Nope, this isn't the whole game. It's about eight or nine stages of it though, so there's still a lot to see here.

The beach, dojo, Dimension X, and the Technodrome stages are not featured, so go play the game and see them for yourself. I had to hack the game's code in order to finish it, but the final battle is definitely worth it as the game literally throws everything at you that it can before the finale.

When you finish the game, you'll also unlock nearly every boss, which can be used in the arcade mode. As a Ninja Turtle fan from back in the day, I was more than pleased with. This one and it definitely brought back fond childhood memories.

For some odd reason there is no music during the Baxter Stockman fight at Channel 6. I fixed it later, but didn't record any of that playthrough. Again, play the game yourself. It can also support up to four player co-op, so get some friends in on the fun! It's great with an arcade controller.

It doesn't run very well on my potato, but an interesting little game nonetheless.

Game decided to get a little tough right towards the end, so I'm putting this one on standby as well.

More furrie assault action. Atarray was a pain in the ass though, I died several times to him so you'll want to skip forward a bit.

Fight N' Rage starts out well enough, but then becomes quite a bit more difficult than your average beat em' up.

This video managed to grab 45k views on YouTube and I'm re-upping it here in case it gets removed. Enjoy!

No commentary on this one, all of my rant videos are going to be uploaded exclusively to bitchute in the wake of YouTube's content purge.

At this point in the game, I feel that you're outgunned by the army. They have flamethrowers, rocket launchers and acid grenades. They're a pain in the ass and definitely ramp the difficulty to what can be described as an almost cruel level of frustration. Still, the game is completable.

I have no idea why the movie scenes are not playing properly, but I think it is just the incompatibility of the game and windows 10. Thanks, Microsoft.

I've suspended this run for a variety of reasons, but hope to continue it when a more polished version of the game releases. I have spoken to the developer and it seems that GOG refused it, which is unfortunate.

With arcade toughness, this game follows right in the footsteps of Volgarr, which means that I'm also going to be terrible at it. I like the Genesis soundfont though, that adds a unique touch.

This unique shmup about muscular aquatic life was fun while it lasted...

I decided to cancel it, because LunaticScream covered the game completely on his channel, and because of it's size, I decided it was better to link you there. Don't worry, nothing much has changed from his version of the game, so you can still follow along where these will end, the satellite level.

I wanted to play something less monotonous and more fun.

LunaticScream's Playlist For The Game:

I decided to cancel it, because LunaticScream covered the game completely on his channel, and because of it's size, I decided it was better to link you there. Don't worry, nothing much has changed from his version of the game, so you can still follow along where these will end, the satellite level.

I wanted to play something less monotonous and more fun.

LunaticScream's Playlist For The Game:

If all goes well, I should be playing through the whole game. While not what I planned, this thing finally released and boy was it ever worth it. This is a better Mega Man style game than Keiji Inafune produced with Mighty No. 9.

I'm not crazy about the ladder mechanics on this game, so those could be tweaked. You cannot jump or dash from ladders. The unlock system is also useful, even though it fucks with your continues as they are both tied to gems. It thankfully doesn't cost much to restart, so you can pick up upgrades pretty quickly. There are also hidden items in the game that can be equipped, but I have only found one of them.

I ran into a bug during the third stage, which caused me to restart the level. I was glad that I could do so without having to restart the whole game. Obviously, some things still need to be fixed.

This is a test run. I'm trying something new. Sorry if I sound like I'm really high. I'm just a bit hammered and it made the conversation loose. I sound like the happy hippie guy, but I'm definitely the frontman of the metal act, Torii. There's no demon stand-in, it's all in the throat.

Topics relate to The Grim Tower, journalism, Retro-gaming, pontificating over old pop songs and more.

Freaky Awesome is fun and has charm, but it suffers from what I think a lot of rouguelikes do - repetition.

Purrfect Date gets really freaky when you decide to be a devil. I wish you could hear the twisted music that plays when you meet the cat devil.

As for that Venessa Carlton drummer, I actually discovered who that is. The guy's a class act and started out drumming for Steve Vai on one of his tours. Later on, he drummed for several other acts and now is most notable for being the drummer in Paul McCartney's live performances.

I was going to rant on this one, but due to technical issues, I decided to just go ahead and release it. Game is tough, but you get more chips to buy better weapons.

I was going to make this a G&R video, but decided against it as there was so much footage. I actually played through the storymode quite a bit and showed off the two characters I hadn't unlocked during the mission mode. Most of these were set to normal, but then I progressed to hard and finally to expert, where my ass was then handed to me.


The game I'm playing here is thus far, a weak Mario clone. It's not important. Hope you enjoy the banter.

I'll be doing more of these much shorter videos. I think I'll also lower my mic volume a bit more, so I'm not shouting. I'll also be using another program for narrating videos, because OBS brings in too much static, whereas Audacity is free from it.

Both paths are detailed here in the game, though I couldn't defeat the final bosses in either of them. Both the Robot and Pudding Deity proved far too difficult for my skills.

The game might look simplistic, but it's actually a lot of fun. If you like carpal tunnel. I'm going through a lot of my old games, so expect to see some old, weird shit over the next few weeks.

The audio levels are nearly perfect in this video, so you should hear me pretty well. Apologies for some breaks, I was still a bit buzzed while doing it. I raised the mic volume a little more for my next video though, so the game audio shouldn't drown it out completely. It's actually been raised back to fifteen, which was my normal level before I got these headphones.

I may be monologuing over some of my older videos where the audio was muted out totally by the music in the game.

Though I mention PUA tactics in this video, I express that they do not work for every woman on the planet and that those looking for casual sex may benefit from them. If that's your goal. For some men, it is. I additionally state though, that a copy of The Game and The Mystery Method along with self-confidence and just plain talking to people will work wonders. No $20,000 courses required. That's snake oil.

For mgtow men who would rather avoid that kind of thing, just ignore it and stay tuned as I talk about doll care and the importance of powdering dolls. Some of these great men are attempting to solve major world issues, but corn starch powder for some odd reason, remains an insurmountable adversary. Yes, it stains. But they make small vacuum cleaners for carpets and furniture, plus you can also powder the doll in your underwear. No one is going to know. I promise. If your neighbors are that interested in your doll powdering procedures, then I would find a new area of residence.

It's been a long time coming. Still don't have the audio perfected, parts of this may be inaudible. I just recorded a new video with raised sound levels that seems to fix this problem.

Neuro Voider isn't exactly my favorite roguelite either. The difficulty is rather high, so you'll mostly see a lot of game over screens.

This covers the mid-boss area, Neon Tiger and Blast Hornet, with sections of Magnet Man. The second party member helps a bunch, but it's even better when he has an arm upgrade. I also found another piece of the Ultimate Armor!

This video goes through the next three stages in the game, showing off Air Man, Duff... Tidal Whale and some minotaur maverick that I'm not aware of. I also obtained one part of the Ultimate Armor.

What I really like about this game series is something that most fan game critics do not like - sprite mixing. But seeing more than just X era bosses and a touch of the old school as well as the future of the series is exactly the kind of thing that keeps me playing.

It can be a bit monotonous until you buy some upgrades and have enough special weapons to make a difference in both enemy and boss battles (as you'll see with Tidal Whale's stage).

Download Here:

This is the final video, detailing at first a bit of running around. Ignore the beginning of the video where I'm trying to make my way up the tower without the celestial sash. I've covered the game's final boss as well as the pyramid and one of the secret bosses. I also received ending 3, "Hero Of Winderia" which is a whole lot less cringy than "Savior Of Vilete" and that "meat" remark.

I learned that Timespinner, no matter how great it looks, sounds and plays, is a game created by social justice people looking to push a gay agenda of sorts. Now, I personally don't have an issue with LGBT people of any sort; but apparently everyone in the game is somehow made to be gay or utilizes gay attributes. In other words, they're all very androgynous, which I didn't actually notice myself.

However, if you move this all to the side and ignore about three instances where this agenda may come up in the material, you will find a great game remniscent of the best modern igavanias, even if some of it is apparently ripped directly from those games.

Though I finished the game, I went for a few of the secret rooms after the video. Nothing special, just breaking walls and floors here and there. I also got into the throne room while having the plasma gem equipped. I also received the blood orb and the nether orb after beating the second optional boss (sand area as ifrit) the rather boring ravenlord. It's literally just a glob of ravens with big red eyes and it uses the birds as projectiles. The fight is reliant on platforms.

As for Von Terrelius, his pattern isn't much different. He just has red armor. Candorian is the last secret boss, he's kind of a joke though. Gives you the Radiant Orb. None of these bosses are much to speak of.

I also recieved the demon familiar, which is one of quite a few more than rely on rare item drops. Nope, I don't have time for all that. However, I did manage to 100% the entire map before finally uninstalling the game.

Because of it's weird agenda,..

Two bosses were battled, several upgrades were gained and an ending was reached. But Timespinner has a slew of endings and this was not the true one. I will also be recording what I'd consider to be the "bad" ending just out of curiosity. Then I'll gather the final piece of the Timespinner (if I don't have it already) and make my way towards the game's true ending and it's real final boss.

Plus, I really wanted another dungeon anyway. This game is too damn enjoyable to be cut so soon.


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