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Today I am siting down with Ben Feferman is the CEO of Amuka Esports, one of Canada's largest esports organizations. We are going to discuss the Twitch leaks, Esports, and Gaming/Streaming. Amuka Esports operates gaming venues, online leagues and tournaments and a pro team. Ben is also startup advisor and helps companies of all stages achieve their goals

Ben Feferman
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Today we are going to learn and talk about ASEA. We will be looking into a couple of their products and finding out..... are they good? Now I am not talking multi-vitamin good... I am talking next-level good. I hope you will follow along. Remember to Subscribe and hit the notifications to follow the channel and live shows.

Kali Alonso owned a successful remodeling business with her husband in Virginia. She loves to sing and dance, her husband can attest to that! In 2017 a major health challenge changed everything. Unable to work for several years and living at a hospital or doctor's office she was determined to turn the situation around. She was introduced to Asea and after regaining her health a new career path also blossomed. She is currently a Gold Executive in the company and working full time to help share this breakthrough with others around the world.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Asea products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. Individual results may vary

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Today I give my opinion on Joe Biden's inauguration. On his call for unity and a more perfect union. But where do were as a country really stand and who is responsible and how do we make it better.

Today I give my opinion about yesterday's tragic event at our nation's capital. How President Donald Trump supporters vandalized the Capital building and Joe Biden's shameful response. It saddens and opens the eyes of many and hopefully, we can find a way forward.

Black America and racism. Today I start the talk with a couple of active men in the African-American community. They started their political views as activists and their ideas were more revolutionary. Listen to their views and ask yourself.... is what they are saying true. Let's find out together.

Today we speak to Amanda Bar about making money in the pandemic and overcoming the fear that goes with it. Amanda Bar, Founder & CEO of RTB Capital Group works with entrepreneurs on mindset, strategy, problem-solving, and implementation to make more money and keep it. She provides access to essential tools, processes, professionals, training, and coaching that ignites your power and confidence from the inside out. RTB can help you Raise the Bar and Overcome Fear and Doubt that is stealing from you?

Today we look at the train wreck of an election night between president Donald Trump, and Vice President Joe Biden. Who were the winners and the losers.... but where there true winners? It's not what you would expect.

New Text message show Jill Biden and Joe Biden had concerns and knew Hunter was inappropriate with a minor. And even threatened to call the cops. Hunter is not even allowed to be alone with the minor. And Jii Biden has to remind Joe Biden he is running against President Trump. Watch her lips.

Hunter Biden's emails confirmed. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats won't touch it, Joe Biden still hasn't denied it, And Barack Obama takes a shot. Democrats hiding from any questions pertaining to Hunter Biden his laptop. Joe Biden still... Still won't deny the emails. And now there is text to prove it.

Today we are covering Covid 19/Coronavirus. I was privileged to interview Dr. Scott Jensen, a State Senator from Minnesota. They tried to take his medical license for his belief, and they lost. He will tell us how it is. Facts, figures, and the money behind it. Watch till the end you won't want to miss it.

Vice president Joe Biden calls a lid and hides till after the next debate, and hunter Biden Laptop subpoenaed for possible child porn off the laptop. Democrats are running scared. Big Tech hiding the truth. Will Hunter be the first son to become the first pedophile son????

This is a clip of a previous episode. One in which I spoke about Michelle Obama's plea and craziness, in a previous episode.

Today we discuss the Supreme court, Vice president Joe Biden, and President Donald Trump. Why is Joe Biden Hiding his Supreme court pick and whether or not he is going to pack the Supreme Court?

President Donald Trump Vice President Joe Biden and the 25th Amendment nd who it for. With Nancy Pelosi coming and saying she is moving forward with the 25th Amendment is this the right play now??? Are the Democrats going to prove what I have been saying all along right?

Winner and loser of vice presidential debate President Donald Trump, Crazy Nancy loses it. We will discuss who I believe won the Vice Presidential Debate. President Donald Trump backs out on the next debate, and my take on it. and Nancy Pelosi doesn't get her way and decides to talk about removing Trump via the 25Th amendment.

breaking Vice Presidential debate highlights. We will discuss who I believe won the Vice Presidential Debate. Senator Kamala Harris or Vice president Mike Pence. We will critic the performance and Highlights of last night Vice presidential debate For the full video please click the links below:

Vice President Joe Biden under investigation For Spygate and Ukraine, President Donald Trump declassifies documents related to investigation And the failed stimulus/bailout. And the NBA caves to the fans and says next season will get back to normalcy

Today we will discuss President Trump's COVID, Joe Biden tests negative, my conspiracy theory about Trump's COVID and his Campaign, and the next presidential debate. Michigan's supreme court overturns Gov. Whitmer and some Coronavirus numbers around the country.

Tonight we are going to recap the first Presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. I will give my opinion and opportunities, and problems as I see it for the candidates.

1. Healthcare: Donald has not proposed a plan and Biden Doesn't support social Medicine wants to expand on Obama care. "Right now I'm the Democratic party,"
2. Supreme Court: Biden would answer questions on packing the courts, or produce a list of potential nominees.
3. Courts: Trump is correct. Obama/Biden left a lot of court seats vacant.
4. Law and order and the 94 crime bill, riots = "I'm totally opposed to defunding the police officers."
5. COVID vs vets deaths.
6. Hunter - Clown


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