Overall, a good week. But I used the CPI announcement on Thursday as a lesson in how Theta works in the real world. I hope it helps some of my fellow traders out there to understand that time decay plays before big events don't usually work and why. I also introduce a new segment to the show that I hope will help folks as well.

While last week wasn't actually bad, I actually bagged some profits this week which is nice. The market mostly behaved and even the one bigger move didn't hurt the trade I had on at the time. While it wasn't an eventful week, it's good to get a break to make some easy profits.

A short video this week as I only put on one trade. But I also realized that as of a couple weeks ago I've been doing this weekly program for 2 years. Time has certainly flown. So a sincere thank you to all my viewers. I also do quick review of May.

May continues to be a rough month for me but that means more good lessons. I had a trade that I should have exited last week come off and a new one that got whipsawed and max lossed out as well. Not the best for the account, but very good for learning which is what this series is all about.

May continues to be a rough month for my trading but that means there's lots of good lessons. With the crazy moves we had you'll see where I used a long put on 2 different trades and see how they produced different results. Also was quickly stopped out of small trade early in the week. Not a good month for the account, but a good month of learning and that's why I do this so enjoy!

While April was a solid month, May is starting out a bit rough. One trade was quickly stopped out and I made an unforced error on another one. Not my best week but these are the times we learn. So come along and learn with me.

A shorter video this week as I only put on one trade. But I think the more interesting part of the video is not that I only put on one trade but why I did that. There were some events this week that made me a bit more cautious, perhaps a bit too cautious in hindsight. But that's the crux of the review this week. Take a look and tell me what you think!

The trend of moving only up finally broke for at least this week and the market moved in a range which is very conducive to my style of trading. I had 3 winners this week but they each had interesting lessons associated with them. Take a look and see how they did. And let me know what you're doing!

The market continued its climb this week but did so at a slow pace so my non-directional trades are still working well. Overall a calm week but there are always good things to learn when trading so take a look and tell me what you're doing as well!

This week presented a good opportunity to show one instance where I think it makes sense to take profits early. It also shows that non-directional trades can work when the market is moving one direction as long as it's not moving fast in that direction. Lots of good lessons here so I hope you enjoy it. Also, I'd love to hear what you think of the moves I made given the conditions. As always feel free to reach out!

On this short week of trading, I continue my slow build back after a couple of bad losses taken earlier in the month. But this was a good week for non-directional trades and that process is well underway. Even though we ended up at all-time highs this week, my non-directional trades fared quite well.

So one of my trades was stopped out due to a whipsaw. And that sucks. But I had another trade that was on at the same time which closed out for a quick profit. This episode is a great case study of 2 trades and how they react to the same market environment. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Only 2 trades this week. I took off one trade from last week and I put on a new one after the Fed announcement which has done well even when Thursday was a bit wild. All in all a good week but I think there are always things to learn from reviewing trades so come along with me and let me know what you think.

In this episode, I finish off the last of the ugly trades and start with a new trade that is doing well. Here's to sticking to my trading rules, winning consistently, and limiting losses.

I said when I started this series almost 2 years ago that I would show the good, the bad, and the ugly. This week is the ugly. I'm honestly not sure I could have done worse on these couple of trades. But the point of this series is learning and there are lots of hard lessons here that I hope to take into the future and I hope it helps folks out there too.

This is one of those weeks that teaches harsh lessons. It's probably the worst week I've had in a while and it will most likely bleed into next week. But this is how lessons are taught. I go over the mistakes I made this week and how I intend to trade better going forward. I hope you can learn from my mistakes as well as that is one reason why I do this. I hope it helps folks out there become better traders

Overall a pretty calm week for my trades but I did discover an error I made when entering an adjustment that ended up costing me money and making the trade more difficult. While that sucks, the purpose of this series is learning so you get to learn along with me, mistakes and all.

Patience finally paid off this week as the grind up finally pulled back. This allowed me to get out of trade for a tiny win that would have been a significant loss and it caused another trade to close for a nice win in 2 days! Lots of good lessons this week so take a look and let me know what you think.

As a non-directional trader, weeks like this can be a challenge as the market was quite directional. But even while one of my trades needed a bunch of work, another worked exited for a quick profit. It's a nice contrast which shows that even in adverse conditions, it's possible to get some quick profits.

So this was a volatile week in the market for various reasons and specifically for SPX due to some big earnings as well as a Fed meeting so I practiced risk management by keeping my exposure small. I think this worked out well and I discuss ways I did this from the positions I put on to the adjustment I made. I think risk management is very important for consistent results. Hopefully you will pick up some ideas in this video. As usual, I'd love to get feedback on what you think about what I'm doing and what you are doing.

Some interesting trades this week along with some great lessons, all around risk management. The first is that sometimes it's best to take a small loss before it gets big. Another is that it's ok to take a slightly smaller profit early rather than keeping risk on overnight or over a weekend. As the great financial mind Steve Miller once said "Take the money and run". Anyway, I hope you find these lessons helpful in your trading.

Catching up as the new year rolls along. This was a mostly uneventful week in the market which is good for my style of trading. This week I start to dig out the mess of last week. But even in calm weeks there are good things to learn so come along and see how my trades went.

As we cross into the new year, I had some success but had to close out a bad loss from an old trade from last year. I talk about how I decided to exit it and how I will need to do a full postmortem on it. Losses are a part of the game and I expect to take some, but I could have managed this trade better.

While there was much that wasn't good in 2020, from a trading perspective, I think I did okay. I did make money and hit my monthly goal a few times. I'm still learning and have a way to go, but it's been a good year for learning and I hope you learned along with me. I have 2 trades going into the new year so take a look at how I did.

And thanks to all my subscribers. Getting 100 subs in BitChute is awsome!

So this week was all about calendars even on my butterfly trade. We had a crazy start to the week with a giant whipsaw but I think it came out ok in the end. December is shaping up to be a good month as we move on from 2020. Let me know how your trading has been this year.


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