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Every TI should know they are calling their own victims conspiracy theorists.

Planting the thought and covering up the hits.

Answer the Habeas Corpus for Treason. Radiation is not conspiracy theory. Election fraud is real.

Flynn2024 Th Police only make it worse.

JOHN FLYNN, who was a Candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut has a candid discussion of the potential dangers of 5G on human health with Gary Byron WDRC Morning Show. IS 5G SAFE? May 24, 2024. Resources on Amazon Books "BULLY SURVIVAL GUIDE" are listed separately at the end of the video.

Gerry Smith is not a republican and never voted for Trump. Did he Vote for Biden

Why won't Norwalk conclude the Money laundering complaint?

39 bribes and 39 federal warrants. these are the same towns that Broke all the Rukes at the US Seante Republican convention.

This is a crime scene. There are only 777 delegates.

Interference with a federal campaign. Who is lying?

So funny.

They stole a powerplant worth $200 Million for 7 million, not including the cleanup they will never do.

Red flag states cover up the Data.

Scott Bates is a TRAITOR.

default swaps and Mortgage promises.

They dump 600 municipalities Dredging onto the Norwalk Oyster beds

Murphy sabotaged the Border deal. and blamed Trump

Murphy intends to withhold Arms to Israel while Hamas steals the Palestinian aid.


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Running In CT for US Senate Vs Richard Blumenthal. We have a problem with US Seantaor Chris Murphy and my Congressman Jim Oxycodone Himes. We have many problems with our state senators , so i did not want them to feel left Out. We have incredible problems fro our Chief State's attorney Richard Colangelo.

America First, Perdue Pharma gave 112 million in bribes to the CT DNC so the State would not criminally prosecute Perdue for 220 Oxy Cotton deaths per day.

What about the obvious health risks of 5G?

What about the Steven Barrier murder from 10/23/19? Its far worse than George Floyd. Who said "TASER, TASER, TASER, I got him in the back?" What about the Houthis, the Iran Deal and Israel? Problems and solutions, education, turn this Blue State Red.

CT has a gigantic Judicial misconduct problem, bribes can't fix it. They have a Prosecutoral Problem, a legistlative problen, and the municipalities have been instrcuted not to Follow Federal Law. We are a Sanctuary state, the conststitution state; which does not recognize the Cnstitution, James Comey ran the CT FBI prior to the Hillary email and Bengahsi problems. Our FBI has been destroyed by our US seantors and My Congressman. Himes has FIS oversight, NSA and FBI oversight. Bank America pays his annually. What about the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 10th amendments? Here comes socialism and bankruptcy.