I present the traditional Christian understanding of rich people and luxury.

I showcase important facts about Capitalism in the United States which you're probably unaware of, and explain how to make things better for more people.

I go into great depth into former United States Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and present facts you probably never thought about.
My website: www.thezap.net

I critique some videos by the infamous T J Kirk, who calls himself "The Amazing Atheist", on race.

I analyze and critique two videos made by an Atheist which deal with his thoughts on Jesus Christ and religion.

Should women be the boss? Should men be boss? Should there be some of both? I explain.

Explaining the problems of both Communism (or Marxist Socialism) & Capitalism; that one is not the solution to the other; and that Third Position politic and economics is a great option and potential solution.

I present the points and counterpoints on both sides of the abortion issue.

I explain the importance of animals and our environment, and what the correct response to Nature should be.

What is prejudice by definition? Is prejudice a serious problem today? Who are the real victims of prejudice, if any, and who are the real perpetrators of prejudice, if any? I answer these questions.

Is all judging bad? Is all judging good? Could their be both good and bad kinds of judging? I explain.

I correct misinformation about the swastika, and explain multiple meanings of this most ancient of symbols.

Despite the jokes surrounding this planet, I'm focused on serious science. And interesting facts surrounding this planet lead to amazing implications.

I analyze charges of so-called racism, and also explain true unfairness.

I explain the conflict between meat eaters and vegetarians/Vegans, attempt to resolve it, and offer good advice.

The infamous YouTuber known as "The Amazing Atheist" is the topic of this video. Everything therein either has Internet documentation or is from his own videos.

I explain the plan of some men for government issued girlfriends and wives for men so deprived.

While most "social justice" is crap, I explain who needs true social justice.

A sociopath is a person with the mindset of having zero regard for the rights and feelings of anybody else. Often their deception is so great that people think they're the nice ones. I explain.

People think they understand the realities of time, but they don't! I explain this vital concept, which will improve your thinking and give you a more accurate outlook on life.

Most people think they know exactly what time is, but they don't! I continue to explain this important concept to improve your thinking and outlook upon life.

Could Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ have had many things in common? Could they even have been best buddies? I explore these interesting questions, and also explain the relationship between war and religion.

I explain the likely motivations behind flat Earth-ism and other conspiracy theories.

I discuss the White Panthers, a radical Leftist political party founded in 1968, and compare it to today's Antifa and other radical Leftist groups.

Too much falsehood surrounds the idea of gas chambers used in executions and chemical warfare. I'm here to teach the truth.


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