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Jul 19, 2017 / 33

Reiki Boost

Hello Beauty-Full Souls!

Here's another mini-reiki boost with love from The Reiki Forest!

Thank you FOR BEING YOU!!! Namaste

Music By: Silent Partner



Jul 18, 2017 / 45

Up With The Birds ~ A Dose of Nature Therapy to Start the Day (Reiki Boost)

Begin Your Day with a little Nature Therapy...

Join The Reiki Forest as we take a minute to appreciate our friends the birds & their beauty-full songs.

Let us Relax, Breathe & Receive the gift of ..



Jul 17, 2017 / 31

Nature Therapy to Start Your Day - 1 Minute Reiki Boost with the Birds

Begin Your Day with a little Nature Therapy...take a minute to listen to the birds while allowing the current of Universal Life Force Energy to enter into your Heart and permeate your Being.

This b..



Jul 16, 2017 / 59

A Nature Therapy Moment ~ Deer Medicine

Just another day in Western Maine :)

Here's a mini dose of Deer Medicine with some Reiki Love!

Spirit reminds us to trust our intuition..especially during this time.

Bright Blessings Friends ~ N..



Jul 16, 2017 / 45

Reiki For Renewal of Physical Vitality, Mental Clarity & Enhanced Intuitive Abilities

Relax, Breathe & Receive this boost of Universal Life Force.

This mini treatment is intended to attune you with elemental energies, increasing your physical vitality, mental clarity and intuition.



Jun 24, 2017 / 94

A Nature Therapy Moment (Butterfly Puddling) 1 Min. Meditation

Hello Friends!

Did you know that Butterflies rest and rejuvenate along the river, drinking water and minerals from the sand?

This Nature Therapy Moment is infused with Reiki and brought to you wit..



Jun 18, 2017 / 157

Nature Therapy - 1 Minute Reiki Boost

with love from The Reiki Forest




May 24, 2017 / 78

One Minute Meditation - Nature Therapy (Reiki Boost)

with Love from The Reiki Forest!




Apr 25, 2017 / 110

Reiki Boost ~ Perseverance, Increased Personal Power and Enhanced Perception

Hello Beauty-Full Souls!

Please relax and Injoy a frequency adjustment with Reiki & Tchaikovsky..


As with all Reiki Forest Healing Transmissions, this Reiki Boost has been created as a g..



Apr 22, 2017 / 137

Reiki for Clearing Meridians, Balancing Chakras & Energizing the Aura

Hello Beauty-Full Souls!

This Reiki Boost has been created to assist us with clearing and removing any blockages from our meridians, enabling our chakra system to come into balance & harmony, thus ..

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