I appreciate your patience,I know it has been a long time since my last upload and don't worry I should have more coming I'm the future.

Hey guys sorry I've been a little absent lately but I had some personal things come up and then the holidays absolutely crushed me I hope to get more videos out to guys soon but please bear with me while I work out some things to get back on a reasonable schedule. Todays game is The Tale of Maj'Eyal similar to Stone Soup and Angband it is an acii type game that got a graphic overhaul and an improved rogue like RNG. I hope you enjoy.

Before I call it a night I thought that I would bless your screens with some Diablo. No joke though I totally forgot that I was recording this so don't expect an extra chatty me in this vid.

So today we are viewing the second titled episode "Charlie X" where the crew of the Enterprise picks up a young boy with a strange personality. Strap in kiddos this is gonna get Twilight Zoney so get ready for some strange stuff that no one can explain.

Once again this is a second attempt to upload so hold on to your butts. We gonna do what they say can't be done. Crash the gate doin 98 and let this trucker roll.

This is my second attempt to upload so I will not discuss anything about any of the cast and the sideview of their posteriors as I think that is what got the other upload taken down. So don't forget to comment your favorite part of the episode below and share so others may bask in its glory.

While I waited on a customer to unload me I spent some time playing this retro gem.

So sorry about that ladies and gents apparently I can't fucking count. Again please let me know what ideas I should do for the final episode of the series.

The twelfth episode of firefly. Just two more episodes until the series finale guys! I still need some input for the final episode so let me know if you would like me to talk about series trivia during the finale or if I should do my own video of the series as a review. Either way let me know through the comments, minds, gab, and twitter.

Welcome to Angband a clever little Rogue like askey fantasy adventure game that borrows from J. R. R. Tolkein. It is a free game that has graphic mods but I prefer the standard version and today we will watch the rise and fall of a High Elf Paladin. Don't forget to like and comment below if you want to see more Angband videos or to present ideas for other videos. ANNOUNCEMENT: If my channel should reach 50 subscribers I will review a crappy movie, I will give 3 movie ideas to put to vote so keep an eye out for that the closer we get to 50. You wardens are awesome and may the Maker smile down upon you.

Today we leave Pewter City and make our way towards the Cerulean Tunnel. This is another grindy episode so buckle up kids it's a long one.

Only four more episodes left in the series guys and gals! So a couple of ideas for the series finale I was thinking of either streaming it on Mixr or reading some series trivia/give my thoughts throughout the episode. Comment below what you guys think and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe and I will see you guys later.

Just a little screwing around. Sorry for not showing off the space battles but maybe the next video will have it if this one gets some love.

In this episode we see the first titled episode of Star Trek named the man trap. In this episode Captain Kirk and Doctor Mckoy come across strange case of murders on a desert planet during a routine inspection. Please thumbs up, share, comment, and subscribe to be up to date for more episodes.

I remember playing this in my grandfathers basement on my uncles old pc this really satisfied my need to fly a jet plane when I was kid.

Hail to the King baby. Ahhh so many good memories with this game!

A little more grinding and the lag is not as annoying today so that's progress! We also join the Fighters Guild and carry out our first quest in Tontower. As always give a thumbs up or thumbs down, subscribe and comment below to help give me ideas for more content to provide for you guys. Only you can help this channel grow or so the Elder Scrolls foretells.

Had some time on my hands so I thought I would give you guys some more Doom! RIP AND TEAR the subscribe button and don't forget to give a thumbs up. Also comment below to see more brutalities.

Don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and comment below any suggestions for other shows and video games you would like to see.

Just six more episodes to go guys. Don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and comment below any other shows or video games you would like to see.

A blind reaction to the unseen pilot episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. Please like, comment, and subscribe also share this video I enjoyed making it and can't wait to do the next episode.

We are halfway through the series. Don't forget to comment below some other tv shows you would like to see or games you'd like to watch me play. Keep an eye out for a special video coming out I would greatly appreciate it if you guys and gals would give it some feedback. Again don't forget to like, comment, subscribe maybe even share if you think other people would enjoy my content.

This is a reupload please bear with me while I try to work out the kinks and make it shiny. Check out my other videos in the meantime and follow me on the social medias.

Don't worry this is not the next installment and the polls on Minds and Gab are still open. Speaking of which you should go check out those polls if you still haven't and put in your vote for Space Bus or TRUCKER IN SPAAACE! Anywho this is just a little adventure with the ship we had before and we even get an upgrade. Sorry no audio until I go back to the truck which will be soon. Don't forget to check out my other videos and give a like and a comment also subscribe so you don't miss any adventures.

We leave the Gothway Gardens and do a little grave robbing. Don't forget to thumbs up the video if you like what you see or thumbs down if you don't like it either way helps me provide you with the content that you like. Also comment below any suggestions for this series or ideas for another series. If you do all that go ahead and subscribe to the channel and help me grow. Go take the poll for the Endless Sky series on Minds and Gab it is still open for another two days!


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This is a place where video games, movies, and tv shows can be enjoyed as products that give us entertainment. Now everyone is subject to their own opinion and nobody is going to agree on everything but if a product that we purchased was objectively bad i.e. story with no plot, pay to play walls, microtransactions, forced politics, or just a lack of care from the producer. Then we can agree that it is bad despite that we find entertainment in it. A good example of this would be Tommy Waizo's The Room, it has no plot, the actors sound like robots, and the quality is sub par but we find it entertaining because it is so bad that it is funny.