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The time has come to stop faking it, and start remaking it into an awakening of intimately balanced raw humanity.... transhumanity is misdirection into totalitarian enslaved humanity. The Elite believe that they have finally discovered the way to live hundreds of years via synthetic RNA sequencing.... and if they can just get rid of us, they can finally have earth all to themselves to be a narcissistic playground where they can be unencumbered, sadistic perverts in "peace."

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What is all this technology for? We hear every day that developments have reached a new level. That now we can blink and learn a new language immediately. We already have one foot in the Matrix, but everyone remembers what those technologies led to ... And who needs them? You and me? Or someone else? It's time to wake up and pick a red pill.
This Vlog was recorded at the end of April. It's time to share.

#ArtWithAim a 75 year old nurse of 50 years, who has been a democrat for 40 years, shares her ideas on current events, and how she makes a difference.

#ArtWithAim Is it possible that what is happening in Victoria, Melbourne Australia is happening in many places in the western world? Australia had infinite reports of arson when their country was on fire, and yet the forerunners of the NWO, the Great Reset, denied all of it in their heavily funded news platforms.
We’ve seen the exact same situation unfurling in California, Oregon and Washington state... countless reports of arson, use of Directed Energy Weapons, as well as draconian new normal mandates. However, nothing but denial from the news outlets owned by the proponents, and leaders, of the new NWO normals.

Australian activist @DaveOneegs even disclosed vital information about Victorian police no longer representing Australia, but employed by the Strong Cities Network: a privatized police force governed by global NGOs, and George Soros is one of its biggest funders via “Open Society Foundation.” Check it out: and

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Airika’s interview from 2013, with marine biologist John Aquaman. What they discussed then connects with what is happening now with Bill Gates, his GMO and vaccine agenda using philanthrocapitalism. Connecting the DOTS of bigger picture.

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Microalgae! Restoring and repairing our mother earth is a unifying goal for all nations that can, and should, eclipse economic motives and political or corporate competitiveness. An estimated 300,000 algae species exist, each with many potential applications that are renewable, sustainable, and economical sources of biofuels, nutritional supplements, pollution mitigation/bioremediation, cures for diseases, sources of low light (bioluminescent algae) and more!

Profit obsessed venture capitalists are a grave threat to this incredibly useful organism being utilized at the scale that it should be, as they control who and what gets investment money. The irony in this fact (that the good stewards of our shared planet must solve) is that the same people who could prevent the success of the integration of microalgae into our global community, are the exact people who have polluted and ravaged the environment for their exclusive gain. Perhaps an even greater question for the conclusion of this video should be: HOW will we (earth protectors/artists with AIM) get profiteers and polluters out of the way in order to manifest the myriad creative ideas, without their relentless and continued obstruction?

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