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Number one cause of death is "Blood Clots" football players, basketball players, soccer players, tennis players, marathon runners all dropping dead or permanently injured never able to play sports again. Excess deaths in the young up by 1000 percent.





Heart Breaking💔💔
”My son died exactly two days after his Covid vax, of myocarditis and brain bleeding”, mother reveals

⚠️This is totally end times.
In the premiere of FXX’s animated comedy Little Demon, Chrissy Feinberg (Lucy DeVito) discovers she’s the spawn of Satan. Literally: Her human mom, Laura (Aubrey Plaza), fucked the Devil (Danny DeVito, Lucy DeVito’s real-life dad) 13 years ago, and Chrissy was the result.

This message was given in Tulsa with Pastor Jimmy Harvey at Lewis Avenue Church of God of Prophecy.
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Fr. Vincent Lampert, Priest and Exorcist in the Diocese of Indianapolis and author of "Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons" presents the 8 ways we can fall victim to spiritual attack: ties to the occult, illicit entertainment, a curse, being dedicated to a demon, abuse that creates emotional wounds and leads to seeking help in bad places, habitual sin, inviting a demon into one’s life, and broken

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First trailer is complete. Hoping for a release date between June 30 to July 2, in remembrance of "The Night of the Long Knives," which was also known as the "Röhm purge," or "Operation Hummingbird."



The chance that we are not living in a computer simulation is 'one in billions'
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Absolutely sickening propaganda made by the Mayor of London's office in the UK. Here a White man is depicted as a villain and potential rapist while "noble" black men are the ones that stop any violence or sexual assault from occurring.

🔥Don JR on the phone
Are we on the verge of WWIII to cover up a Hunter Biden scam? We’re going to send our kids over there to die to protect a crackhead?
The fact that no one is asking the question is scary.

Trump is doing what the federal government will not: SUING Hillary Clinton for alleged crimes committed against not only the Trump campaign — but the Trump White House as well. He joins Glenn to detail the ‘very strong’ case, the judge who has a pro-Clinton past, and how he thinks everything will play out…

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USA Inc Corp Bankruptcy
Updated Version
(Sergeant Robert Horton)


Complete history of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Service Corp [USA Inc.] 1871-2021 (War Castles)



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