - We've had people asking when we'll be open in Ogden - unfortunately, I have to wait on the licensing process with the city of Ogden before I can do so. By the end of the month for certain - any earlier will be a happy circumstance. Meanwhile, we've received more games that help set this location apart from our West Valley one, including House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn, Luigi's Mansion Arcade and Daytona Championship USA: New Season Edition. - We recently announced that we are opening up a second location, with a spot at the Newgate Mall in Ogden, UT. Here's a preview of another title coming to the location, the motorcycle racing game Nirin. This was released by Bandai Namco Amusements in 2008, and while it isn't widely known, it's packed with intense racing action! This will also be the first time we've ever had a linked 4 unit racing game, so far we've only had two at a time. As of 2020, this game is still exclusive to arcades. - We recently announced that we are opening up a second location, with a spot at the Newgate Mall in Ogden, UT. Here's a preview of one of the games that you will be able to enjoy there - the indie game COSMOTRONS! Check out this fun multiplayer experience when we open in October 2020. - Here is a showcase to one of our rarities, the sequel to Dragon Spirit called Dragon Saber. New levels, new enemies, better graphics (with scaling effects) and co-op play, among other things. This is an awesome game that deserves attention...even Namco has ignored it in things like game compilations. Filmed on location at Arcade Galactic, Valley Fair Mall, downtown West Valley City, UT. - We've long had parents asking if we have anything for their little ones to enjoy while at the arcade, and now we do, with Hot Racers by SEA & Sega. No gas pedals are needed to enjoy this cute game, but we've noticed that plenty of adults like it too! - We've upped our pinball game to nine machines, trading Dr. Who for Space Shuttle and adding the highly regarded The Getaway. Brief gameplay footage of both. - We are expanding our selection and variety of games with the arrival of a new sports game to our game mix - Family Guy Bowling. Similar to Silver Strike Bowling, this allows you to pick from 8 different Family Guy characters as they bowl. Multiple players can take turns and you can even hold your own tournament!

Available now at Arcade Galactic, West Valley City, UT. We are inside the Valley Fair Mall on the North end, near JCPenny. - Here's a showcase in alphabetical order for the 1v1 fighting games that we have at Arcade Galactic (as of July 2020). Those games are:

Breakers Revenge (Visco)
(The) King of Fighters '98 (SNK)
(The) Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ (Jae Lee)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Capcom)
Primal Rage (Atari Games)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Capcom)
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (Namco)
Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega)
All of these games excepting Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ are only 1 token to enjoy! - The arcade exclusive Maximum Tune 5 (Bandai Namco Amusements) is one of the most comprehensive video racing games on the market. The game came with a kiosk that players can use to enhance or change up their vehicles when they aren't driving. This is almost like an options menu found on console gaming. Check it out if you're in Utah! - Some brief gameplay of Stranger Things, using code released on July 3rd, 0.96. A lot of the additions in this one are for the optional shooter rod that can be added to the game, but we don't have that. Otherwise, each update makes for a more complete game. They still need to fix a bug where the projector doesn't turn on at random when starting a new ball. - What is one of the most exciting and content packed arcade games released to the market? Without a doubt, that is Taito's Dariusburst Another Chronicle. We have one of seven existing English machines that exist for this, which includes some differences from the home versions that have been put out there. Plus on console, you don't get the dual screen like this, nor the incredible sound system. Come and play it if you are ever in the Salt Lake City area - you won't find this anywhere else in Utah. This video is all about tackling a "Boss Rush" level in Chronicle Mode. - Released in 2008, Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII was among the very first games that we had as a part of our game selection. This was a coin-op conversion of the popular home console game, adapted to better work for the needs of an arcade environment. Thanks to that, the graphics (for the time) were excellent and it featured 15 levels - 8 on the story mode, and 7 for dogfight. Here is a direct capture from our machine, with audio recorded off-screen, of the medium difficulty dogfight.

Arcade Galactic, originally known as Game Grid Arcade, opened in June 2008 and is located inside the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City, UT. It is located near JCPenny. It's a traditional arcade with a strong focus on video & pinball games, with many rarities. Game releases span the decades, from 1978 to today. - Quick video on some basic tips for playing Lightning Knights, the specialized arcade version of Iron Crypticle, only for Exa-Arcadia coin-op systems.This game was released in June 2020. - The 2020 update to Big Buck Hunter has added a lot of new content to the game, including a nice chunk of Terminator Salvation that had been released to arcades in 2010. Delta Mission changes a number of things to make it work for the pump action shotgun that Big Buck comes with. This is a direct capture from a real arcade machine, but audio does not come through HDMI and had to be captured using an external mic. - Formerly known as the Game Grid Arcade, Arcade Galactic celebrates being open for 12 years on June 8th, 2020. To do so, we've received two new games (Hot Racers for the kids; Lightning Knights for everyone) and we're doing a score competition all week! Thank you for helping us survive these crazy times and here's to having a great year of gaming fun!

Help support us during the pandemic with branded merchandise -

On the topper, this is a limited edition marquee and topper created by the original designer of the 1986 Rampage arcade game, Brian F. Colin, and produced by Szabo's Arcades. It's a pretty easy install, and really brings attention to the game. Only available for a limited time, but it will be installed on our Rampage for as long as we have it! - Direct capture of our 2020 1v1 fighting arcade game (this is a REAL arcade game, that you put coins into to play), The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ. Playing as Okinawa Karate. All of the fighters in this game are based on characters from kung fu movies, where you can play as Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Daniel Larusso and many others. - Arriving today, St. Patrick's Day, is Stranger Things pinball, particularly the Premium version. This is using v0.86 software and the UV lighting kit. Unfortunately I'm not the best person to demonstrate it and all of it's features, but this should give you a taste. WE updated to v0.88 in May, which adds A LOT more to the game. - Due to a dispute over the term "Game Grid" with another company setup in Utah, we have to change our name from Game Grid Arcade, which has been used to identify the company since 2007, to ARCADE GALACTIC. This video explains why, and also introduces four new titles that we just added to the game floor: After Burner (Sega); Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega), Strikers 1945 (Psikyo) and Dragon Saber (Namco). Video originally filmed in January 2020.


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We are a real arcade business located in West Valley City, UT, Valley Fair Mall. Originally known as Game Grid Arcade, the name was changed to Arcade Galactic in 2020. Open since 2008.