Central Texas Birds: Hummingbirds, Mexican Eagles, Black headed Vultures, Wild Turkeys

Ominous sky at sunset while 'moon' high in the sky

At Rest by Kevin MacLeod (

All original footage.

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Once again a spectrum of colors in the sky in South Texas at sunset. Please share your thoughts and subscribe.

Halls of the Undead by Kevin MacLeod (
Gloom Horizon by Kevin Macleod (

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South Texas skies. Footage as the golden moon turns into the blood moon. Also moon caught high in the sky with the sun up. Is anyone else seeing this in the skies? Let me know. Thanks for watching!

Cryptic Sorrow by Kevin MacLeod (

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Odd cloud formations, multi-colored sunset in South Texas. If you are seeing these too leave a comment. Would love to hear from you.

The Snow Queen by Kevin MacLeod (

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Sky over south Texas. Interesting sunsets. If this is happening in your neck of the woods, I'd love to hear from you!

Intro: Cowboy Sting by Kevin MacLeod (
Main Body: Uncompromised by Kevin Macleod (

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