Several Western governments currently front themselves as examples of democracy to the world. However, many of these nations are essentially fake democracies. Using this allegedly pro-democracy position, they condemn nations like China, Russia, Iran, etc which have more authoritarian and absolutist governments. Liberal democracies also condemn many defunct governments of the past.

In this video, I examine several of these governments (especially the G7/Group of 7) to see whether they live up to the lip service they pay to democracy. The Group of Seven includes the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. I also examine how several of these governments were created and what they replaced. Understanding the historical context of governments that claim to be democratic is critical to judging their legitimacy.

This video is about what these phony democracies look like.


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A dive in to the darkest parts of social media. In this video, I'm analyzing why groomers and predators are so common on the platforms Twitter and Discord.

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0:00 Introduction
2:08 Problem I: Pornography
4:18 Problem II: Platform Rules & Reporting Systems
6:03 Problem III: Twitter & Discord Leadership
9:35 Conclusion


Sexual Exploitation
Video Essay
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Ban Porn
Jack Dorsey
Social Media
Deep dive
Jason Citron

Exploring race and ethnicity in Attack on Titan. This season does not contain spoilers beyond the most recent season of the anime (Season 4).

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Is Wikipedia a reliable source, or is it as prone to bias and false information as any other media outlet? In this video, we explore the fundamental problems of modern Wikipedia, and discover how the website regularly lies to its readers. One of the most basic lies Wikipedia tells is that it has a neutrality policy - in reality, the policy has glaring flaws. It's frequently used to assert liberal left worldviews as fact, as if they were the neutral statements of truth. On issues including (but not limited to) race and crime, drug legalization, and even religion, Wikipedia presents unbalanced and in some cases outright misleading information. The website has gotten to the point that its own co-founder, Larry Sanger, even wrote an article verbally destroying it. The article, titled 'Wikipedia Is Badly Biased' will be linked below. Other sources, including the many different studies documenting Wikipedia's left wing bias, are also linked.

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Wikipedia Is Badly Biased by Larry Sanger -

Do Experts or Collective Intelligence Write with More Bias? Evidence from
Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia -

Ideology and Composition Among an Online Crowd: Evidence from Wikipedians -

Wikipedia Source Analysis -

Differential rates of disciplinary action reveals evidence of political bias in Wikipedia's arbitration enforcement -

Music used in this video (in chronological order):
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Rome HQ - Jeff Van Dyck

n January 6th, a pro-Trump protest of over 100,000 people took place in the US Capitol during the Electoral College count. The intent of the protest was to show displeasure at what the protesters saw as election fraud being ignored. During the protest, several people breached police barricades and eventually somehow got into the Congress building. While in the Congress building, Congress was locked down and the protesters engaged in a variety of antics, including sitting in the offices of House members. The protesters later dispersed with little fanfare. One unarmed female protester, Ashli Babbit, was shot and killed by a Congress guard before the incident was over.

Predictably, the media is painting the event as an attempted coup, and is justifying massive social media crackdowns as a result. Trump's 81 million follower account was banned from Twitter, along with several other pro-Trump figures such as Sydney Powell and General Mike Flynn. Tens of thousands of other accounts were also purged. We now enter uncharted waters of tech power, where even the president can be banned. Alt tech will be even more important moving forward.

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✔️Discord - is, perhaps, the most politically censored mainstream social media website in the world. While advertising itself as a platform for discussion of anything, a quick look at their administrator and moderator behavior shows this is anything but the case. r/The_Donald, the largest Reddit forum (or subreddit) dedicated to supporters of Donald Trump, was censored in many different ways leading in to both the 2018 and 2020 elections. By June 2020, the subreddit was outright banned. This video provides a full forensic analysis of how Reddit censored the forum (as well as many others that were similar to it politically).

With the 2020 election concluded, it's an excellent time to analyze the type of censorship that hindered President Trump and his supporters for the past several years. This is the Rise and Fall of r/the_Donald. Some naïve people, even some who support Trump, are unaware of or deny that big tech bias and censorship is a problem. This video makes it perfectly clear that tech censorship is real, pervasive, based on double standards, and sways elections. If people want a fair political landscape in the future, tech companies must have their unchecked power to censor limited via legislation or the judiciary. Alt tech websites are also a good alternative, though they shouldn't be seen as the total solution in and of themselves.

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Pornography is one of the greatest, but at the same time most overlooked, problems of the modern world. This video analyzes the history of pornography's legalization, the industry that currently surrounds and produces porn, the effects of porn on the human brain and behavior, and what can be done to fix the porn problem at both an individual and societal level. This is how Pornography Destroys Your Mind. The term 'porn use' and masturbation to porn are synonymous in the modern lexicon, and are used as such in this video.

This video is particularly relevant for those interested in Nofap, those who are trying to avoid porn, those skeptical of porn but unsure of its effects, or really anyone who's willing to learning the truth about pornography. If you're someone doing 'No Nut November' (NNN), this video is also relevant.
Link to the PMO Hackbook to those looking for help quitting porn -

Music Used In Order of Appearence:

Blackout - myuu
Into The Depths- myuu
Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig van Beethoven

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I was serious when I said pornography's negative effects are well documented and scientifically verified. Special thanks to @thuletide on Twitter and the Your Brain on Porn website for gathering and compiling much of this research.

A review of the riots and protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020, and the chain of events that lead up to them. The situation regarding the shooting of Jacob Blake is explained, and the events involving Kyle Rittenhouse are also mentioned. The connection between these riots and others like them in the US in 2020 is analyzed. These other riots/protests include those in Minneapolis and Seattle over the death of George Floyd. The clips used in this video are shown for informational and educational purposes.


Music edited into this video in order of appearence:
Art of Silence - by Uniq
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This video explores why people like anime girls. Specifically, the female characters in the Japanese anime industry. This video answers "Why do people like anime girls?" and "Why do people use anime avatars?". Analysis is given of several reasons behind anime's popularity, especially in Western countries. Some of the animes featured in the video include Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, K-On!, Re:Zero, We Can't Study, Love Lab, Violet Evergarden, and more.

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This video is a response/rebuttal/debunking of the abortion video produced by AsapSCIENCE. It addresses many common pro-choice talking points and offers pro-life insight on many issues surrounding abortion. Many different abortion facts and arguments are carefully examined. Abortion misconceptions are corrected. With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the opening of a Supreme Court seat in the United States, the subject of abortion is a hot topic again in American politics and culture. Many hope Roe V Wade may be overturned. This video is commentary/criticism and protected under Fair Use.

If you have other videos you'd like me to respond to, suggest them in the comments!

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Is the United States a “Nation of Immigrants”? Does America's history justify modern mass immigration into the country? In this video, we review the subject, as well as some other commonly put forward pro-immigration ideas.

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0:00 Opening and Background
1:27 Colonial Period
4:27 Naturalization
6:12 Statue of Liberty/E pluribus unum
7:12 Discussion of the Immigration wave between 1880 and 1920
10:12 1924, Introduction of the Quota System
11:36 Review of the US by the 1950s
13:49 How the 1965 Immigration Act changed immigration
17:06 Conclusion
Music edited into the video, in order of appearence:
1. Preliator - Globus
2. Divinitus - Jeff van Dyck, Rome Total War OST
3. Für Elise - Ludwig van Beethoven
4. Blow the Man Down - The Midshipmen Glee Club
5. Swan Lake Main Theme - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
6. Spring - Vivaldi
7. Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig van Beethoven
8. Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart
9. The Red Army Is the Strongest - Red Army Choir
10. Dream Away - Free Vibes
11. The Blue Danube - Johann Strauss II


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