Googly Smythe

Chill out time - how slow can you go?
Featuring the sinuously wonderful Paula Trigueiro Bellydance

The guitar solos from a much longer piece, which I'll upload, maybe....

Epic rock.
Dancing by the very lovely Andje. Support her channel!
Original belly dance video here:

The Go-Go Gone Band always opened their set with this.
The overly-long [9:30] full version.
Performed by The Go-Go Gone Band at the live Squarehouse in Camden Lock, 1969.

The Go-Go Gone Band were:
Lysander Cholmondley-Paget Keys, Composition
Darcy Wade-Palmer Drums
Hector Blair-Oliphant Hand Drums
Florian Barrington-Smedley Bass, Composition
Lislebone "Googly" Smythe Guitar, Vision, Composition
Lucinda Stryvelin-Fftyche Guitar, Composition
Euphemia "Cheryl" Carteret-Pitt Voice, Wind, Composition
Pomeline "Julie" Ridley-Byng Voice, Wind, Composition
Cressida "Toni" Montague-Dudley Voice, Wind, Composition
Calliope "Patti" Featherstonhaugh Voice, Wind, Composition

Apologies for the video, no apology for the audio.
It's all lies!

Another little ditty. The Go-Go Gone Band always open their show with this. Catch them... If you can!
Full album here:

Just that.
The first video I did for this track, when I rendered it, began to fry my cpu, so I did this measly one instead.
Props to Atomic Kitten for their fashion sense.
The full album is here:
And here:

Who loves those hippie ladies?

Instrumental rock music from The Go-Go Gone 1968 album Turn On.

A touch of the Can-Cans.
By Offenbach.
Music arranged by me for beat group.

New intro, new outro, added bits in the middle.
This is called lack of inspiration.

Some kind of rock music stuff.
The dancer is the very wonderful Kate Zhelezniak.

Some pseudo-trance.
The dancer is the lovely and wonderful Shahrzad. Support her on YouTube:

As if it's gonna be played on radio...

My composition set to some snippets of the riots and some footage from Vietnam.

Full-length version of "Something To Dance To".
Video is of a rehearsal session by Pans People (which is why some of the dancers get lost).

A little, derivative, ditty to dance to.

A bit of metal. Bosch for the image.

3 musical half-ideas endlessly strung out. Not for the faint of heart. Or teeny boppers.
from W​-​i​-​P, released November 8, 2020
I take the credit for all that is good with this track.
If there is something you don't like, it was somebody else's fault.
The video is just Windows Media Player doing it's thing.


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