From an impartial standpoint I discuss the phenomena of some women preferring Black men or being exclusively interested in Black men when it comes to personal relations. I also discuss the question of Black men's penis size, and respond to the saying: "Once you go Black you never go back" with sayings of my own.

I explain how women were historically viewed, and why.

If you think you know how to communicate properly, you might want to think again. I explain.

I expose the truth about being single, marriage, romance, Internet dating, and such things.

A serious examination into whether Jesus Christ was some type of space alien.

I explain the problem of our society being unstable and constantly breaking off connections.

Pt 1 of 3. I discuss aspects of the lives of men who have Asperger's syndrome, autism, and similar mental conditions.

Pt 2 of 3. Necessary continuation of part 1.

Pt 3 of 3. Necessary continuation of parts 1-2.

I share important truth about the Coronavirus and other plagues, while dispelling the lies.

I read my book review/forward concerning the book Eco-Fearism, which is about the philosophy of fear-ism applied to climate change and environmental destruction.

I discuss first hand experiences with prostitutes in order to teach the truth about prostitution and dispel the lies.

I explain court battles that have been fought on behalf of animals.

Pt 1 of 6. Introduction; Suspicious Foundation; Caught in the Jaws of the Psyche Machine.

Pt 2 of 6. Psychologists; "Cookie Cutter Psychology"; Amateur Psychology; Thrown Into the Psychiatric Pigsty.

Pt 3 of 6. Healthy Alternatives.

Pt 4 of 6. Psychiatric Diagnoses VS. Christian Diagnoses; The Mental Illness Label.

Pt 5 of 6. Alcoholism/Drunkenness; The Blind Leading the Blind.

Last of a 6 part series. Humanistic Psychology and Historic Theology Butts Heads; Butting Heads Yet Again; Summary.

Me reading the full Declaration of Independence of the United States of America (authored July 4, 1776) no more, no less.

I explain the truth about Fascism and dispel the lies.

I explain what the Christian faith truly is and what it is truly meant to be.

What is Humanism? Is Humanism wise or foolish?

Israel Hymen explains his great plan for Leftist domination.

Explaining what must be done about Australia's inexcusable fires which practically burned down the entire country and threaten all of life.


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