The Great Order

Originally aired May 26, 2020.

We continue discussing Simon Harris's legacy with the chat on this stream

and address antiwhite violence in old age homes towards the end. 

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Originally aired May 15, 2020

We welcome Fullmoon Ancestry

to discuss his time in Eastern Europe as an American

and first getting involved in the nationalist scene there,

losing a job due to not forthrightly disavowing Donald Trump,

the European biospirit contained in metal music and Middle Ages imagery

and more…

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Simon's links are included in the post for this video on my website, thegreatorder (dot) com.

Please save and archive his material, as we do not know how long his web presence will be maintained.

Rest in peace, Simon.

John Q. Publius on his book,

The Way Life Should Be? The Globalists’ Demographic War on America with Maine as a Microcosm 

Foreword by Kevin MacDonald.

This is an eye opening revelation of what is being done to change America and the West.

The book grew out of John's extensive series of articles on Maine, discussed on a previous TAP episode.

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Musical artist, Hiraeth, joins to speak about how she became an artist

and linked up with the White Art Collective and delve into more activism.

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Ecce Lux on massive societal change being the result of narrative and psychology.

From the February 8, 2020 episode of TAP:

Squatting Slav on differences he observes in North America versus when he visits Serbia in the summers.

Note that this isn't intended to disparage our people in N. America,

as later in the show I state that older people have relayed to me how things used to be more like this in N. America.

The purpose is to reflect on what breaks down societies

and what our priorities should be for carving out the best life we can, wherever we are. 

From the January 31, 2020 episode of TAP:

Josh Neal returns after a hiatus to discuss the call of serving the European peoples,

men wrestling with questions of purpose and destiny,

his recently released book which continues to explore broken relations between men and women in the West,

spiritual longings,

and more.

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Jeff Winston, founder of

provides an exciting overview of how white positive arts and culture is growing,

crossing over into new areas,

and reaching people outside our immediate spheres.

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Originally aired April 28, 2020.

Jared and Jason start by discussing Jason’s recent video (

where a doctor in Texas states that eliminating whites would be a better way of ensuring people take vaccines.

This prompts a discussion on the twin white traits of freedom (the natural urge to resist tyranny, which perturbs this anti-white doctor)

and empathy (which has allowed the present state of affairs where an official can even utter such poisonous words)–

how these traits have been separated and must be re-harmonized.

Also discussed:

Martin Sellner’s street activism and recent statement

that there’s no action-oriented politics in the Anglophone world,

and some extras that weren’t discussed on the recent stream with Frodi Midjord about The Matrix,

including the notion that “humans are viruses.”

Please see:

Mark Collett joins to speak about the changing attitudes in Britain

and more young people facing the reality of demographic replacement in Western nations,

coming to ethnic nationalism and the organization and community he has spurred on.

Originally aired April 24, 2020. Please see:

Conservative Texas Chick joins to discuss her advocacy for the brutally victimized South Africans.

Originally aired April 14, 2020.

Please see:

Simon Harris returns to discuss the interview he and Horus conducted on their Tuesday night show with Nick Griffin as guest.

Griffin offers critiques of any nationalist party in Britain gaining electoral seats 

and discusses his own vision of community building

and a three-generation plan for the native British to take back their lands.

Originally aired April 17, 2020
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A special Easter edition or TAP since so many of our people were on coronavirus lockdown at the time.

A mix of serious discussion continuing fro the previous After Hours on the fine lines with being overly intellectual,

questions about how to wake up friend and family,

anti-whiteism in American education,

and laughing over the advent of audience-generated "TAP-isms." Listen to find out what that means!

Please see:

Discussing with Mark Collett how committing yourself to the most important task in the world right now brings meaning and fulfillment.

Mark also kindly celebrates the role of TAP and our work.

From the February 21st, 2020 episode of The After Party, marking the show's two year anniversary.

Please see:

Lacey Lynn joins to discuss how the coronavirus scare

is making people take a more serious look at traditional family structures and homeschooling.

She offers advice to both those overwhelmed by the changes to their routine due to school closings

and those who want to use this as a way to transition into a new lifestyle.

Please see:

Simon Harris on red pilling his daughter and spreading our message to the wider masses.

From the April 4, 2020 episode of The After Party.

Pleas see:

Donald Kent on getting excited for what's happening, and not being one of those people who just tear everything down.

From the March 31, 2020 episode of After Hours:\

Thumbnail Image:
Sampling of White Art Collective artists from WPQ magazine, issue # 2 (

Taking questions on the role of intellectualism and keeping it in proper perspective,

white women using sperm banks,

and more...

Originally aired April 7, 2020.
Please see:

Originally aired April 4, 2020.

Please see:

Simon Harris returns to tell a personal story of bringing his daughter to nationalist views,

his concept of many normal people being “default leftists” because of mainstream culture,

bringing more people to our side,

his series on Spanish nationalist leader, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

and more.

*Originally published Nov. 20, 2019. Had been delayed at that time due to Red Ice's October ban from YouTube.

This is being put here on my BitChute channel now just to have one place where it can spread.

Produced with Henrik Palmgren.

Please see for all Red Ice links:

Donald Kent picks up on the questions we didn't get to on his TAP appearance regarding the arts in our budding counter-culture.

Originally aired March 31, 2020.

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Originally published December 18, 2019
Produced with Henrik Palmgren.

~ References & Further Reading/Viewing ~

- Colin Cleary, Some Thoughts on Yule:

- Juleigh Howard Hobson, An Ethnobotanical Look At Yule:

- graaaaaagh, Who is Santa Claus?:

- Brute Norse, Norse Yuletide Sacrifices Had (Almost) Nothing To Do With The Winter Solstice:

- Gornahoor, Christmas and the Winter Solstice:

- Frodi Modjord’s Guide to Kulchur, Yuletide special with Survive the Jive:

From the March 27, 2020 episode of TAP featuring Loralee Scaife as guest--on "Queenship and the Feminine," using the symbols from Lord of the Rings as guides for the West:

Loralee returns to discuss how we can read the characters and symbols in Lord of the Rings as both your personal dream

and a collective dream of the West, providing guidance and wisdom for our current troubles.

Note you do not have to be a big LOTR fan to follow along.

Originally aired March 27, 2020
Please see:

This episode particularly focuses on female characters

and what the highest expressions of womanhood looks like for our people.

We discuss the disconnect with nature causing a disconnect with motherhood,

the stages of a woman's development,

the ability to confront evil and choose to be a nourishing force of life,

healthy relations between men and women,

and more.

~Guest’s Website~

(scroll down to view her video series)

~Below are the movie clips referenced~

Aragorn speech at the Black Gate:

Eowyn & Wormtongue:

Arwen & Aragorn:

Dark Galadriel: -her test starts @ 3mins

Galadriel vs Sauron (from The Hobbit):

Galadriel's gifts to the Fellowship:


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