This week was all about the Fed announcement. I traded around it and put on some new spec plays on Thursday when the dust settled. I also talk about how I'm tweaking my GLD trade and why. It's all part of the learning process so come along with me and let me know what you think!

This week was dominated by the CPI print on Friday. Things were calm until late Thursday, then they went nuts. This episode is how I traded knowing this could happen. Turns out it was a pretty good week. So take a look at one way to trade around a major event.

Volatility is behaving so I moved back to SPX. I closed out the last of my VIX verticals, took a quick profit on an SPX fly and continued with another SPX fly. It's been great to be back in SPX again and back into non-directional trading.

So this week I get out of a couple of my spec trades and, since volatility is finally lower, I did my first SPX trade in over a month. I also review the month of May.

I thought I was going to be able to get back into SPX this week, but it went crazy again, so I'm still sitting in my VIX and GLD trades. I took off one GLD calendar for a profit and put on another one. Hopefully SPX will get safe again soon, but we'll see. But I think it's important to have something to trade in all sorts of markets. So come along with me and let me know what you're doing.

So after trading GLD calendars for a couple of weeks, I finally had one that needed to be adjusted so I show how I do that as I take this one into next week. I also review the 2 VIX Put verticals from previous weeks that have begun to recover well.

Well, it was a big Fed week again and I thought I might be able to get back into the S&P after the announcement, but that was not to be. So I'm still playing with GLD calendars and shorting the VIX with put verticals. I did make a decent profit in Gold as I'm learning to play GLD as an underlying. Good lessons here. Take a look!

So VIX is still too high for my style of SPX trades so I did some smaller spec plays while I wait for VIX to get back into a good range. Did a nice short-term GLD calendar and a put vertical on VIX itself. I also review April and show, once again, why win rates don't really matter. Take a look!

So after the bad loss last week, the comeback has started on a short market week. I had 2 butterflies that both closed well. I cover them and talk about why I like these unbalanced flies in this market environment. Hopefully, you'll pick up something interesting by following along.

So after the bad loss last week, the comeback has started on a short market week. I had 2 butterflies that both closed well. I cover them and talk about why I like these unbalanced flies in this market environment. Hopefully, you'll pick up something interesting by following along.

This week it was time to revisit my Pets vs Cattle lesson, i.e. over-adjusting vs taking a trade off. I did a blog post about it, feel free to check it out (https://tinyurl.com/4cvhjvbe). But I do review a trade that I should have taken off earlier. This is a great lesson for any trader to remember. I also put on another trade that did very well.

Lots of work this week adjusting trades as the market moved, but I did have one come off easy and I wrapped up my best month of this year so far. If you like to see what it takes to navigate this crazy market, this is the episode for you. I also do a review of March and Q1.

A mostly up week in the market which makes it challenging for my style of trading but I do welcome the volatility drop. But my trades are hanging in there so it's all good for now.

I also give a look at the new project I've been working on to allow folks to follow what I do more than once a week so take a look at the end to see that. Yeah, it's a teaser.

So this week the market let out a big exhale when the Fed did what was expected. That allowed my VIX trade to close and also allowed me to get back into SPX again. Will this continue? No one knows but I show how I'm trading this ever-changing market.

With volatility still on the high side I didn't add any new positions this week. I do have my one trade on that is waiting for VIX to come down and it still has some time left. But this week is a good lesson in what it's like to trade VIX so I hope folks find that interesting.

Another crazy week of world events moved the market. I put on a couple of small plays to see if I make a bit off of it. One came off for break-even, the other is still on. Take a look and let me know what you're doing.

And I started a new venue to talk about trading...take a look and join the fun.

World events dominated the markets the week and that caused me to trade differently than usual. I'm not a day trader but sometimes, as the famous investment advisor Steve Miller said you have to "Take the Money and Run". So take a look at how I stayed profitable in this crazy week and this crazy month.

This was an unusual week with Fed minutes and geopolitical strife affecting the markets. So while I almost didn't trade this week I did put on a small cautious trade to try and get something out of this market. Take a look and let me know what you did.

World events and the CPI number turned a mild week into a wild one. This leads to an interesting week for trading. So take a look at how I did. It was a mixed bag, some good, some bad, nothing really ugly though and that's important for the long term

Big tech earnings moved the market this week and in this episode I show how I traded around them and made a profit. The spec trade from last week closed and I have a new trade on for next week as well. Take a look and let me know what you think and what you're doing!

So the market was quite volatile this week. So much so that my normal income style trades are not appropriate. So what's a trader to do? Well, I used this time for a small spec play which is not my usual game. But I talk about the theory behind it and the structure that I used to make it a reasonable risk. I also do a quick review of January.

This week started out normal but ended in a big slide that has continued into a possible significant correction. Time will tell. But for this week, I took some profits and then happily sat out the end of the week. But there are good lessons here with respect to trading as the market is changing underneath us.

So this was a week of big swings in the market and my trade held up pretty well. Price swings are big as is volatility swings. This is a tougher market to trade but it's a great market for learning.

As we move into the new year we had our first big move with the FOMC minutes on Weds. That hurt one of my trades but I did ok with it. I also got a quick profit at the end of the week. However, with some further analysis, I could have done better had I waited a bit before taking it off. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but it's still a good chance to learn.

So 2021 ended pretty quietly which was just fine for the one trade I had on that needed some stable time to make money. I also do a review of a very volatile December.

Thanks to everyone who watched these videos this year. Looking forward to 2022!


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