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Straight in your face:

Guys and girls, a major flood is incoming because of the magnetic shift of the North-Pole. Its like the earth recycles itself every 200-250 years with a flood by moving and switching magnetic fields. Ever wondered why all those cities and thousands of statues which were found underwater? Government behave erratically because they do not know what to do and want to prevent a panic.
I think they already have a plan -which not includes us - of course....

North pole is wandering a day at over 50+km towards Russia. The south pole wont take it too long as the magnetic field is already so and will weakening even more. Major movement started in 1980 it started wandering at around 23km.

Flat earth or round globe - True or not, who cares?

FUCK IT because there are more imminent problems RIGHT NOW
FUCK IT because it wont improve our life or change anything around us
FUCK IT because let the flood come and let the world clean it from those socialist Rothschild war mongers. But hey, they already prepared for the flood and will be safe.

The bad seed always survives...