The 1998 documentary directed by James Otis titled 'Secrets of the CIA' reveals how the CIA has been involved in numerous terrorist plots around the world. — Ex-CIA agents discuss their experience with the organization and offer a rare glimpse inside this top secret agency

Millions injured around the world with neurological disorders, thrombosis, myocarditis, autoimmune diseases and many more. The CDC and Pfizer knew in advance what it would do and hide the data.

Now you know what those thousands of camps they are building were for!

China doesn’t like dissent.. and that’s catching on in your country too!


We have emails referring to the President as the “Big Guy” and even talking about his [pay] cut. It’s abundantly clear the Biden family was running a multi-million dollar influence peddling scheme. I’ve never seen anything quite this large and ambitious

When you type illuminati backwards it takes you to the U.S National Security Agency

Establishment insider says he has secret intel that shows Donald Trump was taken down in 2020 by a shadow gouverment.


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It's official: Durham is investigating the Clinton Campaign.
Enter the Clinton Campaign Lawyers





You are the Master at this moment in time

“All the forces of Darkness cannot stop what God has ordained.”

In the Bible we find the story of Jacob, who discovers a hidden ‘ladder to Heaven’ of incredible beauty, with pure angels ascending and descending on it.

In order to climb this ladder, Jacob has to fight against the Angel Samael.
So Jacob wins and asks to Samael to ‘bless him’ and to change his name to Israel.

This place was called Penile,
from Pineal Gland/Third Eyea and was where “Israel” saw God in front of him, face to face.

The ‘ladder’ that Jacob had to climb in order to get to the land of Penile was made of 7 churches (7 chakras) along 33 steps (stairway to Heaven), that are the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column which led to the Father above in the brain (the opening of the 3d eye).

When we learn how to break out of the 3D programming that has kept you out of alignment with your higher Self, we mend and heal the “ladder” to ascend towards our highest divine potential.
How we were created as a reflection of God.
We all cary a piece of God in our blueprint to experience, express and create life through in our own unique ways.

In the 3rd dimension you believe you identify only with your physical personality half and do not believe or doubt or even fear you have a spiritual blue print, your divine other half. The two make up your soul and connect you to the quantum field of Love of God.

You are a piece of God.
The divine is flowing through you and to you via the ladder of Jacob.

We have to fight our demons, and falen angels in our shadow to enter into the Light of who we truely are. This is the 4th dimension where we face to see the dark and the light within oursleves and in the world. This is the dimension of turmoil, storm and war.

We have to master our own connection to the divine by healing and mending the ladder.

You are the master.

Do not give up, hold on, continue on your path towards the light by transmuting lower vibrations by feeling them and acknowledging the pain, fear, shame, anger, doubt, sadness and loneliness.

This is the work.

In every moment, feel the energy and breathe through whatever you are feeling.

If you feel anxiety or any other low vibration emotion.
Put a hand on your heart, close your eyes.
And connect to the higher divine part of you insidw.
Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold your breath a few seconds. Then breathe out through your mouth and feel the life force energy flow through you. Caress you, vitalise you, feed you.
This is your connection to the Love that you truely are. Rest in that moment and feel how you are loved and safe.❤️

You are doing so well.

This is the work of transmuting.

Staircase by staircase we mend the ladder and rise.

Individually and collectively

From 3D to 5D

From Dark towards Light

In the 5D dimension where we experience harmony, peace, joy, prosperity, compassion, passion and grattitude.

This is Love.

This is God.

This is who we truely are.

This is the real Kingdom of Heaven.

Heaven is right here in our heart when we create and co-create harmony within and outside of ourselves.

Be the Light.