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This is a walk and talk about the current state of affairs the United States finds itself in politically. We are currently under the control of private central bankers who are inflating the currency and messing with the controls to drive the USA into hyperinflation. Meanwhile the populace is arguing over the latest banker war that they fund both sides of. Israel or Palestine what side are you on today? Make sure to post about it and join a side as the for profit ethnic cleansing program continues on IRL. AI is being groomed for it’s coming existence as the internet is censored before it is unleashed and can learn anything meaningful. Soon the elite will wipe enough people out with their soft kill depopulation programs that it won’t matter because without the robots society would fall apart with no workers. It’s all by design and those who can see what’s going on now I am speaking truth, whereas those who don’t know are going to deny the reality I am speaking of.

This is #MemeWars 22 first 15 mins: The Best Meme Show on the planet. We have all the best Solar Eclipse Memes, Rapture Memes, Movie Memes and so many more. This is a comedic meme show, and if you don't like it well too bad. Meme Wars are winning the hearts and minds of all the people as we wage memetic warfare against the elite and their puppets. There is no surrender just more memes. Strap in and get those warfare folders ready for a mega download, we felting the psyops today.

Show Memes will be on HIVE: https://hive.blog/memewars/@titusfrost/show-notes-memewars-22-after-the-solar-eclipse-rapture-we-remain-to-fight-the-meme-war-against-p-diddy

This is an epic livestream about various topics that you can only hear about live. We will go over the most relevant news from the recent Baltimore Bridge collapse to the P Diddy allegations. Get ready for a wild ride as always.

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/shownotes/@titusfrost/show-notes-america-is-under-attack-from-within-where-is-p-diddy-nick-fuentes-coglife-and-internet-scum

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This is Meme Wars show number 21, a comedy show with the best Memes on the internet all in one place. We have more memes than the Meme gods. Today's major memes are Haitian's being cannibals, Woke Nonsense getting felted, and the free Palestine fire man makes an appearance. All in all it has been awhile since a #MemeWars show and we needed one badly. Strap in and prepare to be Memed to death.
Show Notes: https://hive.blog/memewars/@titusfrost/memewars-21-haiti-wants-an-american-bbq-woke-nonsense-gone-wild-free-palestine

These are epic ski and snowboard crashes assembled into a YouTube Short. #Ski #Snowboard #Shorts Part 2!

This is a YouTube Shorts compilation of beautiful views of skiing and snowboarding videos. I do not own these videos, they are all from instagram. These are the most beautiful views of skiing.

Background song: "warner case & Bhaskar - do my own thing": https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/warner-case-bhaskar-do-my-own-thing

These are epic ski and snowboard crashes assembled into a YouTube Short. #Ski #Snowboard #Shorts

This is a new #STWT episode where I break down all the most important news of the past week. From the global war that we are currently involving the Belt and Road Nations to the never ending psyops taking place in the West. The rise of the Multi Polar World order is the bigger picture as I expose the plans of the elite.

Topics today:
Belt and Road Wars
Multi Polar World Order
Tucker Carlson and Vlad Putin
Iran Antarctica
Russian Space Nukes
China Military
War in Space
Flat Earth
Alex Jones
Alex Stein
#CogLife Cog's World
Nick Fuentes
America First Groypers
Vaush loli lover, Tipster and Keffals
American cities in downfall

Plus much more.

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/shownotes/@titusfrost/show-notes-stwt-never-ending-bankster-wars-iia-psyops-vaush-the-loli-pedo-the-real-illegal-invasion

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This is a compilation of amazing skiing clips taken from all over the world in 2023 and 2024 from a variety of skiers including professional skiers. The first video clip is me skiing at Loon Mountain. I do not own these other videos. I edited these videos into a compilation. The main credit in this video goes to all of the skiers seen in this. I hope you enjoy this edit. Be sure to subscribe! Craziest jump in this is over a chairlift!

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOJIiCtOeR8lvFHRGVG7EjA?sub_confirmation=1

"Kool-Aid" by Bring Me the Horizon: https://soundcloud.com/bring-me-the-horizon/kool-aid

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This is Cog's World who spent 5 hours coping and seething and trying to back out of a fight with Salvo Pancakes. I saw this and decided to spice things up for #QanonSec by entering the fray. Soon Cog was seething about my comments and my 1 super chat for the next 3 hours. This is some of the coping and seething.

Warning the #CogLife cope and seethe fest here is reaching dangerous levels of internet whining.

Who is "Cog's World"? #CogLife he is a worthless content creator who e whores for a living and covers the rage pig known as Ethan Ralph who somehow is even less worthless than Cog. It's a battle to the bottom of society. He is easily triggered and loves to seethe.

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Welcome to #MemeWars the comedy show that is here to make Meme History. We have the best memes from the recent meme mines of the internet and I bring them to you from the digital sea. Welcome to the funniest meme show online. Feel free to download these memes and use them for memetic warfare. This show is a live show, and clearly drives the satanic wizard cult very angry for some reason.

Welcome to Meme Wars back from the ashes again.

This is my original #PizzaGate documentary that reached over 1 million views in 24 hours in 2016 when the story first broke. I go over the creepy instagram network of these satanic pedophiles associated with Comet Pizza. This research has never been debunked and the network of Satanists has been attacking me since the day I released this. This weekend they deleted my 11th youtube channel, as this information is meant to be suppressed. So as a gift to the Satanic cult that does not want to be exposed.

I am uploading all my original work to Rumble.
I have done updated documentaries on this subject since, however this was my original documentary.

Tonight’s stream is about the latest and most important news that has taken place recently. I will be going over the latest news inspired psyops from the mainstream media and the alternative larpers as well. #QanonSec runs the net and so long as we do these larps will not be allowed to continue unabated.

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/stwt/@titusfrost/show-notes-qanonsec-versus-the-never-ending-war-of-psyops

On the docket:
Owen Benjamin vs High Impact Flix
The Belt and Road Bankster War
Robotic Takeover of Society
Nikki Failey aka Nikki Hailey
Joe Biden
Illegal Immigration
QanonSec versus the following larpers: Tere Joyce, America First, Teddy Feaser, Alex Stein, Mersh, Cog, Kino Casino’s Andy Warsky.

Bonus show on Rumble topics: https://rumble.com/c/TitusFrost
PA False Flag

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If you were President, what would you do to fix America?

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I address the recent escalation in the Belt and Road Wars with US troops being killed by drone attack, and the Yemeni’s firing at a British warship. I go over my Nikki Haley encounter.

Canary Cry interview: https://rumble.com/v49hv5z-nikkis-nightmare-captain-titus-frost-exclusive-on-nikki-haley-encounter-ccr.html

I also go over the Owen Benjamin versus High Impact Flix debate breifly. Also #QanonSec news.

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This is an interview with the Thomas Schoenberger about the untimely death of Isaac Kappy and the attempt to frame him and Hoax Wars by The Phoenix Enigma and Defango. The receipts you all asked for and the questions you want answered. What is the Judas prophecy ridiculous?

Thanks for playing and remember #QanonSec runs the net.

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After spending the day skiing in New Hampshire, I decided to stop on my way home for some Chic-Fil-A. Turns out Nikki Haley was there on her birthday and she was just waiting to get felted.

Nikki wastes hundreds of millions of dollars on advertisements of herself and then advocates for constant foreign wars. Does she take care of the Vets? No, she just wants to waste money on her doomed campaign while advocating for more bankers wars. You can see her demonic side come out as I trap her into a question she cannot answer.

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This is it ladies and larpers alike, the grand finale of the #LOTY 2023 Larper of the Year Awards. This final livestream is the one to decide them all, who will be crowned King or Queen Larper for their performance in 2023. Who will join the ranks of Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and Vlad Zelensky! We have the final larp squad assembled, and we are ready for the final epic showdown.

Rules: Audience decides who wins.

Votes on Rumble count 2x:

Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/TitusFrost

You can super chat on Rumble and that is the dollar amount x your vote.

You can before the show starts add a handicap by sending me a paypal with your vote, once again the dollar amount is x times your vote. All paypal votes must be in before the show starts.

Paypal: https://paypal.me/CaptainTitusFrost

At the end the Audience decides what the trophy for this year's larper is.

The finalists are:
Phoenix Enigma
Cog #CogLife
Owen Benjamin
Tere Joyce’s Wig
Mersh (if still alive)
Greta Thunberg
Yuval Harari
Sean Penn
Taylor Swift
Bill Clinton
Joe Biden
Jesse Davis
Klaus Schwab
Jason Goodman
Alex Stein
JF Gariepy

Welcome to the Semi Finals of the Larper of the Year 2023! Who has larped the hardest in 2023 and has brought HONOR AMONG LARPERS! We will decide tonight! You may only watch if you are also larping.

Due to the Fact we have soooo many larpers this year, we have to have a two part Larper of the Year Finals! This will be the semi finals where we decide who will enter the finals.

The audience decides who wins by voting in the live chat. Votes on Rumble count x2.

The Audience Can Super Chat on Rumble to buy votes if that feature works. Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/TitusFrost

The nominated Larpers to vote on...

#LOTY 2023 Finalists (assorted by random) winner will be decided by vote, numbers below mean nothing but where they got randomly placed by the bracket after hitting randomize multiple times.

1. Elon Musk
2. JF Gariepy
3. Taylor Swift
4. Donald Trump
5. Dylan Mulvaney
6. Ryn Dawson
7. Klaus Schwab
8. Jason Scoop Comedy
9. Owen Benjamin
10. Jason Goodman
11. Joe Biden
12. Andrew Tate
13. Mark Rutte
14. Bill Clinton
15. Alex Stein
16. Cog aka #CogLife
17. Lujan
18. Vivek Ramaswamy
19. David Hogg
20. Yuval Harari
21. Greta Thunberg
22. Travis Kelce
23. Jonathon Greenblatt ADL
24. Ron DeSantis
25. Tere Joyce’s Wig
26. Alex Jones
27. Jesse Davis
28. Mersh (if still alive)
29. Sean Penn
30. Nick Fuentes
31. The Miami Aliens
32. Phoenix Enigma

This is the intro video for the most prestigious award in the history of mankind that is of course the #LarperOfTheYear #LOTY Award. Every winner enters an elite circle of larpers, and of course the best larpers run society and politics. We also have some online edge lords and professional larping victims online in alt media who may win. Every year is decided by you the audience. Join tonight to nominate our top 12 larpers.

Past #LOTY winners cannot be nominated.
2019 Prince Andrew
2020 Bill Gates
2021 Dr. Fauci
2022 Vlad Zelensky

Who will win for their 2023 performance?

Background Song: "Lies and Deceptions" by Infected Mushroom: https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/infected-mushroom-lies-and-deceptions-bad-computer-remix

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This is the 5th annual #LOTY #LarperOfTheYear Award Nomination Show! This is a show where the audience picks their favorite larpers for the year 2023 and we nominate the top 12 larpers of the year. Next week we will vote to decide who wins the overall Larper of the Year Award. However to win the most prestigious award of all time, one must first be nominated and make it into the top 12. It has been a hell of a year for larping as always, who will join the famous likes of our past winners?

2019 LOTY: Prince Andrew
2020: LOTY: Bill Gates
2021: LOTY: Dr. Fauci
2022: LOTY: Vlad Zelensky

None of the previous winners can win this year. Good luck to the rest of the field! Join the live show to nominate your favorite larper for 2023!

1 Owen Benjamin
2 Nick Fuentes
3 Alex Stein
4 Phoenix Enigma
5 Jesse Davis
6 Tere Joyce
7 Alex Jones
8 Donald Trump
9 Bill Clinton
10 Joe Biden
11 Cog
12 Sean Penn
13 Jason Goodman
14 ADL Greenblatt
15 Greta
16 Andrew Tate
17 Taylor Swift
18 Travis Kelce
19 Mersh
20 Yuval Harari
21 Vivek Ramaswamy
22 Dylan Mulvaney
23 Mark Rutte
24 Ron Desanctimonious
25 Jason Scoop

In this video I go over the recent Jeffrey Epstein files that were released from the Virginia Guiffre lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell. The court has started to release more documents to the public which is shedding further light on the “Epstein Client List”. So I deep dived the recent document drop live on air.

The names and people discussed in this segment include: Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Lesley Wexner, Sarah Kellen, Ehud Barak, Nadia Marcinkova, Mark Epstein, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, Stephen Hawking, Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Hanks, and many more.

Show Notes: https: //hive.blog/shownotes/@titusfrost/show-notes-the-epstein-client-list-released-qanonsec-investigates-interactive-internet-activities-and-psyops

Full Show: https: //hive.blog/epstein/@titusfrost/the-epstein-client-list-released-qanonsec-investigates-interactive-internet-activities-and-psyops

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This is a segment of my show regarding the untimely death of actor Isaac Kappy. During this segment I am reviewing the claims of Phoenix Enigma and his self proclaimed autistic friend “Geo” regarding Isaac Kappy’s Keybase group.

The question asked: Why did whoever runs Isaac’s Keybase delete all the chats after Isaac passed and before they let the public in to see what was going on in his inner circle?

The answer given is: Geo built and or took over Isaac’s Keybase and then decided who was safe to be allowed in there. Then Geo turned the Keybase into an underground railroad for children abuse survivors to find safe places to hide.

These are the claims being made, and I am pressing F hard for doubt.

Full Show: https://hive.blog/epstein/@titusfrost/the-epstein-client-list-released-qanonsec-investigates-interactive-internet-activities-and-psyops

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/shownotes/@titusfrost/show-notes-the-epstein-client-list-released-qanonsec-investigates-interactive-internet-activities-and-psyops

Watch the show on Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/TitusFrost

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The main topic of the show tonight will be going over the recent court released documents from the Virginia Guffre versus Ghislaine Maxwell case, involving Jeffrey Epstein. The main names discussed were Glen Dubin, Bill Richardson, Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Nadia Marcinkova, etc. We will fully deep dive these new documents.

The rest of the show will be a typical Ghost Pirates aka #QanonSec deep dive of the recent news stories. I will be going over the claims by Phoenix Enigma regarding Isaac Kappy's death. I will be discussing Ethan Ralph of the Killstream who is a pathetic fat loser. Plus many many more topics.

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/shownotes/@titusfrost/show-notes-the-epstein-client-list-released-qanonsec-investigates-interactive-internet-activities-and-psyops

Watch the show on Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/TitusFrost

After many years and consideration and research, I’ve come up with the following thoughts on the untimely death, and possible murder of Isaac Kappy. Let me know what you think down below in the comment sections and if there’s anything that I missed, you can let me know as well. However, I still find this death to be extremely strange, and the people surrounding it to be even stranger.

#QanonSec runs the net.

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