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This week we are talking about Anti-Nutrition vs Pro-Nutrition!.
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This is the REBUTTAL to the Guardian's deceptive article against the Genesis II Church. The Guardian Newspaper called MMS an industrial bleach and told the world we were drinking industrial bleach! DR. Leonard Horowitz wrote a forward to my rebuttal. G2Church documentary: www.quantumleap.is and FREE eBook at: www.g2churchbooks.org
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A TV Station in Chile interviews a man CUREDof two types of cancer by using MMS!
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Here is a detailed explanation by Jim Humble of how he discovered MMS. Also, Mark Grenon, the Co-Founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing explains how the G2Church was formed and why.
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Here is a NEW study done in Uganda in March of 2019 where 50 people were confirmed CURED from malaria in less than a day!

This was a study that was done by one of our G2Church Bishops in Uganda. This took place 12-12-12 and was denied by the International Red Cross! We have done another study in March 2019 as well as other areas. Please watch our G2Church documentary: www.quantumleap.is Pass it on!
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The Genesis II Church Documentary - QuantumLeap Trailer
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This is the story about a group of people that are successfully curing 97% of the world's diseases and showing you how to do it yourself by practicing SELFCARE!
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The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was founded in April of 2010 by Bishop Jim Humble and Bishop Mark Grenon. We have now grown to a membership of 3562 worldwide with 1978 Health Ministers in over 135 countries with 251 G2Church Chapters and 113 Bishops. The G2 Church was funded upon the goal to create, "A World Without DIS-EASE". Get the FREE eBook at: www.g2churchbooks.org and watch the G2Church Documentary at: www.quantumleap.is. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] Lord bless, Bishop Mark