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From the desert lands comes a tale of victory and vengeance. An odyssey of exaltation and lamentation! An epic saga where Heroes rise and villains fall!

Tears. So delicious.

Get your own Mighty Mug at and drink the tears of your own enemies!
Scorpion Lollipop not included.

MostlySAFE delivers the cutting edge in Space Buckets with the EDGELORD Space Bucket! This is the BEST Space Bucket for Growers on a budget.

The EDGELORD is based on the MostlySAFE Modular Template using Grow Room principles and Plug-and-Play technology. Not only is the EDGELORD compatible with ALL MostlySAFE UPgrades, it still provides ease of use and convenience found in all MostlySAFE Space Buckets!

Don't worry about Light Leak with MostlySAFE's Adapters, Rubber Seals, and Fan Shields - standard on all MostlySAFE Space Buckets. No one makes Space Buckets like MostlySAFE Space Buckets - even Space Buckets for beginners.

The EDGELORD comes with standard equipment:

1 Lightbulb Splitter - Use 5 CFLs or LED Lightbulbs! (Lightbulbs not included.)
1 Exhaust (31 CFM) PC Fan Spacer with Lid and 3-port Power Assembly
1 Bucket Base with Reflective Liner and Intake (31 CFM) PC Fan
1 Timer

Modular: fits ALL MostlySAFE Space Bucket UPgrades!
UPgradable: Grow Now - Upgrade Fans and Lights with money you Save!

I don't just sell you a Space Bucket and send you on your merry. Head over to or check out more on our Bitchute channel to learn how to Grow Your Own inside your own Space Bucket!

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No one makes Space Buckets like MostlySAFE. We broke the 1 ounce ceiling years ago with our standardized design, and push towards 4 ounces per Space Bucket! Head over to for more information and our weekly Webcomic!

Enjoy our How-To Grow Videos for step-by-step instruction on how to Grow Your Own in the privacy of your own home.

Or purchase the How-To Guide for Growing and for Building your own MostlySAFE Space Buckets!

MostlySAFE Space Buckets: Grow Your Own!