I believe that a zombie apocalypse is highly likely to occur. However, I believe that the elements of such an apocalypse will be much different from what you'd expect.

Think you follow Christianity? You might want to think again. Reject Christianity? At least know what you're rejecting. A revealing quiz.

I do my best to present a fair and honest evaluation of the points of both Vegans/vegetarians and meat eaters. I present important and interesting information.

I explain the phenomenon of men rejecting the traditional idea of pursuing women, and the MGTOW and MRA movements.

How important were animals to humans throughout history? How important are animals to humans today? How important are animals compared to humans? I answer these questions.

Exceedingly interesting facts about Saturn and astronomy, and other important observations and ramifications.

I closely examine the claim Christians make that their lives are guided and controlled by the Holy Spirit, and/or they have given up their own will for the will of Jesus.
To see my full article on the Holy Spirit, go to my WordPress account under K C Sunbeam.

Are conservative Republicans doing the job of protecting America from radical Leftists, or is extreme action necessary? I explain.

Liberals have bullied conservatives by imposing censorship of wholesome freedom of speech and expression. Should we fight back or give in?

An anonymous satirical piece addressing the race issue exists in several forms on the Internet. I have taken a composite of a couple forms and modified it to my liking, which I read on camera.

I explain who in society is truly marginalized, and to what extent.

The truth about slot machines or "pokies" in great detail.

I explain the truth about virgins, virginity, celibacy, and related issues, that you probably never thought about.

Be open minded and learn something new and interesting.

I discuss the issue of Christians holding to and promoting the idea of infinite torture, and examine alternatives.

I express and explain an interesting view of Heaven, Paradise, and the afterlife, and critique the views of others.

I'm so angry over people's ostracizing of me and others who are different, that also claim to be full of love, that I could vomit (and sometimes I do). I explain.

Have space aliens visited Earth in modern times? If so, what could be their intentions? Could some so-called humans be aliens? I answer these questions.

I explain the horrible problem in India and Nepal of poor people forced to come into intimate contact with human waste on a regular basis.

I explain my quasi-hermit lifestyle, and attempt to encourage others who are also socially isolated in similar ways to myself. I defy popular opinion, as you yourself should.

Around three and a half years ago T J Kirk ("The Amazing Atheist") and his buddies featured me on their podcast. But they misunderstood me, so I'm here to clarify things.

I explain why both Capitalism & Marxist Socialism (or Communism) are terrible, and why we must install a Third Position political and economic system, which I call "Folk-ism", in its place.

I explain the truth about motorcycles in detail while dispelling the propaganda surrounding them.

Can horse transportation or some other alternative be superior to automobile transportation, taking all things into consideration? I explain.

I reiterate every common point and counterpoint both for and against the death penalty that I'm aware of, and present ideas that you've probably never thought about.


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"K C Sunbeam" tackles economics, gender, philosophy, politics, race, religion, science, sexuality, social issues, and technology. He defies modern society.