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Iben Thranholm's Interview with Mike Church laying out the eerie similarities of 2017 'Muricah and 1917 Russia. Will there be a coup to take out President Trump? Has 2 generations of Marxist propaganda laid the groundwork for revolution?

The Real Amityville Horror Pt I of IV - "Horror Makes A Home". Mike Church enlists the aid of demonologist and former NYPD Sergeant Ralph Sarchie (Deliver Us From Evil) to look at the Amityville Horror case as Catholics searching for demonic activity for the first time since Ed & Lorraine Warren's famous investigation in 1976.

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The longest running radio talk show in the history of satellite radio (still) has moved to my own network and channel: The CRUSADE Channel part of the Veritas Radio Network. The Mike Church Show is LIVE every weekday from 05:00-11:00 a.m. Central and I still administer daily doses of The Founding Father's Red Pill, sprinkled with a few drops of Holy Water.