I explain the likely motivations behind flat Earth-ism and other conspiracy theories.

I discuss the White Panthers, a radical Leftist political party founded in 1968, and compare it to today's Antifa and other radical Leftist groups.

Too much falsehood surrounds the idea of gas chambers used in executions and chemical warfare. I'm here to teach the truth.

I read the Gospel according to Matthew's chapter 5 from the Authorized King James Bible on camera.

I read the Gospel according to Matthew chapters 6 & 7.

The truth about vaccinations.

Is gender a binary or spectrum? Is life itself a binary or spectrum? Why are the answers to these questions important?

I explain the truth about porn stars, including Mia Khalifa and Ron Jeremy, and porn producers.

I explain the truth about Communism and Democratic (or Marxist) Socialism, a type of Communism Light.

Join me in an imaginative journey which explores what might happen if famous political commentator Styxhexenhammer666 was king of the United States.

The important truths about astrology are revealed right here!

Would eugenics and genetic engineering be a great evil, a wonderful benefit to humanity, or something else?

Be open minded and learn something new!

I expose the truth about both the fat acceptance movement and the anti-fat acceptance movement. I also gives reasons as to why men might be attracted to fat women.

I explain the history of the problem of dealing with human waste over the centuries, and I include some interesting facts.

I explain the consequences of allowing wishful thinking to triumph over logic, and who might be susceptible to "castles in the air."

What has been the result of empowering women? I explain.

About sea creatures: modern, extinct, and legend. And about Leviathan as an important symbol.

Can Christians be lost and damned? I explain.

Virtue signaling can be defined as taking a conspicuous but essentially useless action that allegedly supports a good cause, when it actually only serves to show off your supposed moral superiority. I discuss and explain.

How does the average woman really stack up? I evaluate women based on ancient wisdom literature.

I bring up important and interesting points about board games and table games, with an emphasis on complex games of skill.

I explain the true nature of tattoos, body piercings, and suchlike.

I discuss the issue of men who claim that they are forced to be single and alone for life no matter what they do.

I have good news for those who consider themselves TFL: "True Forced Loneliness." Her what I have to say.


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