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There's something about those Charlottesville hoaxters when they look into the camera.

Another member of the cast is walking on the middle car before the crash.

This repeats much of what I've already done, but it includes all of the photography that I am aware of that shows this stunt man.

The photo I deem to be fake shows apparent deformation of the car's rear spoiler air foil wing. I think it likely that this is further evidence of fakery.

The criminal web of relationships exists, from the president to the photographer and more. I didn't state it explicitly in the video, but Carlyle Group owns Getty Images.

I made a stupid mistake in the first version, so I made another video.

I've already dealt with the depth of focus issue. Here I deal with others.

I think the the two photos by Chipper that I've been obsessing over were designed to convince us that the stunt man had a face that really was not his.

Looking at photographs away from the car crash, mostly by Chip Somodevilla, and thinking that it is all fake.

I did some doo diligence and identified the photographer of a fake victim.

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