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It's hard to approach the subject of masks when our society has become entirely addicted to an unhealthy practice which I believe is comparable to smoking cigarettes. Do you know how many cloth masks have been discarded on the ground throughout our cities? [Coronavirus face masks: an environmental disaster that might last generations (]. According to one article, "One February beach clean in Hong Kong found 70 masks along 100 metres of shoreline, with 30 more appearing a week later. In the Mediterranean, masks have reportedly been seen floating like jellyfish."
Aside from their environmental effects, it is absolutely criminal that masks do not come with health warnings like cigarettes do. Let's go over the mental, emotional, and social side effects of wearing masks:

Mask Side Effects:

• Impacts your ability to smile at others.
• Impacts your ability to be heard audibly.
• Decreases your mood.
• Increases anxiety.
• Increases your fear of other human beings breathing on you.
• Increases societal stigma that healthy people are ill.
• Impacts your ability to breathe fully.
• Erases your unique facial identity.
• Decreases your ability to appear and act human.

Face masks have never been shown to prevent the spread of infection in healthy individuals. In fact, there is no such thing as asymptomatic spread. We know that fancy cloth masks are not medical grade devices. Got symptoms like a fever, cough or runny nose? Get plenty of fresh air, sunlight, rest and nourishment. Take your vitamins and see a doctor who won't make you don a mask in the office. Breathing fully and completely is so central to our health. In fact if you're a yogi like I am and take time out out of your day to practice deep breathing, you'll know that that is not possible with the mask on nor would Buddah or Jesus recommend it.

If you are struggling to approach people in masks here are three angles:

1. The Comedic Angle: "In the event that you cannot breathe, please remove your mask before assisting others. Oxygen is freely flowing outside."

2. The Compassionate Angle: "I'd love to see that smile! Did you know that smiling increases your immunity and raises the vibration around you?"

Happiness and Your Immune System | Psychology Today

Why Smiling Strenghtens The Immune System — YUNA®

3. The Scientific Angle: "Did you know that the environment in your mask can breed microorganisms such as bacteria and mold? You are more susceptible to oral candida infections if you wear your mask for long periods of time."

Full-time mask-wearing brings its own set of problems - The Crimson White (

Bacteria is growing on your mask (

Want to really delve into the truth about there being no scientific backing to masks? Watch Dr. Judy Mikovitz's awesome presentation!

Join me as I read from, "The Wisdom of Michael," and go through some exercises for raising your vibration and the vibration of the planet.

Join me as I discuss where we are at in our planetary and spiritual evolution and what must happen next in order to survive and thrive.

As we evolve so does our sexuality; it is merely an aspect of our soul identity that can change over time as we experience countless physical incarnations and balance our masculine and feminine energies. We must stop living in fear of our own bodies and boldly accept ourselves and others no matter their soul expression in this lifetime.

Today’s topic is very important though it is a sensitive matter. Abuse, where does it stem from? A lot of times we grow up in abusive relationships with our parents. This abuse can be passed on to the next generation and continue in a cycle I call the chain of pain. We often are not self-aware enough to notice that the pain we suffer is not our own. What does this mean? Simply stated, hurt people hurt people. If your parents grew up with abuse, likely they will be abusive to their children unless they are able to heal their own pain.

How do we heal from abuse? The first step is to realize where the abuse came from, for example, “My fathers father was abusive,” and perhaps it goes back even further. The second step is to de-personalize the abuse, meaning, telling yourself you did nothing wrong to cause it, it was simply part of a chain reaction. The third step is learning to forgive the person who caused you the hurt. Abuse stems from self-neglect of the abuser. What I mean here is that we tend to take on others’ pain and internalize it, while neglecting our original un-hurt self. We can become very ill physically, mentally and emotionally. We can become very comfortable wearing this pain, but it is not our own. The way to end self-abuse is to heal the part of us that feels we deserve to suffer. Once we can let go of suffering, we are no longer neglecting our true being and we have decreased our chances of abusing someone else.

It is crucial to realize that as a receiver of hurt, you are a link in the chain of pain. If you want to break free of the chain, you must make a conscious decision that you no longer want to hurt. You must know without a doubt that your suffering is the result of someone else’s hurt. When you begin to see a new perspective it becomes easier to separate yourself from the chain. Ask yourself, who I am? What do I need and want for myself? Who am I without my pain? What does my life look like when I am happy and stable? We must take the attitude, “Return to sender.” The pain you took on belongs to someone else who also needs to heal his or her own hurt. Once you are able to break free of the chain you can assist others to do the same. So today I challenge you, What pain are you holding on to that came from someone else? Can you learn to forgive them over time, knowing that this pain is part of a long chain of unhealed hurt?


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