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Feb 08, 2017 / 85

S02E10: with Yasha Levine: 'In Surveillance Valley'

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This episode features journalist and writer Yasha ..



Jan 20, 2017 / 81

S02E09: with LBRY’s Jeremy Kauffman: 'The Information Apocalypse'

This episode features LBRY‘s founder and CEO, Jeremy Kauffman. Jeremy introduces us to the soon-to-be-launched, blockchain-based, P2P content platform LBRY, and discusses the excitements, challenges..



Jan 04, 2017 / 18

S02E08: with Balázs Bodó: 'Pirate Markets & Guerrilla Libraries'

In this episode we meet up with economist and piracy researcher Balázs Bodó to discuss underground pirate markets in Europe and Russia and the “Guerilla Open Access” projects of SciHub, LibGen and E..



Dec 11, 2016 / 25

S02E07: with Joe Matheny: 'The Digital Underground'

The Grey Lodge was an underground private torrent tracker used by millions of people per month in their quest to uncover the esoteric, strange and the downright weird. In this episode we hear from J..



Dec 11, 2016 / 52

S02E06: with Eleazar: 'Kodi Addons: The New Pirate Superpower?'

With up to 22m users of Kodi Addons, it’s certainly becoming a force in pirate distribution of content – some would say a new superpower. The latest episode of STEAL THIS SHOW brings us an anonymous..



Dec 11, 2016 / 20

S02E05: with Mike Bonanno from The Yes Men: 'Trolling for Justice'

In this episode we meet Mike Bonanno, aka Igor Vamos, one half of the dynamic, culture jamming activist duo The Yes Men. To date, they’ve produced three films: The Yes Men (2003), The Yes Men Fix th..



Dec 11, 2016 / 19

S02E04: Ryan X. Charles & Steven McKie: 'Decentralise All Things'

As the dominance of networks like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix increase, more and more control is exerted over what gets posted and stays posted online. Decentralised content networks are in many w..



Dec 11, 2016 / 12

S02E03: with Jim Munroe: ‘The Cyberpunk Hustle’

Jim Munroe is a Canadian science fiction author, film director and games designer. He publishes his work independently under the imprint No Media Kings.

Jim was managing editor at the magazine Adbu..



Dec 11, 2016 / 14

S02E02: with Holmes Wilson from FFTF: 'The Platform Is You’

Returning guest Holmes ‘I’m on a boat‘ Wilson (Fight For The Future) checks in from… a boat in the harbour of Rio de Janeiro to discuss the ongoing attempt to extradite Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom to th..



Dec 11, 2016 / 24

S02E01: Tamas Kocsis from Zeronet: 'End Copyright Whack-A-Mole'

In this first episode of our new season, we interview Tamas Kocsis, founder and developer of the potentially revolutionary P2P platform, Zeronet. While it’s a relatively new project with just a few ..

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