Come take a look at my indoor aquaponics garden, it has been some time since the last update, but the garden makes up for it with outrageous growth!

Aquaponics is the future of food production. I believe in the next 50 years with automation combined with ever perfected horticulture techniques it may be possible to produce astronomical amounts of produce in an realtively small area.

Besides large comercial aquaponics you can share in the fun it is to have a small amature setup that can be accomplished with little cash.

*Join me next time in Episode two of Aquaponics: How to Start Small With Little Ca$h.*


We live in the most interesting time to be alive in all of Human history. The rate at which humanity moves forward is astounding but sometimes the lessons of history are forgotten. This moves me to produce content that I find is invaluable in these times, a reminder that one man can make a difference, even if my story only touches one other soul. I am new to video content creation but I am no stranger to speaking my mind, even when the subjects can be occasionally difficult to stomach. I will not proclaim I am a truther, a citizen journalist, an investigator, or a farmer, I am a man with concerns and passions, some so moving I am compelled to come out of my introverted shell and share my opinion with the world.

One of my passions is Aquaponics. Aquaponics is a form of food production that marries two food production methods, Hydroponics (production of plants in water) and Aquaculture (fish farming). This form of agriculture has ties in ancient Egypt but has since had a huge resurgence in interest.

Beside aspiring to be a new-age farmer I am also very interested in Civil Rights and Liberties and have found it very important to speak my mind when it comes to the perversion and outright stripping of our inalienable Constitutional rights.

Come visit with me by my garden as I talk about current events.

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Once apon a time I was an Aviation MAchinsitst Mate 3rd Class (AW) in the United States Navy, and I swore to defend the Constitution for ALL threats foriegn and DOMESTIC. I no longer stand for the current abomination that is the US governement, I stand with the PEOPLE of this great nation BLESSED by GOD and I say to you, STAND UP for what is RIGHT and HOLY and CAST OUT all the racism, the sexism, the dividing of humanity. Don't be another subscriber of the "main stream alternate reality *"Be the Change you wish to see in the world"*

Just a quick update of my Indoor Aquaponics garden. Please leave some suggestions or questions for the next video!

In this video I visit my indoor aquaponic garden and talk about what aquaponics is and how my system works.

I would love to answer questions about aquaponics and plan to feature viewer question on future episodes.

This is an introduction video to my small indoor aquaponics system which I will cover more in later videos.

Thanks for watching! I would love to answer questions about aquaponics or my garden in general.

This is the first entry into a series of vlogs that will cover the First Amendment and how it is under attack. Please share with your friends and lets get some more people to jump ship and join Vidme.

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In this open form discussion I cover the idea of what is considered an area of assembly in regards to protest and how that those areas i.e. Youtube should be protected by the First Amendment I also talk about @davidseaman and his struggle with censorship and how that ties in with the First Amendment discussion.

Please feel free to leave me input, I want an open discussion even if it may be negative. Thanks for watching!

In this vlog I dig further into H.R.5181 the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act of 2016 or what I like to call the Fake News Act.

Thanks Obama.
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Let's help Trump live up to his word and Make America Great Again by using to let the Trumpster know what to toss in the Dumpster. #swampcreatures #draintheswamp

Please also check out these Vidme creators spreading the truth!

In light of the media propaganda blitz plaguing the airwaves some have started to shake off the notion that these news agencies are purveyors of free and impartial news and media.

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I have been noticing a lot going on in the "Hot Videos" section and how they now no longer populate most viewed videos but some arbitrary algorithm origins unknown that no longer allows content to float naturally to the top. This is a form of censorship and in this vlog I talk about why.

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Digging deeper into Cyber-space being the public square of the 21st century I uncover a speech by HRC titled "Internet Rights and Wrongs: Choices & Challenges in a Networked World" given at George Washington University in 2011.


Today I delve a little deeper into what is considered a public space, and even HRC is in agreement with me! "Cyber space, after all, is the public square of the 21st century." See Section V. Freedom of Assembly


The elite pedophilia ring has ties going much further back than John Podesta. This un-aired documentary uncovers the pedophile ring centered at Boy's Town but uncovers a much more sinister collaboration going all the way to the top of the Government.


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