Blumenthal was placed in Slytherin by the sorting hat.

Verizon lied to trumbull and the FCC committed fraud. Will the Supreme Court loses the appeal?

Transcripts don't lied but the perjured testimony of the counsel with respect to the protection is FRAUD. Go to Senate Majority Leader Bob duff's Website. Juneteenth, MLK and Roe vs Wade while killing kids.

Vote him out.

Bellis is in the Alex Jones case.

You can't say your not guilty?

CT is stealing businesses, properties, Trusts, Estates, all through the Judiciary.

I am told by many that is is a horrible Judge. Victims of Judge Bellis?

Freedom from Radiation? The Chief Court Administrator permitted to resign due to Corruption in Corruptict.

The CT Corrupt Judicial System is working overtime.

Come to court on Monday at 9:30 for Sam Magliari at the Stamford Superior Court.

Clean upct.org for US Senate petitions,
Thank you

Denise Merrill resigned abruptly in June 3oth, 2022

They denied us the forms for 5 months and now they refused all forms.

Watch the video sit "dog".

Stabbed, TASERED, hit with a Billy Club and hit with a Brick. Why are Norwalk Police involved in shake Downs by Prosecutors, Public defenders, probation officers?

Discrimination lawsuit? Whiting had 40 employees torture the same patient for 7 years. All under Petit of the Cheshire home invasion for Yale?

Wasser is afraid Yale will kill him? Torture?

Can we unite the Independents?

Independent Anthem.

Act Blue/Antifa/BLM supports US Senator Richard Skeletor Blumenthal.

5G will cause every child in CT to be infertile and cause autism in addition to cancer.

Microchips under the skin by Yale.


a grain of rice? 18 gauged needle.

go to www.Flynn2022USSENATE.com today fill out the form and overnight it.

If you are LAZY go to cleanupCT.org and file the email version


Please don't tell him. Blumenthal is a fan of Singer songwriter Paul Hampton on Flynn2022. No sympathy for the devil.


US Senator Francis T. Maloney's Granddaughter, a Democrat endorses FLYNN 2022.

go to flynn2022ussenate.com fill it out and mail it.

if you are to lazy go to cleanupct.org.

Moratorium on 5G
Order to remove Bio-metric censoring chips .

Owned by CT hedge funds? We have 48 Sulfuric Acid refineries posing 4 trillion in Potential damage and 4 million deaths each.

Blumenthal has known for years.

Bill has a very good case. The Documents are completely false. judge Spader is robbing everyone in Ct ;protected by the Judiciary, The Police, The Senate, the Marshals, The prosecutor, the Lobbyists and your next.

Goldstein For Congress, before the country falls apart.

HImes is a demon.


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Running In CT for US Senate Vs Richard Blumenthal. We have a problem with US Seantaor Chris Murphy and my Congressman Jim Oxycodone Himes. We have many problems with our state senators , so i did not want them to feel left Out. We have incredible problems fro our Chief State's attorney Richard Colangelo.

America First, Perdue Pharma gave 112 million in bribes to the CT DNC so the State would not criminally prosecute Perdue for 220 Oxy Cotton deaths per day.

What about the obvious health risks of 5G?

What about the Steven Barrier murder from 10/23/19? Its far worse than George Floyd. Who said "TASER, TASER, TASER, I got him in the back?" What about the Houthis, the Iran Deal and Israel? Problems and solutions, education, turn this Blue State Red.

CT has a gigantic Judicial misconduct problem, bribes can't fix it. They have a Prosecutoral Problem, a legistlative problen, and the municipalities have been instrcuted not to Follow Federal Law. We are a Sanctuary state, the conststitution state; which does not recognize the Cnstitution, James Comey ran the CT FBI prior to the Hillary email and Bengahsi problems. Our FBI has been destroyed by our US seantors and My Congressman. Himes has FIS oversight, NSA and FBI oversight. Bank America pays his annually. What about the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 10th amendments? Here comes socialism and bankruptcy.