The World of Dante

This is a look with a few examples, of the agent in charge, and who I deal with.
In the end its about what this agent chooses to believe without even looking.

I leave any day now, things these agents have gotten away with and more mistakes for the next agents to clean up.

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An Info Dump I Attempted to give to the KGB/SVR in 2014. One of the best videos I have done in years based on them not affecting me heavily.

Currently, today- the day of posting this, Patsie and her agents copy the CIA and bombard me with Q and A sessions in which Patsie and her agents get to the bottom of my "cleverly constructed delusional world". The CIA had a lot of questions about Horvat and her officers before I left Germany, and so bombarded me for getting last minute info before I left.
But for Patsie and her agents, it only LOOKED that way for me as opposed to actually being that way, as the CIA has explained to these agents. So naturally Patsie and her agents are cleverly mimicking the CIA. Of course these agents really do have last minute questions, but most of it is junk, never mind Patsie putting her clever answers and spin on things, all of which is incorrect.
But no one around here is interested in being accurate, at least they are consistent.

Humor mixed with serious subjects- the subject of free speech, cencorship, demonitization

If you believe and follow the advice of the CIA you are a moron. They have something to hide, thus the "tips and advice"- its real rocket science.....

They just erased all the text, this is my 2nd attempt. They will erase my memory so that good points are lost because they dont have those piints "explained away".
You hear my ex talk about crawling into a corner and curling up thinking her ex was going to kill her. And how her ex Jason, helped her to get therapy and treatment. Jason is her ex-bf who she pushed into suicide, A DETAIL WHICH PROVES THE CIA HAD NOT PREINFORMED MY EX DAWN, THAT I WOULD BE CALLING- multiple stories to this.

Also for dumbasses like my parents, and possibly my sister, the FBI has obviously gotten away with their continued lie. In other words inspite of the pedophile cop and racist at 911, inspite of those happening first and inspite of multiple points brought up in videos and my books, AND INSPITE OF THE FBI NEVER SAYING ANY OF THIS 30 YEARS AGO (Which for anyone not a dumbass like my USA family PROVES the FBI is lying after the fact), somehow the FBI has gotten away with the same lie, regardless of having my ex on tape. This obviously says something about the intelligence level and quality of my USA family.

So I will address points in another video down the road here.

That said my sister has done Stalking for the FBI 2 times now, and has not even asked real questions. HEY, if you are going to get your hands dirty, then make sure to ask questions and to find out the truth.
And a newsflash for you: They sell you lines of shit, then arrange for me to speak with you, THEN THEY AFFECT ME for confirming lies they said in the first fucking place.
I have been speaking of this for years on fucking end, geezus, how fucking stupid are you? Am I supposed to believe you are THIS stupid? So I reserve judgment, but not by much.
You did read my fucking books, didnt you? And read the file I sent to agencies in 2014, didnt you? IF YOU CAN NOT FIGURE OUT THE TRUTH, WHICH IS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS TO ANY FIELD AGENT NOT EVE..

Part of a phone conversation with my mother.

A cassette I did for agencies.
The Motz Kuh- from a childrens book. A friendly face we put on this technology being misused, for our daughter. We had no choice, as this technology was being misused on our daughter.

We would speak about being affected, after having been affected, who the hell would not? Its common sense.


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