That Yoshi with the Blue Helmet

Originally uploaded to YouTube on April 10, 2017. This is the first episode of ABC Bloopers.

Tantrums: 1 (Mike)
Crotch kicks: None
Barfs: None

Insurgency Rating: PG
Contains rude humor.


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"Witness the Creative Side!"

I am That Yoshi with the Blue Helmet, a technology expert, gamer, musician and TTS creator from the New England region of the United States who makes all sorts of shows, mainly revolving text-to-speech comedy and technology. I've been doing this since January 3, 2017, when I got my first Mac. My TTS career got started in 2017, starting with the well-known ABC Bloopers, and a few days later, Crazy City and Town Signs.

Please be warned that some of my shows may not be geared towards younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Please note that I have no upload schedule, and it may take a while for me to start production on videos since things like school tend to get in the way. Remember, patience is a virtue!

Stay awesome, my friends.

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