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Imagine all the encyclopedias in the world, connected into one decentralized network, the way all the blogs are loosely connected. You've heard of the blogosphere; now, we’re building an encyclosphere.

There’s never been anything like this. But if we get together, we can build it. Nobody’s stopping us. We’ll never run out of runway because it’s not a startup. It’s a distributed, collective project, an open source movement that is bigger than any of us (and certainly much bigger than the Knowledge Standards Foundation, which serves only as the catalyst).

We need developers, designers, writers, editors, thinkers, marketers, promoters and fundraisers—if you can imagine a role being useful to kick-starting a network, we need that. Join us by coding, blogging, and more.

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The world desperately needs an easy way to find the best encyclopedia articles on every topic; it has become dependent on Wikipedia, which is extremely biased. The new Knowledge Standards Foundation aims to make it easy to find the "long tail" of encyclopedia articles from all sources by connecting them together in a single network, not unlike the blogosphere: call it an encyclosphere!

Join us starting September 6, 2021, for a series of roundtable discussions about how to achieve this goal.

The Encyclosphere will be a decentralized, leaderless, centerless network of encyclopedic content, which does for encyclopedias what the Blogosphere did for blogs. But to make such a network, we need encyclopedia format standards. Wikipedia ex-founder Larry Sanger is starting the Knowledge Standards Foundation to convene a discussion and coding efforts to creating such standards.


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We are organizing the effort to build the Encyclosphere, a open standards-based encyclopedia network. We want to do for encyclopedias what the Blogosphere did for blogs.