Charlie Kirk - Syngenta - Crop Famine Due To Fertilizer Market Cornered By China

Link to podcast. Segment starts at 19:20 - https://charliekirk.com/podcasts/?ep=3f2b25f3-5282-46c5-a488-adde016ac3ea

I heard a guy on the Charlie Kirk show (11/12/2021) say there is going to be a 'famine' type situation in the next 6 months because CHINA has cornered the market for fertilizer. A company called Syngenta controls the supply and price for yellow phosphorus which is needed for farming of crops and to produce food (crops, corn) for livestock. He mentioned that it is no coincidence that Bill Gates just happens to own a lot of farmland in the U.S. and family farms will be put out of business because fertilizer is 30% of the cost of farming production and the cost of fertilizer has almost doubled as of right now. Only a billionaire, according to him, will be able to afford the fert, not to mention the pesticides. People have been wondering what Gates was planning to do with all of the farmland he owns. Well, he could decide that people will just have to, I don't know, not eat meat because maybe it will become too expensive to use as feed for the animals we eat. Interesting.

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