First video in a 7 part series. A) Intro; B) Life's possible origins; C) Problem with current ideologies; D) Evolution's dominance; E) Thermodynamics.

Pt 2 of 7. F) Thermodynamics continued; G) Biodiversity; H) Transitional forms and developmental stages.

Pt 3 of 7. I) Primitives?; J) Life's interdependence; K) Piecemeal development?; L) Codes of life.

Pt 4 of 7. M) Evolutionary geology in question; N) Evolutionary models are self-defeating; O) Evolution's mechanism?; P) Time and achievement.

Pt 5 of 7. Q) Why animals act like "animals"; R) Don't yolk the ox with the ass; S) Do evolutionists agree?.

Pt 6 of 7. T) Objectionable Creationism; U) Sneaky strategies.

Last video in this 7 part series. V) Reaffirming my purpose; W) The ultimate question.

Explaining why all philosophies should lead us to caring for Nature and our planet.

What is the nature of time? Can time travel be possible? Does time actually exist? Are there more than three dimensions? What is the nature of dreams and reality? I answer these questions.

Necessary continuation of part 1.

Interesting facts and thoughts about spiders that you probably never considered.

I warn about the fact that the Christian world is sliding into the toilet of liberalism, which will lead to the complete dissolution of Christianity if left unchecked.

First part of a series about ghosts, divided into numerous subsections on the topic. A) Intro; B) Spirits and afterlife; C) Science and the supernatural; D) Ghost hunting; E) Mediums.

Pt 2 of 6. F) Phenomena commonly mistaken for spirit activity; G) Mystery; H) Shadow ghosts.

Pt 3 of 6. I) Supernatural voices, sounds, and images; J) Full body manifestations.

Pt 4 of 6. K) Standard of proof; L) Liars; M) Delusions.

Part 5 of 6. N) Ghost theology VS. disapproving churchgoers

Part 6 of 6. O) Reincarnation and other views; P) Angels; Q) Conclusion.

I credit Professor D. Cajus Fabricus for the information in this and the following video. Integration of Church & State; Liberalism rejected; Religious liberty; Anti-Jewish.

Needed continuance of part 1. Race, blood, and soil; Effectiveness is paramount; Aggressive approach; Science.

The original Christian understanding of divorce and remarriage; modern ideas, annulments, invalid marriage transactions.

Needed continuance of part 1. Valid marriage transactions, Church & State, sacrifice, history, solutions.

Most people are unhappy with the traditional Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments. So I have my own, much improved list.

Needed continuance of part 1. Here I examine the Nine Satanic Statements and eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth.

Our world's problems are like a giant mythical nine headed hydra. But with Herculean effort, we can defeat it. Head 1- feminism; Head 2- chauvinism.


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