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Fashions by Carhartt & Old Navy.
Hat by Otto.
Shoes by New Balance.
Body by Burrito & Tater Tot, with special considerations from BBQ Pork.
Warped Sense of Humor Provided by The Internets™ in cooperation with my Family & Friends.
No animals were harmed during the making of this video, but some were consumed just before, and probably right after too.
Not responsible for typographical errors, your mileage my vary, void where prohibited, fat man is actually scruffier than he appears, do not induce vomiting if accidentally swallowed, always use in accordance with your doctor's advice, may cause irritation when applied to tender areas, if effects last longer than four hours, just wait longer.

Bumper music is "The Final Countdown, WILD WEST Rendition" performed by samuraiguitarist.
The Original Video of the Song is Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GRHANmafp0

Proof of Function video for the first of the CSR45 family to be prototyped. This is the carbine variant of Version 1.7 Design work has now been finished on V2.0 which has an improved recoil system and a much simpler hand guard and action cover arrangement. Fabrication of the Pistol variant of Version 2.0 will begin in July of 2014.


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