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I disagree w the whole "love your enemy" BS at the end but the decision to not beat this guy to a bloody pulp and restraining him is safer legally. A lot of people say they'd just "kill a guy like that", but let's be real. I doubt any of you would actually want to sit behind bars potentially the rest of your life. Submission holds are very useful for subduing a threat without having to catch a charge.

Where is the proof?

Please research before you birth your babies in a hospital (sick house)

This guy has been promoted by Fed Ice and other shill outlets.

They're using this on us to this day.

Please research ultrasound before using it on your babies.

Part II of a series I did on the crystal tree theory.

Part one of a series about the crystal tree theory.
Documentary: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Dk4xVVBGa7th/

He likes to brag about calling people's employers and getting them fired.

This has aged well. Everyone called me a jew for not worshiping Trump.

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Kyle heads up to the District of Criminals to protest against AIPAC.

Coming soon to a city near you!

I had made this for a Tik Tok before triggered jews mass flagged my account, thus taking away my upload privileges.
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This is a compilation of all of the child trafficking exposes we have done to date. Please share!

Let's decolonize fitness!
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