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Don't think yourself so small.
You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

One world, one humanity!
Many races, many nations, many languages, many cultures, many religions - one humanity!
We are all unique humans!
We all want to LIVE, we all want to LOVE, we all want to LAUGH !
It is time for a new humanity, a one humanity to arise!
It's time for LIVE, LOVE, LAUGHTER!

A rap about the world situation coming to its peak. The old is dying so the new can be born.
It calls for
a new world spirit, now!
A new humanity needs to arise, rooted in the heart, centered in consciousness.
It starts in you right now!

Take the mask, which has its greek root in personality, off! Take the mask/the personality off! All the imposed ideas, which are a cover up of who you really are!
Discover your true nature, be who you are! Stop adjusting and believing in lies! Be real! Now!
A musicclip showing the transformation from the false to the real, through looking into the mirror, reflecting, looking through the lies, the real is uncovered!
Wake up now to your reality! To who you really are!

Sacred Dance Performance
A dance technique that invites the dancer to be fully conscious on each body movement, transporting consciousness through movement.


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