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Kind friends asked us to help evacuate a 36-week pregnant girl from a monastery in the grey zone, northwest of Volnovakha. WEST of Volnovakha, in an active combat zone, 5 km on the other side of the last RF/DPR checkpoint. Of course, we went. And we brought out the girl's husband and granny too. We went in a civilian car, plainclothes, four of us, with one AK, two vests, and four pistols. And our guardian angels. We survived. Thank God!

On Sunday March 13th, US-backed ukrop (Ukraine) nazis bombed an outdoor market a mile west of my home. The market had closed 15 minutes earlier, and thank God, no one was killed or injured. The next day, at 12 noon, Ukrops bombed central Donetsk with a Tochka-U ballistic missile with a 1,000 pound cluster bomb warhead. 21 civilians were killed dozens injured.

Latest news from Donbass Front. War is imminent, we are ready. When Ukrops attack, we (and our friends) will respond. In 4 hours, the Ukrop Army will be nothing but P.O.W.'s and burned dog food.

Russian "invasion"? I thought they said Russia "invaded" 8 years ago in 2014! So now, what? Not "invasion", LIBERATION! Russia can handle NATO in a week, if NATO is dumb enough to fight, but they not - too chicken. Russia can handle Ukraine in a weekend, and meet you in Kiev for lunch on Monday. And about time, too. Nobody likes nazis, except other nazis, and we got something fo' they ass! ;)

In depth interview with Russell "Texas" Bentley in Donetsk and Regis Tremblay in Crimea. We discuss recent Ukrop provocations, including use of attack drones and fighter jets, US, UK and Canadian troops and weapons being sent to Ukraine, the loss of a $100 million F35 by British navy and ALL russian nuclear submarines leaving port for combat duty. MAJOR NEWS - WATCH, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!!

Latest war news, and a warning from Russia - "If Ukrop nazis start a war, the entire Ukr military will be neutralized within 3 days. " They are not kidding. And in other news, Sean Penn is bumping weenies with Azov nazis in Mariupol, making a "documentary" about the Donbass War. But if it only shows ONE side, it's not a documentary, it's a "crock-umentary", a crock of shit. So we invite him to the DPR to see the truth for himself and share it. We will see if he's got the balls...

Live fire night tank drills with heavy armor of the Donetsk People's Republic Army - T-64, T-72, BMP-1 and BMP-2. Lots of tanks, lots of shooting, lots of tracers and explosions. Davai!

The Iversky Monastery is located 400 meters from Donetsk Airport. I was there. In January 2015, one of the heaviest battles of the Donbass War was fought there. 10 Essence of Time soldiers held off over 100 Ukrop Army and Pravy Sektor nazis. We lost 3 good men that day, but the Ukrops lost dozens, and we held the position. Four years later, we came back to make a video that tells the story of that battle, with exclusive combat footage of those who lived and those who died that day. Maximum respect and eternal memory to those who gave their lives defending the people of Donbass!

Under HEAVY shelling on the Avdeevka Front, May, 2019. Ukrop nazis bomb us with 120 mm mortars, incendiary and penetrator rounds, ATGMs and 30 mm cannons. We just laugh and hold the position.

Front line interview under heavy artillery attack - first meeting of Graham Phillips and Russell "Texas" Bentley, and the beginning of a great friendship!

Watch as the brutal Russian Horde invades Sherbakova Park in Donetsk, along with the savage Pro-Russian Separatists and Foreign Terrorists like the notorious Russell "Texas" Bentley!
The horror, THE HORROR!!!!

A live version of a song I wrote in Russian (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES) about my new home in the Donetsk People's Republic, including pics from the Front and from my life in Donetsk.

Yasynuvata Checkpoint - Frontline combat in the Grey Zone of Avdeevka March 2016, interview with front line soldiers, including VOSTOK Battalion Company Commander, "Gruzeen".

First episode of the Donbass With Texas series about the Donbass War, the Donetsk people's Republic, and the heroes who defend it


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Russell "Texas" Bentley is a writer and videographer, human aid volunteer and a veteran of the Donbass War. He came to Donetsk in December 2014, and the same month joined VOSTOK Battalion and later the KHAN Spetsnaz Battalion. He served through 2015 in some of the heaviest battles and on some of the hottest positions, including Spartak, Avdeevka and Donetsk Airport, and in the summer of 2017, served as a military policeman in front line combat positions in Yasynuvata.

He has also been a war correspondent and Information Warrior for over 6 years, writing articles and making videos that tell the truth and counter Western lies and propaganda about the Donbass People's Republic and the Donbass War.

In 2015, he co-founded Donbass Humanitarian Aid ( a human aid that helps victims of the war, especially children, schools, orphanages and the disabled.