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This short psychological horror story is written by Barbara Joan Russell (pen name for Ruth Ann Nordin).

Narrated by Craig Nordin and Ruth Ann Nordin

Book description:

Bill scoffs that nothing can scare him, until he comes face to face with his most deadly enemy.

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This was written by Barbara Joan Russell, which is the pen name for Ruth Ann Nordin's YA fiction.

This was narrated by Craig Nordin and Ruth Ann Nordin.

Book description:

When Justin agreed to go on a high school camping trip, he thought it might be a chance to get to know the cute girl, Riley, better. But Brandon won’t leave her side. And worse, as soon as Brandon notices that Justin has an interest in her, he and his jerk friends chase Justin and Justin’s friend, Craig, deep into the forest.

Just when Justin didn’t think things could get any worse, Craig ends up missing. Never mind the fact that it’s dark and spooky and he’s all alone. He can’t go back to the camp without Craig. So he sets out to find his friend, and when he does, he’ll end up having to make a deal with an old man who was thought to be dead.

This is a flash fiction story written by Ruth Ann Nordin.

This is narrated by Ruth Ann Nordin and Craig Nordin.

A lone traveler arrives at an old house in the middle of the night. Even creepier than the house is the man who lives there. But not everything is as it seems. This is a flash fiction story.


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This is a channel where Ruth Ann Nordin is posting her audiobooks. Most are historical romances, though she has been known to dabble in other genres. Her pen name for YA fiction is Barbara Joan Russell, and she'll share those stories here during October 2021 to celebrate Halloween. After this, she will focus on romances.

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