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Trans Mission: What's the Rush to Reassign Gender? is a documentary film featuring experts, activists, parents, and educators discussing the medical and surgical transitioning of children.
Run Time approx. 52 minutes.

This informative video gives an overview of what is currently happening in the world in just 1 hour.
The video shows the modern global systems, and focusses on the situation in the Netherlands.

We believe though, that people from all over the world will recognise this situation.

In consultation with Tim Gielen, the maker of this video, and in cooperation with others who strive for freedom, we translated it into English.
We think it is a very important video to share with the world, so we can change things for the better.

The maker sees this video as an open source project.
Feel free to use parts of it, add to it or subtitle it into your own language. You can download it here.

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Published by the Highwire on June 10th, 2021. This interview is taken from the Highwire episode "In Harms Way"

Del Bigtree is joined by Dr. Mike Yeadon, who exposes the lies behind the pandemic and the dangers of the experimental Covid injections.

Published by the Highwire on June 10th, 2021. This interview is taken from the Highwire episode "In Harms Way"

Del Bigtree talks to Cherie Romney, whose son suffered with brain blood clots after taking the first dose of the Covid jab.

Published by Planet Lockdown on June 2nd, 2021. Mirrored from

This interview with WHO whistleblower Astrid Stuckelberger provides insight into the inner workings of the organization. She worked on the International Health Regulations mission in various countries. The IHRs are international treaties that have provisions for how to respond to pandemic. The IHRs make up the legalese of how the pandemic response was coordinated globally. Astrid also details how the pandemic response clearly violates the WHO's own mandates such as to never hinder trade unnecessarily, limit freedom of mobility or infringe upon basic human rights, all of which were violated by the WHO pandemic response policies.

3-part interview combined:

1. Introduction to a Pandemic
2. Problematic Narrative
3. Global Corruption

Published by Fleccas Talks on May 27th, 2021. Mirror from

Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the dangers of the novel COVID vaccine and it's roll out. This is a product that had minimal testing but is being pushed on the masses.

Published by UK Column on May 9th, 2021

Former Greater Manchester police sergeant Peter John Meadows trusted the UK Government's Covid-19 vaccination policy. The decision cost him his life. It has taken his two brave daughters, Louise and Lisa, to expose what took place from the time he was vaccinated until he died. Despite collecting vaccine adverse reaction data via their Yellow Card system, designed to keep the UK public safe, the UK Government's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has taken no investigatory action to protect the UK public from future such fatal vaccine reactions. In an interview with Brian Gerrish of the UK Column, Louise and Lisa warn an innocent and ill-informed UK public of the reality of vaccine adverse reactions, and highlight the cover-up of over a thousand deaths and approximately three quarters of a million UK Yellow Card adverse reaction statistics.

In the second part (01:25:50), Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans analyse the whole vaccination procedure which has taken down a wonderful and much-loved former policeman, husband and father. They examine the part played by the GP and the NHS, official procedures and guidance, and more. The heart attacks which Peter Meadows suffered after vaccination are common and were recorded, along with many other vaccine adverse reactions, in the MHRA Yellow Card system. Even so, the MHRA fails to analyse the data that it collects so as to warn the UK public of nearly 760,000 such adverse effects and over 1,100 deaths to the date of this video. The figures are now, as of Monday 17 May 2021, even greater, with some 786,350 recorded vaccine adverse reactions and 1,143 Deaths.

The failure of the MHRA to fully report this tragedy cannot be accidental. In reality, it is a calculated assault on the health of the UK public, and a calculated murder on those never warned of the risks of fatal vaccine adverse reactions before they accepted a COVID-19 vaccination.

Published by Liberty Coalition Canada on May 19th, 2021. Mirror From

The Canada Health Alliance has brought you this new video: Canadian Doctors Speak Out-Protecting Our Children From Harm. Doctors discuss the overestimated risks regarding COVID-19 and the irreversible effects of social distancing and masking mandates on children's education, physical and emotional well-being, as well as their social development.

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The PCR test can potentially find anything you are looking for depending on how high you turn it up, and this is exactly what has been done. The official protocol given for the PCR testing of COVID-19 created a floodgate of false-positives to skew the results. They call it "asymptomatic" because it’s a lie - these people don't have symptoms because they don't have COVID-19.

Published by James Delingpole on May 15th, 2021. Mirror from

James talks to the receptionist of a large NHS medical practice. She tells him the true shocking story about adverse reactions to the 'jab'.

Please note - Nina's name has been changed and her voice has been altered to protect her identity

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Published by Children's Health Defense on May 14th, 2020

The animated video, “COVID Vaccine Secrets,” walks viewers through a long list of questions about the COVID vaccines, including many for which we may never have answers.

Published by Ivor Cummins on May 16th, 2021. Mirror from

So many people are asking "but WHY the massive over-reaction???" Well here is a simple Root Cause Diagram, just to be helpful...!

Download the little vid here, free to use anywhere:

Published by Ickonic on May 14th, 2021. Original video

Gareth Icke is joined by Dr Andrew Rallis, a senior research scientist who completed his post-doctoral studies at Stanford university in Pathology. He obtained a masters in Virology at Imperial College London, as well as graduating with a PhD in Neurobiology from King’s College London.

Dr Rallis explains why he has penned a letter to the US, UK, French, Italian and German governments to highlight the incorrect use of the COVID-19 PCR test as a diagnostic tool, and of course the use of testing asymptomatic people to implement emergency laws which curtail fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Published April 29th, 2021 by Dave Sims

1 Penny = 1 Million People

Published by Planet Lockdown on April 27th, 2021. Mirror from

This interview is with Mads Palsvig of Denmark, former Investment Banker, politician and activist. He has interesting insights into the financial system, central banking, the high financial forces that run our world, and the current situation we find ourselves in. He speaks about what he observed while trading in the government bond markets and how the central bankers policies always seemed to cause the maximum wave of the credit cycle. This would produce profits for the insiders while impoverishing us all.

A truly eye opening interview.

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Published by The Mirror Project on May 7th, 2021. Mirror from

Should we have the right to refuse blood transfusion from the vaccinated for COVID-19?
People who are vaccinated for COVID-19 can donate blood immediately or shortly after being vaccinated despite the fact that the experimental product may induce life-threatening disorders in the recipients.
No one is talking about this, please raise awareness to the issue.

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UK Column Video & Call Transcript

The senior NHS Board member warns that the government is now controlling the NHS, and it is the government that is actually dictating what the NHS should do during Covid emergency measures. She states that the result of the government's enforced Covid and vaccination policies can be described as genocide.

Government messaging to her senior NHS colleagues is removing their capacity for rational thought, and they are effectively being mind controlled to implement policies which, in more rational moments, they would challenge as wrong. Fear prevails, and she and her board colleagues are being expected to toe an unwritten policy line, set predominantly in conference calls with no written record.

She warns that if her privately troubled colleagues do not speak out, "your children will be next".

Published on May 4th, 2021. Original video & sources

Asymptomatic Transmission? Sounds pretty dodgy. Time to blow the lid on this one...

"In all the history of respiratory borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission HAS NEVER been the driver of outbreaks" - Dr Anthony Fauci

Published by Planet Lockdown on April 26th, 2021. Mirror from

Interview with Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, where he worked for 16 years.

He outlines his position on the pandemic, the vaccine, the issue of variants, boosters and the loss of our civil liberties. It is truly an appeal to the world.

Published by The Highwire on April 30th, 2021. Original video post

In a Highwire exclusive, Del sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help.

Published by Ickonic on April 30th, 2021. Mirror from

Published by Larken Rose on April 26th, 2021. Mirror from

It's all too easy for people (including pro-freedom people) to spend time worrying about things that will never happen. So how do we tell what is worth thinking about?

Al Gore and some bullshit "environmental" predictions:

CNN "technical director" admitting what they do:

Larken Rose book, "The Most Dangerous Superstition":

Segment from UK Column News published on April 26th, 2021. Full episode

UK Column investigates the mainstream media reporting on India's recent spike in Covid cases, and asks if it could be linked to the jab rollout.

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Published by 21stCenturyWireTV on Apr 27th, 2021. Mirror from

Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) at Oxford University, joined talkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer's breakfast show earlier today. Prof. Heneghan said there still isn't any evidence to reduce the uncertainty of whether masking kids in schools works or not.

"In the absence of evidence, if you think they should be wearing them, go and talk to some children. That's what I've done. And said: 'What's the reality on the ground? What's it like for you in class? How does it feel?' And I can tell you, they hate them. They find it really difficult."

"It comes back to, at the end of the day, common sense [...] I think again the government should start to look cooly and calmly at the data. And then think, where does it have an evidence base and where doesn't it. [...] If it's lacking, then you have to [sic] on the side of not intervening. Now one of the key problems we got when we intervene, is it becomes incredibly difficult to rollback interventions. And that's what we're seeing. And that's the great problem now. 'Just-in-case' approach...that's not how to perform in health care."

This segment was originally broadcast on the Julia Hartley-Brewer talkRADIO show on Apr. 26, 2021:​




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