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Table of Contents
1. Overview of Elyon, and Yahweh in Deut. 32:8, 9; Brief mention of "Sons of Israel" in the Massoretic Text. Short overview about the Massoretic Text as favoring the Jewish rather than "Christian" readings.
2. Intro to the Liberal Critical claims regarding Yahweh being the son of Elyon.
3. I discuss two other possibilities of what could have happened in history which both can explain the similarities between elements of Hebrew religious thought and Canaanite religious ideas.
4. Overview of some claims which were made online by regarding El Elyon and Yahweh. That El Elyon is the father of Yahweh.
5. CORRECTION: the name "il" in the Ugaritic is spelled with the Ugaritic charater for "i" (ileph) and the Lamed. There may be three Alpha or rather Aleph charaters in Ugaritic. I cover this in my video P. "El" and il.
6. I discuss the uniqueness of the Name Elyon and Elohim, the different sounds of the Names from Canaanite and Hebrew, transliteration of "il" in the Ugaritic to "El" in English. Also a brief overview of the Ugaritic Alphabet and how the scholars transliterate the letters into English. Here also is an examination of the Clay Tablet RS 1.001, KTU 1.39.
7. I discuss the relation of words from culture to culture. I also offer the alternative possibility of why similar words occur between the Canaanite and Hebrew cultures.
8. I discuss how the Nation of Israel constantly fell away and worshipped the gods of the surrounding cultures.
9. I talk about the Hyper Biblical Critic's viewpoint of the Hebrew text, that it is propaganda, that the Jewish Scribes rewrote the text.
10.I go back to how the critics interpret Deut. 32.8,9. I talk about how gods of other cultures are also called by other names. I discuss why this is a weak spot for the critics and how they are unable to understand this issue with regard to Bible Source Theory.
11. I talk more about how the critcs speculate that the Hebrew God was developed from Canaanite culture. How the critics dismiss or do not consider that the cultural similarities are derived from common origin.
12. I talk briefly on the Sfire I inscription (KAI. 222.I.A.8–12)(Sefire Stellas) circa 750 BC, regarding 'l w 'lyn ("El and Elyon")

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