Despite the jokes surrounding this planet, I'm focused on serious science. And interesting facts surrounding this planet lead to amazing implications.

I analyze charges of so-called racism, and also explain true unfairness.

I explain the conflict between meat eaters and vegetarians/Vegans, attempt to resolve it, and offer good advice.

The infamous YouTuber known as "The Amazing Atheist" is the topic of this video. Everything therein either has Internet documentation or is from his own videos.

I explain the plan of some men for government issued girlfriends and wives for men so deprived.

While most "social justice" is crap, I explain who needs true social justice.

A sociopath is a person with the mindset of having zero regard for the rights and feelings of anybody else. Often their deception is so great that people think they're the nice ones. I explain.

People think they understand the realities of time, but they don't! I explain this vital concept, which will improve your thinking and give you a more accurate outlook on life.

Most people think they know exactly what time is, but they don't! I continue to explain this important concept to improve your thinking and outlook upon life.

Could Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ have had many things in common? Could they even have been best buddies? I explore these interesting questions, and also explain the relationship between war and religion.

I explain the likely motivations behind flat Earth-ism and other conspiracy theories.

I discuss the White Panthers, a radical Leftist political party founded in 1968, and compare it to today's Antifa and other radical Leftist groups.

Too much falsehood surrounds the idea of gas chambers used in executions and chemical warfare. I'm here to teach the truth.

I read the Gospel according to Matthew's chapter 5 from the Authorized King James Bible on camera.

I read the Gospel according to Matthew chapters 6 & 7.

The truth about vaccinations.

Is gender a binary or spectrum? Is life itself a binary or spectrum? Why are the answers to these questions important?

I explain the truth about porn stars, including Mia Khalifa and Ron Jeremy, and porn producers.

I explain the truth about Communism and Democratic (or Marxist) Socialism, a type of Communism Light.

Join me in an imaginative journey which explores what might happen if famous political commentator Styxhexenhammer666 was king of the United States.

The important truths about astrology are revealed right here!

Would eugenics and genetic engineering be a great evil, a wonderful benefit to humanity, or something else?

Be open minded and learn something new!

I expose the truth about both the fat acceptance movement and the anti-fat acceptance movement. I also gives reasons as to why men might be attracted to fat women.

I explain the history of the problem of dealing with human waste over the centuries, and I include some interesting facts.


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