I have the solution to society's one and only basic problem.

What is the relationship between the Flat Earth model and science and religion? What is the relationship between the Globe Earth model and science and religion? I give interesting and penetrating answers.

I list what I consider to be every major important truth of our present world. I also list what I consider to be every major lie of our present world. Will you challenge my conclusions, or agree?

I explain the ancient historical constructs of marriage and the original Christian understanding of marriage.

I continue to explain ancient historical concepts of marriage and the original Christian understanding of marriage.

I present interesting facts about domestic cats that you probably never heard of. I also touch upon wild cats.

The truth about serial killers and human nature.

Pt 1 of 5: Introduction; My contentions; Pressure to marry; Religious nonsense; Singles associating with families.

Pt 2 of 6: Prejudice against singles; Why men stay single or should.

Pt 3 of 6: Problems with staying single; Evils of permanent rejection; Marriage minded men beware.

Pt 4 of 6: Marriage minded men beware continued; Drastic action?; Escaping the insanity.

Pt 5 of 6: Escaping the insanity continued; Logically conceding to singleness.

Pt 6 of 6: Logically conceding to singleness continued; Singles combining forces?; A shooting star defying the blackened sky; Conclusion.

I explain the important truths of celibacy (going without any sex), whether voluntary or involuntary, in men.

Famous Atheist Hemant Mehta gave 22 reasons why he though we should stop believing in God. I answer them all right here point by point.

Infamous Atheist Hemant Mehtah posed 20 short arguments against God's existence on a video. I answer all 20 with brief answers of my own on this video.

Atheist Hemant Mehta posed 78 questions for Christians in a video. I answer the first 45 in this video and the rest in my next video.

I answer the rest of Atheist Memant Mehta's questions for Christians from his video. For the first set of questions and answers, see my other video.

Infamous Atheist Hemant Mehta made a video with snarky questions designed to bait Christians who hold to traditional values. Surprise: I answer them.

Having grown up in a Republican household all my life, and having done lots of independent unbiased research, I'm especially qualified to explain American politics.

See title!

Pt 1 of 5: The godsend of technology; Machinery; Television; Personal computers.

Pt 2 of 5: Personal computers and Internet; Landscaping/lawn care, Environmental destruction.

Pt 3 of 5: Alternative energy sources; Motorized vehicles; Life expectancy and modern medicine.

Pt 4 of 5: Treating addictions: Medication VS. Anonymous groups.


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