Some needed philosophy for you.

More helpful philosophy for you.

I explain what hate truly is.

I explain the system of concentration camp badges used in World War 2.

I discuss aspects of overpopulation that you might not have thought about.

Is science the absolute source of life as claimed, or are there other things to consider?

I read the introduction (chapter 1) of my book Zap Awake. (Alternative title: Wowed by Truth).

All about drugs. I bring up some points you may have not considered.

T J Kirk, known as The Amazing Atheist, gave a philosophical speech attacking humanity. I present it here, with my critiques and comments.

The speed of light and its implication.

Men have allowed distorted religion and philosophy to make them into sissies. I explain.

I relate an extraordinary account by YouTuber and martial arts expert Ramsey Dewey, who met Adolf Hitler in 1997. I critique Ramsey's viewpoint of him.

You may pray with me if you'd like! A long typed personal prayer of mine that I read on camera. It covers many subjects.

A necessary continuation of my typed prayer which I read on camera.

A necessary continuation of a personal prayer I typed out.

Were having women religious leaders acceptable in the original Christianity that Christ established?

I discuss the idea of free will and its implications.

Can the universe itself be alive? The ancient notion of panpsychism, (or animism), is having a resurgence.

I discuss the problem of expensive church buildings.

I discuss Atheist mascots the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Invisible Pink Unicorn, which originated from Russell's Teapot, and idea of author Bertrand Russell.

I explain the significance of old school video games, reveal some surprising facts, and answer the critics.

Famous Atheist Christopher Hitchens had a problem with the traditional Ten Commandments. I do too. Hear our proposals.

I explain in great detail this subject that people think they understand but don't.

Are there excellent reasons why I retired at age 40 to get a disability check, or am I a lazy leech? I explain.

Who should work a full time job, and who should be exempt from going to work.


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