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Just Another day of protest in France, in Paris, big cities, in rural areas as well ... even if we doubt of the interest of demonstrations...from now. #france #protest #people
Today across France, many and many people are mobilized! including inept and corrupt top heads trade unions...but it seems like many unionized people are getting aware of this sham!
anyway, more and more french people are working hard ... behind the scene. They are coming from the four corners of France, we hope more people to join on a local and country level, to stand Unite.

but a huge number of french people is not in the know!! it must be said, that french colonial practices in Africa need to END! #france #looting #Africa
and to note > that does not prevent the filthy self-proclaimed kings to import african people, namely, african Slaves placed in various regions of France.
More to watch and listen from > and from

Location: FRANCE. Object: Acquisition of multi-shot launchers in 4 or 6 shots, single-shot launchers of 40mm calibre, plus, associated equipment for the benefit of the national police and the National Gendarmerie.
Day of the conclusion of the contract: November 19, 2019
> the National Assembly, the senate, french European MPs, Human Rights Committee, UN, the European Union, Parliament and the Commission, Police and gendarmerie,
> probably by a certain number of french citizens, the FR/EU associations working to defend human rights, trade unions, etc, etc.
Note: Acquisition of multi-shot launchers paid by french taxpayers, paid by?? by >> TAXPAYERS.>> so, the People who were beaten up, injured, serious injured that we can see on video.

Quote: "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings...Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of "clear and present danger," then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent...For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."
- President John F. Kennedy

The Humble Genius leader and writer, the unsung lynchpin. He is a Rock'n'Roll legend. #Rock #MalcolmYoung #Music
His rhythm, his trademark sound, feel and tone the soul of the Rock’n’Roll band that understands the feel, the movement…
'coz it’s a Feeling. His rhythmic approach got a hold on my soul forever, The band is part of my life since pre-teen years, a few decades ago, and therefore till the end…all the band as a kindred soul and spirit to me, put on my path.
Rock In Peace Malcolm, You are the right kind of Man.
(BTW, edited video is not ours! so Special Big up to Author :heart: - track: 'Ride On' > instrumental version)

... "on est là, on est là, ... même si mIcron ne veut pas, nous on est là... lalala, lalala...lalala, Ô LALALA! lalala!... " > blah blah blah... without significant Action > against 'Seats of Power', in the coming months, the movement will be killed off and erased by the will of... the government and its allies. We should bear in mind, it is a Reality!

RÉVEILLEZ-VOUS! RÉAGISSEZ!! un minimum pour vos ENFANTS!!!

"When all is said and done... it is little more than a body of politically appointed officials with extremely limited democratic legitimacy, belonging to the small circle of European 'mandarins' who think they know better than citizens and believe it would be best if, supposedly in the public interest, they decided everything themselves, even over the heads of the citizens they purport to respect, while they do NOT respect citizen rights and human rights."
> the video evidence in images of ALL the offenses.

> "This journey, in the dark days of Repression, in the trying Decadence decades, and in our own uncertain and problematic times, has often shown that in human hearts, including those of believers, there is a strong temptation to hate, to despise others and to deceive them, coming with severe prevarication."
hello, this is our First edited Video :P
As usual, we chose an original video clip, and added transcript in english, with a 'synthetic' voice ;-P , we did our best though, via free tools :)

> Upcoming Documentary, History, War | TV Mini-Series (2019– ) Ehmm. Summary: Summer 1945. An iron curtain comes down, separating the Communist Eastern bloc and the West, led by the Americans. And nuclear weapons leaves mankind under perpetual threat of a new Apocalypse.
The synopsis below may give away important plot points: > Leaving the atrocities of war behind, the Allies wholeheartedly celebrate a return to peace. But behind the scenes of global reconstruction,(yep! But behind the scenes) a more drawn-out, insidious confrontation is in the making. Soon, an "iron curtain" will come down, dividing the Communist Eastern bloc, dominated by the Soviet Union, and the West, behind the United States. This is the Cold War, the War of Worlds. In a frantic arms race, the United States have invented the worst threat possible - the nuclear bomb. During the course of fifty years, the great heads of state, Stalin, Khrushchev, Mao, and Kennedy, face each other off in a precarious balance of terror. In Indochina, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan, they wage war on each other through other peoples. Nonetheless, it is still the same war between East and West. The same leaders, the same terrified civilians, the same regions destroyed by bombs, the same rows of starving prisoners... Beyond those who are in power, all of mankind can, at any time, be plunged into the Apocalypse.
EP.1: The Great Rift (1945-1946) Summer 1945. The victorious nations celebrate a return to peace. But behind the scenes of global reconstruction, a more drawn-out, insidious confrontation is in the making between those who were formerly allies. The West is concerned about Stalin's growing power in the East. Communist ideology continues to spread, all the way to Indochina, where Ho Chi Minh kicks off a protracted war against the West. Behind this seemingly isolated conflict lurks the beginning of the Cold War, the War of Worlds. With the Americans having the nuclear bomb since 1945, mankind is under the threat of a new Apocalypse.
EP. 2: The Escalation of Fear (1947-1949) 1947. Fearing that a damaged Europe might fall prey to Communism, America launches the Marshall Plan, reconstruction aid for the European nations. The French also need help in Indochina, where Ho Chi Minh, hidden in the jungle, watches his army and his power grow... Stalin has imposed a blockade in Berlin, but he prefers to focus on the success of his brand-new atomic bomb. And the red wave continues to roll across continents. In Korea, war breaks out between the Communists in the North and a destitute South Korean army. Truman sends in his men, but a real debacle is waiting for them. Entrenched in Pusan, South Korea, and surrounded by the enemy, can the Americans hold out?
EP. 3: The World Trembles (1950-1952) September 1950. In Korea, the conflict drags on. After a successful landing at Incheon, General MacArthur and his troops are once again defeated near the frozen Yalu river, where they face a new enemy: China. Truman considers the atomic bomb... In Indochina, the French are taking a beating. The similarities between the two conflicts is striking - same covert players, same frightened civilians, same rows of starving prisoners... French General de Lattre believes both wars to be one and the same; a war for freedom and against Communism. And the real enemy is Stalin.
EP.4: The Conquest (1953-1955) March 1953. Stalin is dead. The Little Father of Peoples is now no more than an embalmed corpse that his potential successors eagerly flock to pay respects to. In East Berlin, a wave of hope comes over the German workers; it is swiftly repressed by the Soviets... In Asia, the heated conflicts are coming to an end. The US leaves Korea without glory, while the French, who fall into the Vietminh's trap in the Dien Bien Phu valley, fight their last battle in distress. The Geneva Conference makes Ho Chi Minh the undisputed leader of North Vietnam, but the South remains in the hands of the West. What will Ho Chi Minh do?
EP.5: The Wall (1956-1962) 1956. Khrushchev closes the door on the Stalin years. He is determined to open up the USSR to the outside world. "Mister K", with his round, jovial face, surprises the entire world by visiting the United States. But the man who approved the bloody repression of the Budapest uprising hasn't gone soft. Now, he is preparing a co-existence with newly elected President Kennedy that will be anything but peaceful. The Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, not to mention the support he gives Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam... In return, on June 26, 1963, Kennedy delivers his famous, hope-filled speech to an emotional crowd: "Ich bin ein Berliner!".
EP.6: The Abyss (1963-1991) November 22, 1963. President Kennedy has just been assassinated in Dallas. His successor Johnson sinks his country further into the quagmire of the Vietnam War. Over a period of ten years, three million young Americans discover Hell...

(Words of Children / Child rape, the end of Silence? March 1999 - Documentary presented by journalist Elise Lucet) from the public television channel France 3, which, at the time, dared to conduct an investigation into paedophilia mafia and sectarian networks. I wish you share VIDEO widely here and there...
this TV documentary was hidden for years and never mentioned in France TV Group channels for years, nor in MSM of course.
> What do we find there? Sacrifices, tortures, and mass graves of children! Everything that medieval Christianity denounced Satanic rituals is there and the authors are far from being young. Through judicial proceedings sabotaged and mistreated by the courts and the police, corruption from the highest levels of the state is underlined! This report was simply suppressed by ALL the medias, forgotten! All the attendees in this programme were punished: namely, Martine Bouillon (the deputy prosecutor of Bobigny, who revealed live on the TV set the existence in Seine Et Marne of CHILDREN'S MASS GRAVES) was transferred to province by the High Council of the Judiciary (on which the President of the Republic sits) the early day after the documentary was shown on TV. What was the motive? so-called " Attack on delicacy". The High Magistrate who assigned him the transfer order was subsequently charged with child pornography but this one was cleared. M.B. now refuses to comment on this case, stating only that she "has people to keep protected". Subsequently, all associations fighting paedophilia (except the association Le Bouclier, which has now disappeared) and Amnesty International turned a deaf ear... They don't want to hear anything!
But it is surely only the tip of the iceberg, the rest must probably be even more sordid... here and now in 2019.
Vid Excerpt from 44:36 to 44:51 (phone tapping)
"january 1, 1997
friend: I don't know if you are aware that there are powerful and well-known sects recommending some 'acts' where limits are unclear about "do's and don'ts" with ones child.
father: sure I know, I know quite a lot about this, I know all about this..." and that says it all.
> You will WATCH from video (FR language), several insane and sick people. Those 'SMF' are still and remain FREE !! without any trial or without conviction to these 'subhuman'. There are still many in France, >> maintaining close ties with US devil & paedo-satanist worshipers.

video footage overview: #yellow_vests > the Real #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes ... Back from a visit to the Rothschild ze famous! :) and near of another 'oligarch' street a particular place in Paris, namely > The cercle de l'Union interalliée, also known as the Cercle interallié, is a private social and dining club established in 1917. The clubhouse is the Hôtel Perrinet de Jars at 33 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, France; where if lucky enough, you may see them; listen to the list enumerated by interviewer.
the 1st guy (white overcoat) interviewed would not be a member! lol ... he does not know anything, nor knows anyone over there. hahaha.. he just attended a 'conference' ! but sounds like the YV constituants cannot attend 'conference' in ze >restricted area, private zone! Ahh! so, they were told to send an email to one of the prestigious people for getting an Invite ! Rofl
YV constituants finally do opt for contacting ze 'Augustin de Romanet de Beaune'; a French political advisor and business executive, chief executive officer of 'Groupe ADP' since November 2012. He is the one who did scheme to sell ADP (Paris Airports) CURRENTLY governed by a board of administrators (6 named by the shareholders, 6 named by the French government, 6 employees’ representatives) and by an executive committee, both headed by Augustin de Romanet since 2012.
Note: Shareholder French State that Share= 50.6 (%) about to SELL > ADP to private companies with total impunity!! despite opinion polls, current popular referendum.
Let us get Back to ze famous: 'le dîner du siècle' where the whole oligarchy ; politicians, judiciary, top head companies, corrupt reporters, bankers, so-called and/or self-proclaimed VIP, trade union heads, attend restricted private party (they meet the fourth Wednesdays of the month, located 33, rue du fauboug st honoré in the 8th arrondissement of Paris). let's Come and join a delightful restricted private party & dinner :) why not make an appointment on the fourth Wednesdays of the month!? eh? Free Entry soon! ;-)

Here is a must watch video footage that tells a lot about Repression in FRance!
Live interview with a member of the French police practice observatory; which was founded by the 'french humans rights watch', the copernic institute and the french lawyer's union. here, we do not give a damn of eventual 'political party' behind... 'coz there is EMERGENCY here and now in France. On the loop: we need ACTIONS NOT WORDS!
Video says it all !
>> on the right to freedom of speech and protest!
> React to and Defend Is a Must.
> "If man fails to reconcile justice and freedom, he fails utterly" A. Camus
A Big up to French fellow who Translated Interview in Direct Live! :Applause: Another Great job again by Judith Muijsers & Friends from Toulouse. Anchors A Way Live Video News YT Channel:

captions tell: All images you are gonna watch were never broadcasted on French TV programs ( as always in FR).
video footage showing up all about Nuclear Industry business, they want to keep secret. (shhh! do not tell! ;-))
> huge mountains of radioactive materials, radioactive waste.
yep, here we are.. on French soil! in our neighborhood, near home.
> radioactive slurry waste, in the great outdoors.
> drums of uranium and radioactive waste across an open field, in the open air
>Orano site ( a global nuclear fuel cycle company) with A total of some 130 nuclear reactors; atomic piles, so 10 thousand tonnes of spent fuel! while considered as Extreme radioactive waste! > plutonium and liquid and airborne
> discharges of radioactivity coming from nuclear sites into the environment!
> only two kilometers from a secondary school, 30 hectare nuclear site!
> chemicals and radioactive waste
> only seven kilometers from Orange city, MOX production plant, namely of mixed oxid uranium fuel (Uranium+plutonium)
> Some 320,000 tons of depleted uranium placed under Sheds filled to capacity.
> no less than 58 nuclear reactors through France
> this is Reality! > roughly 1,000,000 cubic metres of (low-level?) radioactive waste
> tons of hazardous waste... across France country
> France cannot turn into the nuclear dustbin! ( the same for other countries, right?)
conclusion: LET US ACT NOW! (now! :thinking: how about of yesterday, eh?)
oh yeaah ! > "Astrologers :fools: feel that the discovery of each of the three new planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto coincided with a group of events that could be considered to be a revolution on the political, social, moral, cultural, and technological levels, because of the profound and durable impression on the evolution of humanity :mad: "
> Ah les 'françois', y z'aiment dire: "en France on n'a pas de pétrole, mais on a des z'idées" ...Rofl heing? heing que c'est vrai!

... to the wonderful world where the power of magician rules a magic kingdom.
> "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. If you can dream it, you can do it. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" he said.
He was just a perfect magician of the movies!
To the moon and back ... we would fly you to the moon and back again! here we go! :) yeaahh! Show must go on!
WoW ! Disney Magic & Wonder are two of Disney's beautiful cruise ships, ready to take you on a magical voyage full of excitement, fun and family memories!
yep! "All About Magic "
Walt Disney Studios Park, Step inside the movies to celebrate the art of storytellers who create the magic. Disney Village & Beyond... & Beyond direct From Elias...
The backstory is that this was the gathering place for BoardWalk magicians and entertainers decades ago, and that the magic is still in the air.
Explore experiences!
Allô Houston! we have a problem ... we've got to reset, restart...over and over again.
Show must go on! To infinity... and beyond!
Dear Mister Walt Disney, I, we are feeling very disappointed if you did commit in all this Cinema!! hard to believe it!
Here are 'Actor, Cinematographer, and directors':
and this:
but Shhh! Top Secret! ;-)
However, we are still fans of Disney Old Movies only till early 1990s... Movies are so embedded deep in the emotional memory.
Now, it is high time to reveal the Truth... coming with compelling arguments... conclusive Evidences!
Thank you for watching and for sharing. Video in Fr & Eng language.

The word was never mentioned but made more normal and popular by the band that was brought out to feel the fear of it's intensity at times that can be brought to the surface out of the suppressed subconscious beliefs of the unknown to be felt by the mind.
#paranoid #leaders #worldwide
According to Ozzy (I'm not a fan of OzOs though) it could have been about himself or anyone else getting stoned and high ''too many times'' on pot and alcohol and then becoming depressed for too long on the way down.
Now feeling that way, only to frown in reality to protect his Soul from the people that did not make sense to him in the way they do things according to his 'unmatured mind' that was hijacked. Also not understanding the ways of his woman in his 'anxious' mind that thinks she likes to play her mysterious games with him that makes him also nervous and neurotic which in no way she can help his mind. Now he is afraid that it is too late for him 'coz he feels he is turning into an identity that doesn't feel anything anymore about what love is suppose to feel like.
Stalemate too late too late ?
Oh Well here we are!! P A R A N O I A in these current times can backfire and surface exactly to the top of our POLITICAL LEADERS and Dealers by what we see in politics these days, where the Warmongers we all know about that lack empathy for the average human being are getting scared that they will lose their power to create unnecessary wars of many kinds on us and the people around the world.
High time to oust all those Real P A R A N O I D Evil minds from Power... before it is too late.

Manu Lapart native of Quimper in Brittany France; one the yellow vest of the first hour, involved in the YV movement since November 17th, passed away putting an end to his life, on the loop; he passed away putting an end to his life. he was only 37' married and father of five!!
So far as I know! ONLY Gabin and Team from 'Vecu media du gilet jaune' farcebook dedicated page welcomed Manu in a Live on last March 12, 2019, they give Testimony: "we were feeling how quiet force emanating from Manu... but also his great suffering.We bring all our support to his family and beloved ones and send everyone a tribute video.May Your Soul soul Rest in Peace Manu". from Vecu team.
yep! Manu passed away and it is in some ways a direct consequence of YV protests for the 44th week in a row!!!
Today #Act44 in Paris, just another fuckin' walk, another balad of gilets jaunes chanting ahou...ahou...ahou.
Allô! Allô! Allô! take a glance at Hongkongers daily/weekly Acts and learn from :P
Otherwise, another DirectNLive video footage of YV Protest in Nantes from Gabin; Vecu.giletjaune: (replay)
How about News that make sense?? eh??
RIP Manu Lapart and all the others!

... namely ze french 'Marechal Ferran d' ;-P :grin: #corruption #government #Politics
Breaking News! was indicted the President of the Assembly, namely R. Ferran d for "illegal taking of interest". (oh my! is this for real? this time?? :) )
The first investigation was closed in October 2017 by the prosecutor of Brest (Finistaere), (yes! 'course!!! he is the farrier in chief)
After a so-called fire broke out in his secondary home located in Motreff by Feb 2019 due to?? Gilets Jaunes Movement? sure?? Repairs to Richard F's house will be supported, paid by the National Assembly, (so by French Taxpayers! Bravo! you farrier in chief rock!! )
When he was Deputy, Richard F. had his wife hired at the Mutual Insurances, namely 'Mutuelles de Bretagne' for €80,000! (splendid! good job mobster! ;-P )
He employed his son on a so-called 'summer job', paid nearly 8500€! indeed very well-paid and with public money! (hahahaha ... humm, what about his Mistresses and all friends around, like his 'mayors, notables, notaries' mates?)
Scandal: R Ferran d, former Minister of Macron and Chairman of the political group 'En Marche', exonerated by the courts on 2017... the same RF, as President of the Members 'LREM' party got to the National Assembly only once in January 2018, but fully paid €5,700 per month, (even more... many bribes and 'envelopes' everywhere he goes)

but to note that he is the Speaker of the French National Assembly! ... Rofl
So that Micron and all the band keep "all his confidence" in him. Well yes 'course! :)
and still so many froggies frogs like 'em all!!
Now! suck it up and deal with it stupid frenchies de mes deux!
> Richard pretty enjoys Brittany, the central part of Brittany in particular, that he invites you to pay a visit! ;-) where according to our farrier - Quote: "it is not easy at all to find a youngster, volunteer, to get a job, even just for 5 consecutive months a year, with the ability to read and write effectively, to use the web". More to read from via @Change
oh and BTW ; hello Breizhous! Wanna go for a beer... in Motreff asap? eh? ;-)))))

Video above: I just chose Instrumental version of 'Heaven and Hell' that suits well with Topic of the day, namely the Famous Friends of Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
#epstein #France #Pedophile
Please take a close look at:
This is about a dynamic organizational chart that identifies the key individuals in the organization, the reporting lines, together with a description (Notes) related to involved individuals in main western countries.
Doc was brought by RevoRebellion and Team. They did a Great job for weeks, even months by gathering various kind of data related to Epstein's black book worldwide.
so, as an evidence, many french people were pointed out and linked in organizational chart.
Thank you for looking and for Sharing widely.

we don't know the guy who recorded video and we just don't give a damn. He is French but he settled in USA. He addresses relevant arguments... #france #coup #emergency
like many other french citizens, he is Aware our situation in France is gonna end very badly in the coming weeks, months. Now is he aware that there are too many cowards, sheeple all over the country, 'brainwashed' fellows, and Fake yellow vests in France? 'coz a huge number of YV do enjoy their fuckin' Saturdays Protest March so far... but do not Think Actions. Peaceful demonstrations lead to a big the end! we have to deplore so many injured, serious injured, disabled for life people so far! and for nuthin !!!! they are despair, we are despair! Where are ya guys with the Balls? where in France?, but also where in Europe?? it is here and now! tomorrow is too late.

she said: "please ask yourself the right questions, many french people can't understand the reason why there are many black people coming in France. Congo-Brazaville is a former french colony.#Africa #France #Dictatorship
French govt took part of putting our 'president' in power, other 'puppets' we do not deserve. on Sept 3, your president will welcome at Elysee palace; D.S.Nguesso president of Congo, he is 80 years old! He was placed in power in 1979, then and despite a 'national conference' that enabled to get rid of power in 1991, but with the interference of jacques chieRac,Total company, even Loick leflock; former Elf CEO told that JackChierac actually planned and did fund D. S.N campaign for election, so they committed a coup in 1997.Therefore, came War that committed to more than 10.000 dead people!... and this president still run power today! with the blessing of chierac, N. sarkoon, fanch hollalande ; this one suggested D.S.N, back in 2016, to modify constitution, in order to get elected one more time, with another non-democratic election as a result.Just imagine he is in power since 1979! guess how? we are living in a dictatorship!
what am i doing here in France?, I am an activist, I can't get back home in my own land, the real winner of 2016 elections was thrown into jail, everyone's part of opposition is thrown in jail... and to add that 'micron' during his presidential campaign did ensure our people that he would not commit with all dictators we have in Africa, but today he is about to spit on Congo people and his promises...
you 'living in a democracy, right? ( me: sorry Ma'am but just no more Democracy in FR!) we have the right to democracy, so why does he support dictators oppressing the people in our country? I am here because I was forced to go in exile. I'm not living in France with my good will, but because I am forced to. I am a nurse and want to get back to my homeland to help my bros, but due to dictatorship, I am not able to get back to my homeland. No more schools, no more hospitals over there, a serious situation...while our soil contains a lot of petroleum. We have to pay and deal with France, with CFA francs money, that finally makes a lot of money cash back reserved to french govt, to our dealers/leaders in power, they collect around $400 million per year! Dare question! where is the money going?
4 million inhabitants in Congo, a rich country with petroleum flowing out of the soil... and again, what am I doing here?? we should join & unite all together to fight back those dictators! bear in mind that as soon as D.S.N is no more in power, I and children would straight away get one-ticket plane to my native country.
we want democracy! we never got democratic elections everywhere in Africa ( french -speaking Africa) where about french colonies step. Everywhere, African dictators placed in power are supported by french consecutive govts! hey! in Africa, they run the countries at least from 25 years to 50 years. hey!!
Instead of pointing out at us like people comin' for spoiling you, for stealing your money and other family allowances... please ask your politicians to stop committing with our dictators. please come and join us, on Sept 3, 2019 - place Saint-Augustin from 1 to 7 pm. Be aware that none of many french top head companies and people settled in Africa do not pay even ONE franc of income tax!, that our president was allowed to come in Paris joined with his private militia, in order to track opponents direct in France. on the loop: "we say NO to dictators, Down with the dictatorship, Down with France Africa" ... "
well said Ma'am!! you are right Ma'am! indeed, we should join and unite all together and fight back our respective Dictators. France for French, Africa for Africans! etc, etc...
oh BTW! ALLÔ 'humble' (?) and 'charitable' (?) people; so-called 'VIP' (?) Standing for Africa! for Africans! to live peaceful in their homeland, namely, Kylian Mbappé, Paul Pogba, Karim Benzema, Ousmane Dembélé, plus various 'artists' like Matthieu Chedid, Jamel Debbouze, Johnny Clegg, they are in Love with Africa, also 'young leaders' like Khaled Igué, Alexandre coster, and so many other African citizens who would join the fight to help Africans, whom definitely wish to live in their homeland.
May you get HER voice Heard! she is Brave! She has the balls!! eh? heing?? are you ready so-called VIP de mes deux!??

Video footage is a short documentary about Firefighters; one of the Fire Halls in France, into an average day. . Most important is Text below that tells about Firefighter's direct Testimony of his daily experience and thoughts. #firefighters #france #respect
And to add: We need You Firefighters, the same way you need us standing by Your side! Everywhere worldwide, Firemen risk their lives every day in the line of duty protecting us all. we owe y'all our Respect and Gratitude!
Testimony: " To those who argue "but you sleep at the fire station".... that we only work 2 or 3 days a week... that we make a lot of money. You have no idea how painful it is for me or for many of my colleagues.... or the memories that haunt me. but you should be happy that I do not share the pain of those who carry it heavily. We Sleeping at the fire station?? Yeah, that may happen, but can you imagine just for a moment that we don't have time to sleep easy without repeated interruptions? Can you understand, we receive calls at all hours of the day, of the night and this several times a night? can you get, that in the following days, we are feeling tired, and to note that we barely recovered from, once back starting 24 hours of duty at the firehouse?
We Sleepin' at the fire station? Yes, but can you ever imagine some situations like when a lady still talking to her late 60-Year-old husband, while dead and for whom we couldn't do anything? Can you imagine trying to revive a 14-year-old girl who hanged herself in front of her parents, while we could not getting there after more than an hour thirty... it's finally her dad asking us to stop? Or can you imagine when you're sitting for a meal using the same hands that held a baby dead a few minutes ago? Arriving on a Car crash involving a youngster you know; living not far from your home, who was thrown from car, and now slipped into a coma?
Can you understand that we work as much time as everyone else, but regardless of legal working days, vacations, weekend and holiday season included? Do you understand that we are working far from ordinary working conditions, far from our families, coz our mission is to help the citizen! no matter time, moment or the place of the sinister? Can you imagine that our children need to have good time with us, that we take care of them after such an absence,but that fatigue does not allow us a full time presence? Can you imagine that maybe tomorrow my children will be awaiting for me... but that I will probably not come back home due to professional risks?
So the next time you'll be thinking of such ideas, while seeing me or my colleagues (Police, firefighters, paramedic, nurse, on-call firefighter...) while thinking of comparisons between our respective lives, Please bear in mind, and imagine that next call-out might be for your son, your daughter, your parents, your wife for whom, in the middle of the night, we will come out straight away, and do everything in our power to save them or just to bring them back to a safe place because they have drunk too much on that night... "
> Either full-time firefighter or part-time or Volunteer of a fire fighting department; we owe them Respect and Consideration for the job they do!.

RIC: Citizens' Initiative Referendums. Who is the boss? the french people is its own BOSS!!! got it? ALLÔ ya up there 'SMF'??
oh BTW and for REMINDER: #france #referendum #yellowvests
UP-TO-DATE (Nov 2019) related to recent track by 'RUE DE LA FORGE' Band :) > "Félins" not only about Grrrrrrrr! ;-P Please show SUPPORT to Valuable Bands! :)
- French lawyer Sophie Albert Salmeron filed a complaint against French President EMacaron and Home Affairs Minister CCastanIer to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. NL ( ) Allô dear Ma'am! Allô! any Fresh news?? On last June 11, you did announce 'news' upcoming within ONE month. Uhh, we haven't heard much more since June 11, 2019.
- C. Guer reiro, as Peacekeeper, former Master Corporal in Lebanon... with all our Respect Man! :) but where are you? we were expecting you and others to join on Act 41. your (Speech on replay
- Allô hucksters, Ze Puppets show!! all about ze "fly Rider + rodrigue+ boulo + drouet + ludosky, etc, etc" ... what have you achieved so far? in the recent 9 months?? and hey! ;-P don't you know that your 'g mail' is NOT secure at all ! for sure, you know, eh? heing? oh BTW! to Mr drouet? what's up with Pay/ pal online Pool (around €150.405 collected funds! BRAVO!!); you closed up on March 31, 2019 which 100% dedicated to all Injured, serious injured, disabled people in France due to Police Brutality since November 2018. Any Breaking news? you better provide some reassuring infos asap...or we heard of ... you better watch your step ;-) got it??
- ongoing government mass surveillance of populations
- Bravo! there is no budget for people BUT G7 biarritz costs €36.4 million !! WHO is paying for this??
- Hello, MAYORS!!!! how are you doing? everything is ok in your locality? really??
- Respect, we want to Big Up Street Medics of France and everywhere worldwide
- hundreds of elected officials, MPs, senators, suspected and/or recognized guilty of defalcation! uhh, really? yep guilty of defalcation for decades now with impunity!
uhh, what this liberal justice system? The justice system does provide for every opportunity for Release for those ones who have committed any kind of 'crimes'.
- police forces where many are committing suicides? heard of one per week reported? whom from the government or people is clearly held liable for this? NOT the people! wake up Sheeeeple! think twice! and to note many more suicides among farmers, among multiple categories of french citizens, for years now and since micro in power! wake up sheeeeeple!!! think twice!
- BTW what does STEVE's autopsy reveal? someone? eh?
- unbearable social divide, fracture in public services,huge price hikes, stores without cashiers, etc, etc...
- ongoing disappearances of children, teenagers, young adults reported... dozens, hundreds of paedophiles still in power, within all power fields, also linked to ep stein; namely another 'french-american connection' dedicated to ze elites, top head companies, so-called 'celebrities' and other 'VIP', etc... full list of traffickers, for sexual predators, namely mentally ill people and psychopaths.
- ze macaroon now suggests citizens 'to consult and refer to ICC if the people deem it necessary' uhh!
oh yeaah I see, knowing that French Justice in the pay of Power, where many are corrupt at the highest level of the judicial system. Rigghht?
- what about the hunger strike of many french citizens media coverage report? of 'Petit Jean' media coverage?
- lately, a police union announced: "All police officers in all departments are at the end of their rope, but we will show professionalism and self-sacrifice." and "As I told interior minister yesterday, there will be an after G7 for law enforcement with the establishment of the Ministry of Interior's General Assembly" and "Now the government knows that if we are not listened to, as soon as at the beginning of the new school year in September, they will have to experiment an unlimited social conflict from the National Police, like never seen before". Uhh? eh? Which side are you on? Pick your side! but the right one, eh!! :) so THE PEOPLE! what your police union goal? more protection of citizens? or more financial for yourselves? so that, to get some kinda 'obscure motive' to go out and shoot at 'angry citizens' exactly like Y'ALL !!! and comin' from disparate socio-economic background, putting Yellow Jackets on, or not??
prepare to 'eat your heart out' !!! ;-P

Tune written and interpreted by 'RUE DE LA FORGE' Band. WOW!! Big up on that excellent performance Dudes!! :)
Studio album or Live album soon?? we can't wait! ;-)

(Please read Lyrics below...'edited' version of the Tune - Special YELLOW VESTS :P)
"Here our Yellow Vests and Brothers stand from all round the world waiting in a line to hear the 'battle cry', All are gathered here and Victory is near.
We alone are fighting for Freedom, that is true! We own the right, to live the fight
We're here for all of us!
"Micro!" We swear the blood upon your hands will never dry!
but citizens stand and fight together beneath the french flag to make People Voice Heard.
Brothers Everywhere ...lend an hear ;-)
Many stand against Yellow Vests & Angry Citizens but they will never win!
We said we would return and here we are again each day, each passing week
to tell oppressors our Legitimate Right to Live with Dignity. we are the 'hammer of the justice' for all.
'coz hey you up there! With dreams to be a king, First, one should be a man!!
We call you out and charge ya all with a life that is a LIE!
And in your final hour ya shall confess before you die!
If many should fall in struggle, our brothers who fight by our side gather our yellow vests and words as our only weapons and tell our family how we fell. Until then we will be strong we will fight for all that is real! we keep up the fight! All who stand in our way will have to acknowledge their defeat! "
Words of Gilets Jaunes ;-P

President John F. Kennedy - Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City. April 27, 1961
Speech: "Ladies and Gentlemen.The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice.
It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.
But I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. Confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.
FR language:
Discours: Mesdames et Messieurs, Le mot même de "secret" est répugnant dans une société libre et ouverte ; et nous sommes, en tant que peuple, fondamentalement et historiquement opposés aux sociétés secrètes, aux serments et aux procédures secrets.Car nous sommes opposés dans le monde entier à une conspiration monolithique et impitoyable qui s'appuie principalement sur des moyens secrets pour élargir sa sphère d'influence - sur l'infiltration plutôt que l'invasion, sur la subversion plutôt que les élections, sur l'intimidation plutôt que le libre choix. C'est un système qui a enrôlé de vastes ressources humaines et matérielles dans la construction d'une organisation très soudée et très efficace qui combine des opérations militaires, diplomatiques, de renseignement, économiques, scientifiques et politiques. Ses préparations sont dissimulées, non publiées. Ses erreurs sont enterrées, pas mises en avant. Ses dissidents sont réduits au silence, et ne sont pas honorés. Aucune dépense n'est remise en cause, aucune rumeur n'est imprimée, aucun secret n'est révélé. C'est pourquoi le législateur athénien Solon a décrété qu'il était criminel pour tout citoyen de se soustraire à la controverse.
Mais je vous demande votre aide dans l'immense tâche d'informer et d'alerter le peuple américain.
Confiant qu'avec votre aide, l'homme sera ce qu'il est né pour être : libre et indépendant


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We are french Gilets Jaunes... Movement is about a "collective awareness" and 'still growing. We are French Citizens and do claim the Right to live with dignity in a rich country, we come all together, located everywhere across France, 'coming from various social & economic backgrounds, many others will join...'coz we are simply left with no other choice.
we: three team-mates
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