Biden misled America about the prospects of Iran. The recent election

Did Himes withhold Narcan during a pandemic and use a staffer to falsely arrest an opponent in a political race for his seat?

Bird Feeders don't kill birds. US Senators from CT kill Opioid addicts too.

Introducing Sam Brown send him a campaign contribution. Follow him. We challenged all 5 CT congressman to Debate HR1 through Debatetourney.com.

Why won't a judge accept a not guilty Plea? Where Judges and politicians bought? Rumor has it. Why doesn't Norwlak follow the HUD guidelines?

The Clinton Foundation, Gulftainer, Hunter Biden, OXY, the DHS connection to Himes' oversight. 1,000 yards from our Trident sub base.

Container Ships, ICBMs and HFA Acid gas Refineries. CT corporations Cargyle, Tesoro, TOSCO and the O'Malley group are self insured and place the entire country at risk as Al Qaeda #1 target.

Duff wants to defund the Police, and The DNC wants the BLM Vote, What happened to the BLM assault in Norwalk on Election day? Bob Duff's Office is obviously the First Yernal.

The Spreme Court ruled that illegals can't get Green Cards and permanent status. Every blue state is breaking the law.

Ct Affidavits of Judicial Misconduct. Numerous conflicts of Interest. We are asking the public to send me all Judicial complaints you have ever filed. The Prosecutors have a pattern of False Arrest on conservatives. Please complaint to Kevin Dunn at the CT Judicial Grievance council. Heller heard a murder for hire trial and denied 911 calls, the FBI Indictment and denied all subpoenas.

The biggest topic is that our military's need food, they make $21,000 a year. Postage went up today. The murder rate doubled. I show you the newest resource to follow police shooting's in the USA they doubled.

We are reigistering anyone running for the Congress or Senate to Debate. Why don't our comment show? Who is John Levin? Why are Commissioner recusing themselves in poisening of the Oyster beds? The first thing I will do is make the Janet Reno guidelines Fedreral Law. Read the Book Rogue Twon. Follw the Barrier Case. A TASERED boy led to the bribe to the Chief State's Attorney.

Senator Will Haskell is a Decepticon, Notice the resemblence Samual Witwiki; while riding his bike, He is drafting Automatic Parole Release not knowing there are practically no human trafficking prosecutions. Not knowing the Police Union used confidential informants to commit murder.

We are considering adding Judge Kremreich in Stamford superior Court for Stopping all Filings of Motions in Wrongful death case weher the murder evidence is missing, a bribe was paid, and we still don't know the names of the 6 murders and the 21 cops that falsified the body cam evidence. Blame Congressman Jim Himes.

Witnesses saw Purple Aaron Kidnap a woman and Police did not immediately respond. The Kidnapper was paroled after 5 years of a 14 year sentence. The Police can't release any information because it is an open case. A 36 year cover-up.

Senator Will askell in CT wants parole to be automatic, though kidnappers that murder their first with and then their Girlfriend get parole in 5 years after they were only sentenced foor the kidnapping not the murder.


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Running In CT for US Senate Vs Richard Blumenthal. We have a problem with US Seantaor Chris Murphy and my Congressman Jim Oxycodone Himes. We have many problems with our state senators , so i did not want them to feel left Out. We have incredible problems fro our Chief State's attorney Richard Colangelo.

America First, Perdue Pharma gave 112 million in bribes to the CT DNC so the State would not criminally prosecute Perdue for 220 Oxy Cotton deaths per day.

What about the obvious health risks of 5G?

What about the Steven Barrier murder from 10/23/19? Its far worse than George Floyd. Who said "TASER, TASER, TASER, I got him in the back?" What about the Houthis, the Iran Deal and Israel? Problems and solutions, education, turn this Blue State Red.

CT has a gigantic Judicial misconduct problem, bribes can't fix it. They have a Prosecutoral Problem, a legistlative problen, and the municipalities have been instrcuted not to Follow Federal Law. We are a Sanctuary state, the conststitution state; which does not recognize the Cnstitution, James Comey ran the CT FBI prior to the Hillary email and Bengahsi problems. Our FBI has been destroyed by our US seantors and My Congressman. Himes has FIS oversight, NSA and FBI oversight. Bank America pays his annually. What about the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 10th amendments? Here comes socialism and bankruptcy.