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We all remember the recent lies Yuriy “Chernobor” Kuzmenkov (Vasilyev) attempted to spread about him being Kaldrad’s “friend”, a person who helped Kaldrad, who was given “BlazeBirthHall copyrights” as a “miraculous gift” from “thankful and generous” Kaldrad . As well as the recent attempts of this impostor and his friends (like “Moroth” from Stermatis) to claim the name of “BlazebBirth Hall”.

Enough of lies.

It looks like the time has come to “give to the world” the voice of Kaldrad (the only true voice of BlazeBirthHall), where he ultimately designates to the proverb who is so called “Chernobor” / Yuriy Kuzmenkov / Yiriy Vasilyev / Ragnarok Records.

First hand info – clearing all the possible lies and claims. Kaldrad never had and never agreed to have any connections neither with this “lisping freak” and “scumbag”, not with his friends and accomplices like “Moroth” of Sternatis.

This recording was made by me (Alexandra), on 5th of January 2018, at Kaldrads own place in Podolsk.

On this day, “Chernobor” invited “Moroth”, “Dagorath” and another ex-musician to get drunk and plan the “new BlazeBirthHall” enterprise. After consuming a considerable amount of booze, “Chernobor” provoked others from his company to call Kaldrad in attempts to stir up a conflict, record the call and then use it for his usual petty frame-ups.
The main message they planned to convey through this talk was the following: Kaldrad isn’t true BlazeBirthHall. From now on, BlazeBirthHall is a flock of these people headed by “Chernobor”, but if Kaldrad wants, they are kindly “allowing” him to join in exchange for “official status”.

Their claims may sounds like nonsense, circus, bullshit or plain schizophrenia, but this is the world these people live in. A few losers trying to protest and get something which they never lived up to, never deserved, never spilled their blood for. All for the sake of effortless fame and gain through distorting facts, lying and attempting to pretend on something more important than they ever were.



Dramatis Personae:

Vladislav “Moroth” Tretyak, the main Kaldrad’s interlocutor in this dialogue, a former actor of “Shalom” jewish theatre - https://www.kino-teatr.ru/kino/acter/m/ros/8779/bio/ , TV soap opera third actor, a frontman of Sternatis, an impostor who tries to sell himself as “BlazeBirth Hall member” (neither him nor his project were never considered as a part of BlazeBirth Hall). He is “Chernobor”’s accomplice in “BlazeBirth Hall” faking fraud.

“Chernobor” - Yuri “Chernobor” Kuzmenkov (now changed his surname to Vasilyev) – well known FSB and police informer in Russia, a freak, a liar and a thief, a former obsessive fan of Kaldrad, who after being refused turned into Kaldrad’s hater. This person, who never was any kind of Kaldrad’s fellow or even his contact now claims to be the “owner of BlazeBirth Hall copyrigths” and releases bootleg titles under “Ragnarok Records” moniker. Also known as “kartavyj” (i.e. lisp, because of his inborn speech defect)

“Vitalik” – Vitaliy “Dagorath” Danilov. The founder and frontmen of Rundagor. Ex-member of Forest, he was excommunicated from BlazeBirth Hall by Kaldrad and Gegner back in 1999 (there were even rumours that he was murdered by Kaldrad himself). After 20 years of hiding he came out of nowhere as another accomplice to “Chernobor” in his attempt to expropriate “BlazeBirth Hall” name

“Ptitza” - Alexander “Ptitza” Grachev – the former guitarist of Kaldrad’s first Death Metal band Кремация Блаженных (Creamation of the Holy Ones), was a session musician on 1st FOREST recording, he left musical activities in mid 90’s and have lived regular everyman life ever since

Phone talk between Boris Kaldrad and a few swindlers, the key recording that will shed light on the legacy of the BBH these days and the whole fraud attempt of ratnarok / Asrar and hammerbund records.
A detailed review of the despiceable doings of "Chernobor" (aka "ragnarok records" fraud)


Запись онлайн-лекции Алексея Лёвкина, проведенной для соратников из Центурии во время весеннего карантина 2020 года. Канал автора - https://t.me/thulesignal

We announce the birth of the New Era in purifying fires, The Flame has been granted to us, the phenomenal Blaze of Youth, of comradeship and highest aspirations, accompanied with the perception of our proud and bitter fate. The symbol of the swirling Sunwheel clarified the reason of our existence - it hypnotizes with its perfection and opens the eyes of those, who remember the past, but always aspire forward towards our ideal - the Men of Future!
On December 11th at Heretic Fest in Kiev, Ukraine, M8L8TH would perform "Teorassologie" live for the first time ever along with our classic tracks.

Invitations to our knightly camp:
[email protected]

Свежее интервью с Михаилом, только что прибывшего из Индонезии обратно в Киев

Запись онлайн-лекции Алексея Лёвкина, проведенной для соратников из Центурии во время весеннего карантина 2020 года. Канал автора - https://t.me/thulesignal

Хороший кавер из 2012 года

Памятный 2012 год

A fragment of the upcoming DVD


Средневековый героический эпос. Как возник стержень европейской поэтической традиции, почему он был создан рыцарями? Где его корни и что он значит для нас сегодня? Та Европа, что вдохновляет.


Смотрим, вспоминаем

Last night a new organization was created in the mystical Ukrainian forest - CENTURIA.

Either all or nothing - the motto of the organization refers to the history of Rome and the foundations of European Civilization, which guards the Order against Chaos, the unity against disunity and the patriarchal values of the Brotherhood against a feminine and driven crowd.

The new organization with Eternal Values is probably exactly what was missing in the political (and above all meta-political) arena of Eastern Europe, where the Heart of our resistance beats! We are watching the development, and the beginning is beautiful!

Средневековый героический эпос. Как возник стержень европейской поэтической традиции, почему он был создан рыцарями? Где его корни и что он значит для нас сегодня? Та Европа, что вдохновляет.


The long-awaited EP from M8L8TH is now available for the order at Heretic Camp!

The release includes digipak with booklet, A3 format poster and unique essence of secret Theology, found by damned musicians.

The set with additionally included t-shirt (men sizes from S to XXL) is also available for purchase via HERETIC.CAMP website, or drop us an e-mail at [email protected] to complete the purchase.

Coming soon at HERETIC.CAMP

Лекция Алексея Лёвкина на тему Мужских Воинских Сообществ и их роли в истории

“Enchanted with the Ashes of Space,
With the darkness itself! Thule - the guardian of Spearheaded Stronghold…
The anthems are ready for the death of the rabble!
Unflattering Symbol of immortal values:
The light of the blue eyes – confronting the world
My Conscience flies over this human-beast,

This album is dedicated to Boris Kaldrad. A part of lines of the main track belongs to his hand.

The long-awaited edition in a form of digipack with booklet and A3-format poster can be ordered at Militant Zone’s group in VK -https://vk.com/market-119563717
, at this email @id308509351 (use VPN), or via our post [email protected]

The release is also available at Heretic Camp http://heretic.camp/product/m8l8th-teorassologie-ep-2020/
, where you can not only buy the physical copy of the album, but also download the digital-version in order to support the musicians. The album’s lyrics are also available at this page.


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