I'm shitting my pants, thinking about the fact that these kids will be in their 20's and 30's by the time I'm in my 70's and 80's

The chinkies beat the shit out of the niggies

You knew that the news would not mention their race ... you could've inserted the word "black" in every sentence to make it impossible for them to conceal it - but you didn't


White family chased out of a mall by a feral gang of sub-humans

Did you see the ending?
The other monkeys are outraged that their fellow monkey lost in a 1v1

Do you know what KKK was?
They were a group of fine people who would lynch fat, Jewish, pedo scum like this ...

White people are all the danger ...
but I cannot name any ....

Boomer conservative VERMIN who are CONVINCEEEEEEEED That "there's iz one Rayyce, da Hooman rayyyyyce" I hope you'll get this .... fucking scumbags, WORST GENERATION OF FILTH that has ever lived on this earth = boomers

Rosa Parks was a communist WHORE and the "back of the bus episode" was also a lie. ALL of what we were told growing up were Jewish lies

fat women really care about murdering children

Is it me, or does she seem ashamed of her existence ...

I keep telling you

Fuck this country.
The cities are GONE. Move your ass out to the country side and bunker down.
It'll get WAY worse. "How can it get any worse?!" Well, stick around in big metropolises and find out.

This is straight from Saul Alinsky's handbook: ascribe to the enemy, everything YOU do. Look at how these kikes behave and compare it to the narrative they've sold you on Nat.Socialist Germany

Let's upload her video here before TikTok removes it
You know they will :)

No it isn't. If you send your kid to public school, you're a heartless fucking faggot. Don't tell me how good you have it in "your State". They all have the same curriculum. They ALL hire the same garbage pedos. Just admit that you're a piece of garbage with no regard for the welfare of your child. Just admit you prefer $12/hr for a second income to actually caring for your children.

I've seen hundreds of videos of fights b/w Whites and bLACKS. They always allow a 1v1 so long as their guy is not losing. The moment they feel the tables have turned, it's 2vs1 , 10vs1 and 100vs1.

fucking SCUM

Great. More of this is needed. A LOT MORE

This pedo teaches your kid.
As you glad you got that second part-time job? It's worth it isn't it?
The price? ... well, it's just the purity of your kid right? Who cares ...

No worries, just a harmless pony

yes, protect the shit out of that thing yo

And they did all this to our kids. But hey, no more masks! All is forgiven!

I have watched the original video without the dub-over. The kids actually are instructed by this pedophile, abusive CUNT of a "mother" to say "all hail black women"


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