TrumpX presents Owen Benjamin Vs. The World Volume One. A short mockumentary of the now infamous, and reluctant warlord. Comedy isn't dead folks, its just changing. I actually found a Jewish Janitor! I hope you have as much fun watching this as I did making it. Don't forget to hit the Rogan's Up button. Logos Rising!

So I've not been quite so active online lately because I've been looking for a "job" I was offered employment at a temp agency the other day. Having an understanding that the W4 is a "voluntary" agreement, I asked the simple question "Can I opt out of the W4?" I was told it was company policy you "had" to have one. The following episode of toxic misandry by a couple of stuck up and dumbed down trouser stains on humanity is what followed.

I've never truly tried to "monetize" my work online with this TrumpX persona, because quite frankly I foresaw this purge of ability to make money through censorship and yes even outright attacks on people's ability to process their funds.

It's all fake folks. There are court cases that talk about how if you pay for something in federal reserve notes that you have paid for nothing at all. Even their re-written corporate constitution still says that only gold and silver shall be made lawful money.

We are all only forced into representing a fake corporation created in our names at birth and without our consent, for the specific purpose of forcing us into debt slavery. Forcing the whole world into a pay-to-live ponzi scheme. AND IT'S THE SAME IN EVERY COUNTRY! THIS IS THE REAL RED PILL!

It is high time the whole rest of the world join the yellow vests in directly attacking the banks by refusing to do business with them. Let the chips fall where they may.
#sovereignty #ToxicMisandry #politics #discrimination #yellowvest

New Fair Use and Video Intro.

I swear it's like the DJ's From Mars do Mashups just for me! That's why, as de facto Dick Tater of the Internet I've dubbed them THE DJ'S OF THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION!

Music Credit: DJ's From Mars

A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

From the Bureau of Memetic Warfare

TrumpX Presents "The Art of The Meme"

If this doesn't explain why the left can't meme, I really don't know what does. Enjoy!

the Baked Alaska thing ... Regards, Bearing.

Baked Alaska Discord Audio

Baked Alaska Riding His "Wave" of Success (Leaked Discord)


Kronos 2

Baked Alaska Speaks at "Free Speech Rally"

The Kumite - Ralph Retort vs Baked Alaska - 4/16/18

Talking Baked Alaska and Controversy (Warski Live)

Beware the Ides Of March! In light of the events of this week (i.e. Andy Warski putting an international trademark on Liberalistism, and Crowder getting Twitter jailed) I put together this little video.

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I am a total parody of the 45th President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation. It is a maxim of law that anything in all caps IS a corporation. Now look at your "driver's license." How's that for woke?